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    Post your track of the day

    The film clips are shit but the tracks are legit.
  2. indigo264nm

    Post your track of the day

    Oh snap - check the post count for my last one '1,420" hahahahahahahahaha.
  3. indigo264nm

    Post your track of the day

    Going for a classic here... back to '95. Tricky - Ponderosa ..Inspiration for the post triggered by licking my fingers after straining a very dark green coconut oil, downing a few pinot, and being physically unable to move from my spot.
  4. indigo264nm

    Post your track of the day

    Get your white guilt on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AhXSoKa8xw
  5. indigo264nm

    Oberon sub zero camp

    Might try make next one. Hillbilly - please hassle me closer to the date.
  6. indigo264nm

    Windows 10

    You're absolutely correct about the cert system just being an M$ shop. All a load of shit and people seem to graduate without any useful skills from it. I'd learn Powershell if I had the need - sure as hell beats windows CMD prompt, but luckily I only need to stick to BASH, Perl etc. Oh btw, our project will be looking to bring on a few more Software Engineers, where remote work is possible for the right applicants, so if your Ruby is any good and you have an interest in R&D as well it might be worth keeping an eye on the NICTA position vacancies.
  7. indigo264nm

    Windows 10

    Urgh I fucking hate Arch..... I just don't have the time... Also with devops, sysad jobs in Australia. Don't give up. I have no real certifications and now I'm at NICTA running hundreds sensor nodes on the Habour Bridge. Just keep applying. Also if you have any good ideas for something new, you know your shit and I'm always looking for a project on the side.
  8. indigo264nm

    Jobs Around NNSW

    Hey guys, Got a couple friends who have moved up from Sydney to NNSW and getting work here but you know how it is. If there is anything around please let me know. Cheers.
  9. indigo264nm

    Harm Reduction Manual for Psychedelic Use

    Manual of Psychedelic Support
  10. indigo264nm

    Jobs Around NNSW

    Thanks Hillbilly. Gave her the hug for ya and not just said I did.
  11. indigo264nm

    Help with Catha

  12. indigo264nm

    Jobs Around NNSW

    Also I'm up there for the weekend so any friends old and new who wanna reconnect at some point shoot us a PM.
  13. indigo264nm

    Comedy / comedians

    Stewart Lee!!!
  14. indigo264nm

    I'm back

    Hey bro. Still hate me?
  15. indigo264nm

    torrent invites / trade

    I gots invite for IP torrents if needed
  16. indigo264nm

    Anybody recommend an electrician or cabbler in Sydney

    There are no phone sockets what so ever in the apartment (which is an old house that was turned into a couple of apartments, mine is bottom floor). Telstra has confirmed a previous connection to the unit number but no sockets. There are only foxtel coax ports. I've heard of foxtel technicians removing phone line connections to use the spot for a coax socket when there was no need to for a phone line. The main comm box for the 333-335 of my street is around the other side of the house, but a line runs straight through to my side along a pipe to a connection (where my line would connect) which has the phone line for the upstairs unit attached. There is another cable connected there besides upstair phone lines that runs about 1/2 meter in the direction towards my front door but obviously was cut... so I guess that it could have once been the line to my appartment but no longer is.
  17. Hey guys. Need to get a phone line installed at new place I'm renting just for adsl line. Land lord is no help despite it being pretty clear that there was once a line and socket for this apartment, and my guess is that they had used the previous phone outlet for what is now satellite coax. Telstra says there had in fact been a line connected so go figure. so if anybody is or knows someone on the level who will charge appropriately for the job please let me know.
  18. Hey.. know you're probably sick of me barking on about this but I checked today and noticed that you've got a self signed cert set up for the site (thank you!). However apache ain't serving it at the moment and it's pulling 404s when connect over https/ Happy to provide some help if you need it. Peace.
  19. indigo264nm

    asio 3rd party hack bill passed

    Messed up shit but the only difference will be that now they are legally allowed to as opposed to just doing it secretly.
  20. indigo264nm

    How do you feel about advertising?

    I'd rather contribute than deal with advertising... in fact I block advertising via hosts file so you wouldn't get a cent from my traffic. That said if I was to pay money for server costs I'd expect SSL for the site. I know I brought it up before, and hell I even offered to set it up but you weren't interested because there wasn't a one click button to enable it site wide. Something to consider anyway if you end up implementing a donation based system. Edit: On the SSL note - not only am I willing to set it up but I'd be willing to pay for your domain certificate out of my own pocket.
  21. indigo264nm


    So I'm obviously doing my quarterly posting spree on here but figured I'd start a new topic as anime is a world I have always been fond of, but not until recently became heavily submerged in. Any fans out there got some good recommendations? Please nobody say Akira or Hayao Miyazaki movies. Last season saw for me standouts such as: *Black Bullet *No Game No Life *Fairy Tail, recontinued from hiatus, (and still going - getting hectic actually!) Currently Airing that I'm into: *Tokyo Ghoul *Akame Ga Kill *Zankyou No Terror (aka Terror in Resonance) - Give this one big ups actually for tech lovers. *Tokyo ESP (not fantastic, but still decent and entertaining) Less recent standouts are: *Shingeki no Kyojin *Elfen Leid *Psycho Pass *Code Geiss - Lelouch of the Rebellion *Another *Corpse Party Keen for some suggestions! Edit: Have to say my long love Evangelion was reconciled when the Rebuilds started and waiting impatiently for 4.0 to come out.
  22. indigo264nm

    Stimulant ideas/discussion

    Just wanna chime in on this one with recent observations of some close mates... it's amazing when they turn around and surprise you!!! 2 friends had practically been on the same run together for 2+ years straight, buying by the ball, and the impact on their lives were polar opposite as was the ability to just stop suddenly. Mate1 is the typical story, losing jobs, decline in happiness, still really struggling. Mate2 was the surprising one, working 6x10hr days a week, got promoted, settled down with a girl and she eventually wanted him to stop for her sake as she didn't like how she was getting hooked as a result. He just stopped. Still working the same amount, just not socializing as much because he actually needs to sleep now after working so hard... that and he's settled down with someone and deserves the boring comforts. It makes me happy to see people handle their shit so well for so long... among all the sadder stories anyways.
  23. indigo264nm

    add medication

    Firstly bring it up with your GP and just say you want a referral to a psychiatrist - don't stress about what the GP thinks, as there is plenty of red tape designed to make prescription difficult, and just get the referral. Also ask for a second referral to another psych whilst your there, will get to why below. Secondly discuss it with the psych - he will probably have some questionnaires to fill out which will assess you to see if you have Adult ADHD. Now assuming that first psych thinks you're a candidate, he'll need a second opinion. That's where the second referral comes into play. After this process first psych will be authorised to prescribe S8 stims. He may trial ritalin first, in which case if it doesn't sit well after trialing you can whinge about side effects and then the doc will probably go to straight dex or Vyvanse.
  24. indigo264nm


    Yeah Apoth recently recommended latest Appleseed to me. Seriously recommend Zankyou No Terror for a currently airing one. No Game No Life last season was fantastic as well. Just an amazing plot line, stunning animation style and very entertaining. Runs with a cool colour scheme.
  25. indigo264nm

    Post your track of the day

    And another one for good measure...