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  1. Hopping Eagle


    Thanks mate - was in a bit of a passionate state when I posted before. Appreciate it
  2. Hopping Eagle


    Hi - My mother is suffering from Lung Cancer .I have had her on ESSIAC for a long time now but she is currently undergoing her 4th round of chemo and the secondary effects are starting to to affect her . Despite being diagnised 5 years ago she is still only at Stage One . Just to let u know - I am a pharmacist with an interest in alternative therapies . I have heard of this treatment for some time obviously but a friend of my brother cured his father so I am sick of mucking around any further. Private message me if possible I would appreciate any help u can give me, Sincerely, Wayne
  3. Hopping Eagle

    pan pharm

    I think that they must have made some generic brand sudafed ie pseudoephedrine.One of the companies used to deal with - Stephen Hunter - now owned by Herron I think - stopped making their generic sudafed brand because they were having serious security issues at their Ingleburn warehouse re attempted breakins etc
  4. Man I did the level 1 Ki force thing at Manly about 9 years ago & totally concur with the intensity of some of the experiences. At the time I remember describing it as being plugged into a power point the energy was so powerful. I remember some people spontaneously crying, laughing & such forth during the experience. To my detriment, in hindsight, I decided to have a bit of fun with it. The end result & feeling for that matter was I was on mushrooms at Mt Warning at dawn with a group of friends who were playing drums whilst I played my didge. I then was transformed into a eagle & flew off into the rising sun. I have lost contact with the people who run these courses over the subsequent years due to many things that I suppose we could put down to the meanderings of life . Always been interested in the 10 day Vision Quest program - you said it was on was it later this month - what were the dates . Would really appreciate your feedback - it's the first time I've seen reference to it in a long time . Peace
  5. Hopping Eagle

    pan pharm

    Jaguars' earlobes anyone - afterall we are all individuals - don't forget it is your inalienable right as a man ... or women ... think I'll have me some wolf nipple chips - lovely while they're hot Wonder if there were ever quality control "issues" with these delicacies . [ 30. April 2003, 22:02: Message edited by: Hopping Eagle ]
  6. Hopping Eagle

    pan pharm

    My mistake - btw Blackmores shares up 80c yesterday.Rather ironic that at a time when people concerned with SARS should be improving their immune systems they now have little confidence in their respective natural therapies. Talking to Mayne Logistics today & they really still don't have an entire picture of everything implicated within their vast array of brands.
  7. Hopping Eagle

    pan pharm

    btw am I too cynical in thinking that people in areas of information control have: a.Bought & sold shares in Pan Pharmaceuticals over the past week or so. b.Bought shares in companies such as Blackmores in the past week as a speculative venture. c.Have as there major concern at present the health of the plebs. d.Have as there major concern at present the value of the companies shares & their own behinds. 1.a, b, c are true & d is false 2.a,b,d are true & c is false 3.All of above is true 4.This is all a load of bollocks
  8. Hopping Eagle

    pan pharm

    Pretty sure it is Travacalm Original that is the one in qustion which is interesting to note because on TV tonight the package shown was of the single ingredient brand Travacalm HO . Gotta love media disinformation at a time of genuine need for accurate reporting of the the facts - but why should this be any different. Got a fax at work today - all Mayne Logistics health brands (formerly Fauldings)to be recalled. This encompasses Bio Organics, Natures Own, Vitelle, Cenovis & various homebrands of vitamins made for pharmacies that deal with Mayne Logistics under a banner group. Apparently Pan Pharmaceuticals were contracted to make some - not all - of the products, but for reasons that were not entirely altruistic the decision has been made to recall everything.
  9. Hopping Eagle

    mckenna's timeline.

    My 2 cents worth is that there is no definitive future - either good or bad - it is driven by the collective conciousness of humanity. There is good & evil in the world & there is little we plebs can do to change the policies of the oligarchies. However we all have the capacity to influence our own worlds for the better in our approach to others & also ourselves in the course of our daily lives. Treating all with mutual respect, rising above our own egos & self destructive tendencies. Everyday I try & everyday in some way I fail but I will continue to try. When enough of humanity begins to overcome negativity then maybe then we will reach a stage where the cannonballs cease to fly. How often when we are consumed with negativity does our situation become a self fulfilling prophecy. On a larger scale notice how the "Axis of Evil" speech by President Bush has reinforced the hawks that always hover waiting for an opportunistic reason to enact their negative & destructive tendencies. I've drifted away from the topic somewhat I'm sorry but I just want to throw in this line from Abraham Lincoln when he said, "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make them into a friend." Peace
  10. Hopping Eagle

    Nice Fly!

    Exxccelllent camera work man . What do u think of the potential for a relationship between the Siberian "peasant" Rasputin & Santas Little Helper ?
  11. .... I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in the this type of trip to Peru . I'm currently extremely interested in such a holiday for reasons I cannot explain except that the energy of the direction seems extremely positive. I realise I have not been interactive with this community for a extremely long time but would appreciate any wisdom that can be imparted Peace
  12. Hopping Eagle

    I have a question ....

    Totally agree with the theory - just spleen venting & the vents are now clean. I actually try to be consistently in a positive frame of mind but at times I can feel them draining my energy - is particularly noticeable in the demeanour of people when my energy & neurochemical levels are low after a big night - as you said like attracts like & it is possible to turn it around with something like - have a nice afternoon - it can indeed work wonders
  13. Hopping Eagle


    that conference looks to be an absolute gem...
  14. Hopping Eagle

    I have a question ....

    apart from all that gibberish I would be interested in peoples points of view regarding why there are angry people everywhere - does it really hurt that much to not be obnoxious? It takes s concerted effort to remain in a constant of anger - it takes no energy at all to appreciate a beautiful sunset.
  15. Hopping Eagle

    I have a question ....

    .... why are there so many angry people in the world. Where I currently reside in Broome is a winterland sunny paradise high on the list of tourists- from backpackers to Ma & Pa Kettle doing the round Aus. caravan trip. In the shop where I work some of the travellers are so angry - why - they are ones on holidays - time should be an abstract concept to them by they've trecked across this vast continent, island country (actually some of locals can be pretty narcy too) - anyway the analogy still stands. I feel like putting a sign up in the front of the shop saying, " Chill out, your on holidays man & I have seriously depleted dopamine,noradrenalin & serotonin levels so be nice or you may end up with a pen thru the forehead," Oh no the anger rubs off I have said enough