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  1. okay great. Looks like my first flower is days away now. I will collect pollen and get in touch to see if you want to make a trade. The last developed flowers look like they are a good month away so should be a chance to pollinate them with some yowie pollen. thanks!
  2. I have a scopulicola cactus whose first flower looks like it will open in the next few weeks: If anyone has some spare trichocereus pollen, I will do my best to pollinate the flower (never done it before), and provide in return at least half the resulting seeds. Cheers!
  3. yeah looks like Agaricus campestris. they pop up around here too after rain, but usually in late summer and autumn.
  4. Today I went collecting lots of weeds to make compost tea, and watered the garden about 3 times as it was so hot and lots of fun too. Vine and rubiaceae are chilling in a plastic tub to maintain some humidity: A forest of other friends are staying cool in the part shade:
  5. Okay thanks. Great idea! My track record with growing cacti seeds isn't so good as I keep trying to do it outdoors where the birds, possums, slugs and snails get into them when they pop up. So I'd definitely be keen for a pollen and seed trade! I would be happy to pass the seeds on to someone who has the setup already. I guess the flower still has a month or so to go?
  6. Thanks @Inyan ! I guess she is going to have to pollinate herself as I don't have any other cacti flowering at the moment. Am I right to assume trichocerus cacti can self pollinate?
  7. cactus fam are enjoying spring. need to get some nutrients into them though. I'm making a compost tea. scopulicola looks like it is budding - my first ever tricho flowers!
  8. Thanks for the very helpful comments! Looks like my first step should be to get the propagation environment setup. I'd like to try and make do with what materials I currently have available, so I will probably go with the plastic tub option Glaukus mentioned. I used a plastic tub filled with a bit of water and bottom heated to successfully get some mail ordered aya and chacruna plants established at the end of winter. Now that it is warmer probably won't need any heating, but I will monitor humidity and temp to make sure. I might take just a few cuttings to start with to ensure my method is working. Will post pics as I progress... cheers!
  9. ah that makes sense! it is a beautiful plant, I shall promote it to a full sun position
  10. nice new growth colours on a t. bridgesii (I believe). a bit etiolated from its partly shaded position though.
  11. Hello plant friends! I have a salvia plant that a member was kind enough to gift me a few years back. I have been meaning to take cuttings for some time now, as the plant appeared to not be doing as good as it could, and I don't want to miss my chance to propagate this relatively difficult to come by plant. So now in spring with a bit of humidity and cloud cover seems like a reasonable time (correct me if wrong please!). Here is the plant with some labels: And a photo taken at ~ point 1 looking back towards the pot: There is a coleus growing next to it so I labelled its branch to avoid confusion. Over the past few summers the salvia has grown one big branch that can be seen growing outwards to left of the pot in the photo. This branch is a bit woody now, so not really ideal for cuttings I guess? I have put numbered lines where I was thinking I could take cuttings on this main branch. My goal is take make the cuttings a few inches long and cut just below a node. Is this a good idea to try and make cuttings from an older branch? Or should I wait until some fresh growth comes out a few inches and use that for cuttings? I feel this plant would do better if I cut off that big branch so it could focus its energy on new grown down near the base, but it would be good to use this cut branch for propagation too. All comments, help and ridicule welcome! Cheers, Dan
  12. Cool blog! The animal rescues were my favourite part.
  13. Anyone attending the Regrowth festival? 20-23 January 2017, near Muswellbrook http://www.re-gen.org.au