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  1. Melbourne! This Saturday. Failing that, I think you'll have to wait until its released through the usual channels. The producers said they hoped to (eventually) get it onto Netflix (and a few other outlets) in due course.
  2. SayN

    Psychotria V. problems

    My viridis seems to be absolutely thriving in little to no sun. (It's actually burst through the pot drain holes and is now well and truly growing in the ground - creating a bit of a dilemma...) Anyway, I think you'll find indirect sunlight is all they really need in NSW's dry temperate climate.
  3. That was a fantastic event mate. Thanks for the effort involved. As many said: "I was very moved". No shit! Broke my heart seeing the state of those guys before and gave me tears of joy post-medicine. Inspires me to keep fighting the good fight.
  4. SayN

    Pachanoi 'El Pedro'

    yeah mate - it's still available
  5. SayN

    US Johnson & Johnson ruling

    I think I was trying to say that I think personal responsibility is 100% of the law. And I think there is a difference between role and responsibility... In your coal miner analogy I think they play a role, sure, but they don't need to bear any responsibility for climate change because I'm the one that uses the power. Yes folks, I'm part of the problem. I dunno man. You know me (a little). I don't take myself or what I say too seriously and neither should anyone here, nor do I claim to know the answers, but I do like a good discussion.
  6. SayN

    US Johnson & Johnson ruling

    Hmm. Consider this: If someone gifted me some mushrooms and I had, heaven forbid, a bad trip would they somehow bear responsibility? What about if I purchased said mushrooms instead - does that change it?
  7. SayN

    US Johnson & Johnson ruling

    i'm with you WB - I hate having to get a script simply for codeine and pay nearly 3 times as much (not including the doc visit to get and repeat the script) - all the while with the added stigma of having to keep asking for an "addictive substance"... My needs are legit and I (think I) can manage the addictive nature just fine. Worse: I'm pretty sure my doc now thinks opioids are bad... here try this lyrica... I also don't think it should be anyone's surprise that an opium derivative (whichever one) could be addictive. And to expect a multinational corporation to have a social conscience? That story seems a beat up to me designed to keep up the mantra that all opiates are bad and at the same time rake in some money to the federal coffers.
  8. SayN

    Pachanoi 'El Pedro'

    PM me your details please vonnel and i'll work out postage costs.
  9. SayN

    Cubensis print wanted

    They're subs tho bro. Quite a different kettle of fish to cubes.
  10. I have these two Pachanoi cuts for sale. $20 the smaller one and $25 for the larger. Happy to trade as well. I haven't been able to find much on 'El Pedro' but I distinctly remember the name when I purchased them about 10 years ago... It's much bluer than PC and has a skinnier, pointier tip. If anyone has info on it I'd be very interested - simply post here. (I think Herbalistics was the original source)/
  11. Sounds like something I'd like to do - thanks Flux. (Any chance you can bring the seeds along to the Shock To Awe screening this Saturday?)
  12. SayN

    New tool album out today

    lol ^not even close still good news though