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  1. SayN

    Quit cigs

    hangovers are bad. hangovers involving tobacco are VERY bad. learn this well.
  2. Up for conversion to edible, family-friendly food, via the magic of money are: A nice tip cut of PC Pach approx. 25cm in length. Fat and healthy. A really pretty Bridgesii 'Eileen' tip. > 30cm in length. Spineless (for now), but definitely Eileen. I'm asking $25 and $35 respectively (or $50 for both). Each purchase will get an additional Trichocereus seedling; choose from one of the following: Rosei x Pach Scop. Cordobensis 'Lance' x Macrogonus 'HSP' Bridgesii 'Wasting Me' x Red Huascha MB Scop x J2 
  3. I think I could be satisfied with "very rapidly" if I knew just how rapid that was... Is this essentially saying that smoking (or vaping) leaves a 'residue' in the mouth that is detectable for far longer?
  4. For the first time ever, exclusively to SAB members, I am offering these seedling packs consisting of 5 healthy seedlings for $20 each plus postage. All hand-reared. One (or more) of each of the following: Rosei x Pach Scop. Cordobensis 'Lance' x Macrogonus 'HSP' Bridgesii 'Wasting Me' x Red Huascha MB Scop x J2 I have 5 packs to offer. Postage extra and at cost.
  5. Well business is a bit slow so it's off to market with these. Actually, the pachanoi was about to hit the roof so pruning was inevitable. 1. Eileen $20 2. Eileen tip $25 3. Pachanoi tip (x-large) $25 4. Pachanoi 30cm $15 5. Pachanoi 30cm $15 6. Pachanoi 30cm $15 7. Pachanoi 30cm $15 8. Pachanoi 30cm $15 9. Pachanoi 30cm $15 Also have this rooted Eileen tip for $25. Postage will be calculated and quoted at cost in due course. All purchases get free chillies (cayenne, limon aji, bhut jolokia).
  6. SayN

    Post your track of the day

    ^ lol - I too have admired that shirt!
  7. SayN

    Post your word of the moment

  8. SayN


    The Pharmers is great!
  9. SayN

    Youtube vids

    ^ The shark is real. The idiot is real. I can't even bear to watch the video. The disrespect drags stoners to a new low.
  10. SayN

    the pee master

    are you guys taking the piss?
  11. SayN

    WANTED - Purple Oxalis Triangularis

    ^ pretty like a blue-ringed octopus