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  1. sethomopod

    Scale on Cactus

    Hello Everyone, Please have a look at the pics a tell me what you think.. I cant see any bugs or critters that might be making it. I say this because it comes off like a scale when you scrape it with your thumbnail.. just like 'scale' found on Mangoes.... It has spread fairly quickly and I'm starting to get worried!! Any help is appreciated!!!
  2. sethomopod

    Happy birthday incognito

    Happy birthday mate!
  3. sethomopod

    Write a rap

    Well I think up a plan,and I pick up a can, then hit a big, pink pick up van with a tag on every panel, creating eyesores and hated by the public, But if you could draw what I draw, and paint it, you'd love it But fuck it, they're sposed to make the grade, So they shrug it off and concentrate on gettin paid and laid. But when the truck gets sprayed, I get the fuck away, What you see is what you say, My M. O. SLAY! And you wish you could, swing your fists in my hood, but you couldn't beat me cos I beef so good And besides, you don't even know my name, If I walked past you and said "Hi", you'd probably wave, After dark I operate with precision reflexes, I'm driven by perplexing intense dream projections, through my senses, Transcending into excellence reflected in a sentence in a effort for the essence, My intelligence stretches past the best french sketches, Lecturers bet my guesses cos they're checking the freshest, I'm better than devilled eggs and pepper for breakfast, The message intended, You're never gonna get this. I'm deeper than the hole from which you crawled out, To even the score now, no more holding out, When you all have settled down and sold out, I'll still be puttin up and gettin down and spittin sounds from my mouth! Not my rap, but I wrote the music for it...
  4. sethomopod

    house warming parrrtay

    Oh if I could only traverse the seas on lust alone!!! Sounds like fun mate... Have a few whatever's for me! ;)
  5. Agree with the above.... If he is a customer, that sucks... For growers though, indicas can be harvested early for a less heavy stone..
  6. sethomopod

    The Fruit Hunters: Interesting Documentary

    Thank you very much for this.. 600+ mango varieties! I need to speak with these people!
  7. sethomopod

    The cutest SABling competition

    This is one of the loveliest threads started! Well done bog frog! It would be nice to see this thread still active even after the comp has finished.. If only I had access to my kiddie pics! They are far away..
  8. sethomopod

    WA daredevil body-slams cactus

    Is anyone else envisioning 'Deliverance'? "Squeal like a pig"!!!!
  9. sethomopod

    WA daredevil body-slams cactus

    Could not agree more!
  10. sethomopod

    Happy Birthday Evil Genius!

    Happy birthday EG!!!!
  11. sethomopod

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Sorry guys.. been a hectic few days. Probably dont have time now... family xmas stuff and all..
  12. sethomopod

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Back to Nam on the 28th. In the upper Mt Gravatt area.
  13. sethomopod

    Meet up: Brisbane

    spewin! I just got into briz today... "missed it by that much"
  14. sethomopod

    The Random Thread.

    depends.... Is it a mu mu?
  15. sethomopod


    Treat em mean, keep em keen...
  16. sethomopod

    my movember mo

    it does look very luxurious ph... I like to see a man of taste... I love robes...
  17. sethomopod

    irrigation advise

    The price you were quoted was far too expensive... A 50L an hr spinning head with stake and spaghetti line shouldn't cost over $4.. On a commercial farm, I go around maybe every few months, to check for clogged heads.. With a piece of wire, maybe 2 or 3mm.. I can clean one in about 10 secs.. We have nearly 4000 sprinklers... But, as Sallyd said, it might be a pain in the arse... Also a pressure pump with an accumulator is a good idea...
  18. sethomopod

    Free Bhut Jolokia seeds

    Sorry for the late reply.... Didn't see your question... In oz at the moment... The season is on... Back to nam just before the new year..
  19. sethomopod

    Free Bhut Jolokia seeds

    Also received... Thank you kindly
  20. sethomopod

    Hello, I'm new. Here's my cactus collection!

    Hello there merry prankster, Hope you have a fantastic time here...
  21. sethomopod

    Piper methysticum

    Another to try with mites (or thrips) is abamectim..
  22. sethomopod

    Moving country failure/ rant

    I would like to reiterate to all the above posters, that I mean no offence... Let's not let yet another thread go awry... Fydesvindico, what's your plans now? Back to oz?
  23. sethomopod

    how many weet bix do you do

    Only in subtle ways... Like, a worker would try and get a convo started... They employed quite a lot of non sda's. they know they couldn't get away with employing only sda's.. Discrimination etc. Funny too... All the guys with jobs of high responsibility were non sda. (Cooks, make operators, qa. Dispatch)
  24. sethomopod

    Moving country failure/ rant

    I am certainly not oblivious, hence my not taking your bait about cutting your dole... I believe you worded it as such that if I said yes, your dole should be cut, you would come back with mental health issues or young children... Aside from the fact that I wouldn't have said such a thing based on the information presented. Not once have I said there should be no benefits... What I have said is that is it sad to hear people COMPLAIN about receiving free money.. Simple... Again, I never said people on the dole live a privileged life, but they should certainly be grateful for the fact that they can receive the dole at all! My argument IS that our country is more privileged.. And it is that privilege, that makes me wanna puke when I hear people complain about the system that feeds them... I don't say you shouldn't receive benefits BECAUSE other countries have it worse...just that they do, and in comparison, hearing someone complain about how difficult it is to get free money, is like hearing a morbidly obese person complain that the seats in planes a too small... I say again, I am highlighting first world problems... Not that my opinion means much, but that's all I needed to hear.... That's the difference... Acknowledging we are VERY lucky.. Are we on the same page? I'm not sure, as what I read from that, is that you are under the impression that I believe people should turn down benefits because people in other countries don't get them...like some sort of moralistic self sacrifice? I'm sorry, I must have worded something incorrectly, because I have no idea what you are talking about... Nobody should turn down benefits, just be grateful you live in a country where you can receive any type of benefit at all...