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  1. This is sooo gold! Because it only works with diet beverages, yeah? so many points of failure are possible before the film was actually filmed, it's fun to speculate. did they pay her with free coke? in that case, i'm guessing there were a lot of Takes for this shot, i mean like, a lot. Or maybe she was some Eastern European Heroine/Freakshow in a local town... Mikael:"There is a girl i know who drinks 9 litres coke with Mentos" Ivan:"No, this is not possible, stomach will explode, I saw this in American Mythbusters show, Yes?" Mikael:"Yes, it is possible! Many people have seen her do this before. Many tiiiiimes."
  2. Ah Yes, for a little while there I had a growing feeling that “Mad” Mike had done took the crowdfund money and gone adissapearing on us. And I think, in the long run, I’ll probably wish that that would have been his best course of action. time for some popcorn.
  3. great genes but also maybe war so various forms of Darwinism
  4. Whaddayatawkinabout? In a random poll, robots sent from the future to protect her are currently at almost 33%. That's a fairly significant ratio of time travelling cyborgs looking after her best interests....I think she'll be juuust fine... Or maybe, you mean, she's fucked cos if 20 Sab dudes/dudettes showed up to "protect" her......then she is fucked.....with their Grandfather Paradox smashing, here's my leader of the rebellion, seed! notorious gangbangery
  5. fuckin' clouds 'eh.... worlds still turning' though,so there's that
  6. Meanwhile, every record for coldest in Oz gets smashed.. Yeah, I remember the 20th century......when there were seasons.....
  7. Kablam! That's tops, Gimli, you are a most gracious individual.
  8. Bit of an ironic tangent, If you're a bit too "naughty list" with what's in your pocket, they put you in gaol "yeah, that'll sort 'em out."says society... gaols that are awash with illicit drugs and where you can have a one-on-one with a hardened drug smuggler AMA daily... Or for that matter, get to know every crim the joint (was that a pun?) Probably the single worse course of action if you want to stop crime spreading. but maybe that's the bit of this i'm trying to point to, they don't actually want to stop crime, if they did they'd be out of a job. They just want to find crime, that's their real job; shocking the public into giving them more money. pure hustle. "give us money, we need to find crime! it could be anywhere. it's everywhere! It's a problem in this society (run by criminals) We need heaps of money to find crime and then fine the people involved or put them in gaol" ooh, soapboxy. never been inside, in fact, I'm a cleanskin.
  9. full heavy cloud cover there's always the TV version.... Ooh, and Happy Birthday, Waterboy.
  10. Yes, tomorrow night starts around 10pm for folks on the east coast.
  11. ah, read it, so basically, this guy... needs to become this guy...
  12. but can a resurgence in individualism, seemingly brought about by the internet itself existing (now wiring up all the average humans around the world) could the average modern human begin to rise up out of their institutions. like controlled carnage? the people who know how to ride it for maximum profit individually come undone because the people in favour of the collective win? i dunno, absolute democracy? is that the roman system petering itself out.the spectators decide? actually? finally? i'm going to hide now
  13. This is the most Strayan!! Interview I’ve ever seen..... responsible choice What’s he like?
  14. Capt'n fuk'n Ahab.....