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  1. Wow agua, that's an instant awesome collection in the making right there!
  2. sending PM...
  3. and elastic bands were invented circa. 1845 in England, so, just how "ancient" is this text? and the elusive pictures in it....
  4. Happy Birthday. See you again soon.
  5. one idea... Ball_lightning ? or 2 ideas...aliens from the future.
  6. Spycam??
  7. Hmmm...I'm dubious on the miceness of it. Wouldn't mice consume the seed instead of, seemingly, digging it out and tossing it in the air ? and only one seed ? But I don't have a better hypothesis. As far as i can tell, aliens from the future are sneaking into your greenhouse and stopping that particular seed from germinating. I don't know that's if better or worse.
  8. ^ Welcome to the forum. ( notes ironic username )
  9. And if anyone "Kancho's" you, just exclaim "HOPOATE!" when you punch the shit out of them and then everything will be fine......
  10. after three shouts of going, going, gone?
  11. maybe the pollies want the media release to start with "....a study has found...." having it prescribed for "people who can't sleep" would be one more (big ol') floodgate in a series ( like a three tiered shit dyke, Ricky ) with the pollies bighting their nails and shitting their pants wondering when will be the right time to start calling out "....the dam is bursting, taxed weed for everyone....". fun times, eh? so much fun
  12. If you stare are at it long enough, eventually, it becomes quite arousing.
  13. .....and there's even mulchahuasca and compostahuasca too....
  14. 12 yr old lectures in a McKenna type voice.." So you see the problem here is the Principal,.........if we just got rid of him, then the teachers..... and the students would be forced to fend for themselves....... and creativity would abound as the overinflated male ego is flushed down the toilet. There would be no more head honcho who's job it is to make everything go as slowly as possible, maintaining the status quo, and of course maintaining his or her cushy pay packet. With the principal removed, the rest of the faculty would be free. Free to survive, flourish or die. It wold be Darwinian education. They'd be free to create whatever mode of education they see fit as applicable to their students. Sure, there would be a period of upheaval and chaos with no-one at the helm, so to speak, but that would give way to a new paradigm where the teachers are enabled to teach their students with effortless appropriate action, moving back to a Greek style of education, far more intimate than the Roman/British/Overlord style system that we have today, that is dripping with Testosterone and really needs to just be gotten rid of....."