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  1. samadhi_sam

    Identification required

    Thank you Glaukus, these cactuses are HUGE!
  2. samadhi_sam

    Identification required

    Greetings all. Over the past few days council workers are doing some drainage work and have detoured local traffic such that I was required to drive down a local street that I don't normally use. In doing so I saw some amazing cactii growing and took a couple of pics for identification purposes. Can anyone here help me id there please. Apart from a few lophs on my windowsill, I'm pretty ignorant of cactii. Cheers, Sam <3
  3. samadhi_sam

    Microdosing Caapi

    Thank you Glaukus, much appreciated ;-)
  4. samadhi_sam

    Microdosing Caapi

    Hi Glaukus and others here. This is really good information and I've been following with great interest. I've been working towards microdosing caapi and have stopped taking my 35mg of Amitriptyline each night (prescribed for diabetic induced neuropathic pain) a week ago. I will be using fresh vine (close to 10 years old) and am curious about how much vine to use for a week's dosage, how long to brew it and how much to reduce it down to for the week's dosage. I intend to use a small amount of citric acid in the brew. I realise there will be variables in the amount of alkaloid in different types of caapi so am looking for a ballpark figure in how much to brew and the amount of fresh vine to use. The aim is to microdose and perhaps continue daily for a few weeks using a minimum daily dose. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you. I'm also curious about the benefits that can be obtained by brewing fresh caapi leaves into a green tea and alternatively, smoking same. Cheers <3
  5. samadhi_sam

    Lightning Makes Mushrooms Multiply

    I'm thinking a Tesla coil would be much safer and better suited to the task.
  6. samadhi_sam

    Selling a flow hood (sold)

    Nice hood indeed, shame I haven't got $1500. I hope it goes to a good home. Cheers.
  7. samadhi_sam

    Flow Hood construction

    G'day 87_botanist, I haven't built one (yet) but feel this should be effective and suited for purpose. I am contemplating supersizing this design and building it with two fans, filters etc. in a larger box, effectively doubling the size. I feel I need a larger working area and this should do the job quite well. Let me know how you get on, whichever way you decide to move. Peace & goodvibes, Sam
  8. samadhi_sam

    Flow Hood construction

    Hi botanist, have a look at soma_seeker's tek on building a low cost flow hood at the link below. Some of the component items are cheaper today than they were in 2013 when soma_seeker posted this, ie the fan itself was $75 previously whereas now one can purchase the same from ebay for $60 which includes postage. Hope this helps, good luck with your mycology ;-)
  9. samadhi_sam

    All done

    Likewise, I'm very interested in propagating both B caapi vine (either variety) and Psychotria viridis. What is required from my end? Cheers, Sam
  10. samadhi_sam

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Woohooo, yes please, thank you fozzking :-) pm'd vvvvvvvvv gets one Golden Teacher cube print for microscopy only vvvvvvvvv
  11. samadhi_sam

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    Yes please, thank you irabionist :-) vvvvvvvvv gets one Equadorian Print for microscopy only vvvvvvvvv
  12. samadhi_sam

    Ordering legitimate medication overseas

    I have a psych. nurse friend who worked shifts for decades and suffered chronic insomnia. After having been treated with zolpidem tartrate for some time she moved state and lost that source of treatment so started to buy online from an overseas chemist. Initially that supply line was consistent until she started to sporadically at first then regularly have the product seized by Customs. She would receive a letter from the feds advising the seizure and enclosing an information sheet on how to appeal against the seizure, with a strong proviso that unsuccessful appeals would result in prosecution. She lost lots of shipments over a period but sometimes one would slip through. Eventually she had to give up ordering online and has since overcome must of her insomnia. The take-away lesson I saw was it wasn't viable to regularly order S4 items from overseas as most would be seized. I doubt there was any real threat of prosecution but Customs sure waved a big stick about what they could do if motivated. Love & peace to all, may Santa be good to you.
  13. samadhi_sam

    How far south do cubes occur?

    I have seen cubes as far south as far south as Cooranbong. Maybe that's whey the Seventh Day Adventist community there enjoy their religion so much Peace
  14. samadhi_sam

    the dude abides again

    pm'd Remaining: Tassie red poppy x 1 Giant pink poppy x 2 Unknown poppy x 1 Motherwort x 2 Cali poppy x 1 Stevia x 2 N. Rustica x 2 N. Tobaccum x 0 D. Strat x 1 D. Metel x 1 Salvia africana-lutea x 0 Salvia coccinea x 2 Coleus bluemi x 0 (pick plants that have pepper leaves for extracting) Thank you, peace
  15. samadhi_sam

    p.viridis 12 nice plants

    great looking plants planthelper, really really nice! I've been able to propagate many babies from leaf cuttings over the past few years but really have trouble getting them above about 6", they keep browning off from the leaf tips and then it's quickly downhill What are your secrets planthelper? Whatever you are doing is having results I can only dream about. Peace, Sam