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  1. tripsis

    Trichocereus tacaquirensis

    That makes sense. Beautiful plant, but really after the stout-spined tacaquirensis. What's the ABG werd look like? Never seen any photos of it.
  2. tripsis

    Trichocereus tacaquirensis

    Sorry Micromegas, only just seen your message. What are those photos of? The first one looks similar to what I'm after, but perhaps not with the stout spines (which I feel would be closer to chiloensis). The second one - is that the same plant? Looks almost like a skinny pasacana.
  3. tripsis

    Trichocereus tacaquirensis

    Hey @Humboldt, that would be awesome. Looks vwry much like what I'm after. What did you receive / grow that?
  4. I've been after this species for years now, I know it's out there somewhere? Does anyone have a cutting they could spare? I'd give my right arm for a piece! Something much like the below: https://cactilicious.com.au/cactus-trichocereus-rg-rg1-glaukus-tacaquirensis02/
  5. And Colchicum autumnale, the autumn crocus. Photographed in Rodellar, Spain. I love how these beautiful, fragile flowers have come out of the bare, hardened earth.
  6. Can't help myself, a couple of others. Couroupita guianensis, the cannonball tree. Photo taken in a botanic gardens in Sri Lanka.
  7. I feel like I've had the good fortune of coming across some pretty remarkable flowers around the world, so I'll go with something interesting, rather than generically beautiful. I was going to dig up a photo of a cool Amorphophallus I found in Thailand years ago (I'm guessing A. paeoniifolius), but this one will do. These are flowers of Monotropa hypopitys, an epiparasitic plant which does not contain chlorophyll, instead deriving its nutrients from fungi which in turn derive their nutrients from living plants. Because it does not photosynthesise, it has no need for any above-ground structure other than flowers, so all we ever get to see of the plant are these flowers. While this species is currently still in the genus Monotropa, recent genetic evidence suggests it should be moved into its own genus Hypopitys. This photo was taken in the Dolomites in Italy in 2019.
  8. tripsis

    Post your track of the day

    One of my favourite pieces of music.
  9. tripsis

    Whole cactus collection must go

    Ah, thank you! Really appreciate it. I'll PM you.
  10. tripsis

    Whole cactus collection must go

    Missed out, but congrats on the sale. Been there before and I know how much easier it is to just part ways with everything in a single go.
  11. tripsis

    Whole cactus collection must go

    Thanks mate. Whats the crest you've got a photo of? Is there a photo of the werdermannianus in those photos you've taken?
  12. tripsis

    Whole cactus collection must go

    If you decide to split, I'd love to take the SASS - South Australia Short Spined and ABG werdermannianus! Maybe the Trichocereus terscheckii "Snake" too? And no doubts others...
  13. tripsis

    Competition post a picture of your pet

    Our beautiful rescue, Yindi: - attempting to herd the world's slowest sheep
  14. tripsis

    Cymbopogon ambiguus & C. bombycinus

    Oh yeah? Worth keeping that in mind, thanks. I used to have a bunch of seed I collected off plants in the Melbourne RBG, but I long since gave them to someone else.
  15. Anyone got seeds or plants of these two species available?