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  1. freakazoid

    The Random Thread.

    cough*CIA*cough cough*in his toe?!*cough cough
  2. freakazoid

    When I die

    I remeber "stranger in a strange land"; the most honourable thing to do with a corpe was consume it and give hearty thanks to the consumed in rememberence of their life, cannibalism as a sacrament. but that came from an imaginary, resourse depleted society that lived on Mars but still....not a bad way to go....
  3. freakazoid

    The Random Thread.

    Wowee, ya know, if I was the President, I'd be putting one of these magical grey circles on every street corner in Hurricane prone areas. Probably cheaper and easier than taking "reducing CO2 emissions" seriously....
  4. freakazoid


    That's pretty fricken magical. like a plant from Jim Henson's garden...
  5. freakazoid

    Post a random picture thread

  6. freakazoid

    don't cha love it when...

    the first "proper" thunderstorm in a good long while erupts. Galileo Galileo Figaro!
  7. freakazoid

    Post a random picture thread

    I heard he was just a.....patsy.
  8. freakazoid

    The Random Thread.

    I'd say "Gosh, what's your experience of them been?" and compare notes.
  9. freakazoid

    Acacia courtii seed (or tubestock)

    High Verde, Welcome to the forum. Great to have you aboard. Courtii are just lovely plants aren't they.... Um, so members have a little bit more of a clue as to whether they can send you stuff, could you maybe narrow down your location a little bit? I know a guy who knows a guy who sends truckloads of all kinds of stuff "out this way" but I think you and I might possibly be talking about two different "out this way's". I think there's actually a fair few of them. Maybe 'Medium"? I'm not quite sure where that is either? Like Halfway? (been there once) You da man
  10. freakazoid

    Acacia courtii seed (or tubestock)

    Here’s a photo of the plants from the online store. Healthy as... (sorry if it’s upside down)
  11. freakazoid

    The Random Thread.

    ^I'll have another go.... sfrazzzlshlompdfkn...blahblahbla shompkin drrrrrrflirpin zzzzz and another thing There's a pool?!! Is it Free?!!!!
  12. freakazoid

    The Random Thread.

  13. freakazoid

    Introducing: "SAINT PAUL"

    Mine arrived too. I've only seen a photo, so far, but I swore when I saw it. No, not swore. swooned. It's got me all swoony. Thanks Hal heaps
  14. ^ Wow, that RSPCA page was an eye opener. There was an interesting part about; You could face litigation if the killing was deemed unnecessary by the court, regardless of humaneness. I wonder if that could apply to abbatoirs? but that's going OT. So now we are in a place where if you show up to an event ( in Homebush ) in a Pomeranian-skin onesy that you made yourself from scratch then; no worries at all, in you hop, but, if a person in, say, an evening gown inadvertently walks through a puddle of bongwater ( it happens ) on their way there then "Fuck off, ya filthy druggo." It got bad press through, so there's that...
  15. Hmmm, well there’s definitely a deep-seated predator/prey thing going on here, 100%, but I don’t think the actual dogs themselves are too involved in that particular aspect of it. As for eating dogs for a period of time to find out if dogs will avoid you, I think it’s still legal in some parts of China. Granted, it’s a long way to go to find out but in the name of science...