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  1. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Some people are saying the arkham botanicals seeds are not phyllodium.
  2. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    A place to buy pullchellum seeds from the UK and also a guide to growing! https://www.arkhamsbotanical.com/shop/seeds/phyllodium-pulchellum-angels-locks-seeds/ https://www.arkhamsbotanical.com/cultivation/how-to-grow-phyllodium-pulchellum-from-seed/
  3. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    I was doing a google search on Phyllodium and found that someone is selling the seeds on ETSY of all places, harvested in Thailand. Seems legit! https://www.etsy.com/listing/668953332/phyllodium-pulchellum-from-thailand
  4. folias

    Acacia orites

    Flux, You caught me seeing this topic in the corner of my eye, as I don't come here very much. I don't remember what time of year it was. But I know the bark doesn't taste of much any time of year.
  5. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Herbalistics just made a post about germination. "Not a very interesting looking picture but these are germinating Phyllodium pulchellum seeds. A few tests and I’ve discovered that seeds older than a month or so enter a dormancy and hot water treatment helps to break it. Just boil the kettle, then hit the seeds with hot water for a soak for a few hours before planting."
  6. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Darren from Herbalistics just posted a picture of a Phyllodium Pullchellum seedling on their instagram and facebook page. Someone asked if plants would be available soon and they said "Just learning from it, working out seed germination and seedling growth. We do have Desmodium gangeticum plants this season too."
  7. folias

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Thanks for the props guys! Good News! Seeds will be for sale within Australia soon, I'll give a link when it eventuates! Also, I managed to find a specimen in a greenhouse here in Thailand which was seeding as well :-)
  8. This is an extended narrated version of a powerpoint presentation posted on youtube, from a lecture given at Entheogenesis Australis Conference, 10th of December 2017. Entheographical Explorations : Global Research on the most viable 5-MeO-DMT containing plants
  9. folias

    any active salvias besides sally d

    Skellium, Sure you can message me about the book.
  10. folias

    any active salvias besides sally d

    Skellum, Salvia may be undesirable as it can "take over" a blend of changa, so it becomes more of a salvia journey than a "changa" journey. FWIW, I came up with the word changa and innovated combining DMT with a blend of herbs containing a mixture of herbs and caapi vine. You can read the development of changa in my book Articulations and in Graham St John's book "Mystery School in Hyperspace: A cultural history of DMT"
  11. 5500 words of my analysis of this issue, including my submission to the TGA. http://julianpalmerism.com/why-is-dmt-illegal/
  12. What happened to the TGA? Did they get scared and go to ground on this issue? https://www.inverse.com/article/17643-australia-s-debate-on-ayahuasca-and-dmt-legalization-helps-psychedelic-research
  13. As they grow older, I'd say they will need support in the form of a stake of fencepost or something. I have seen them around 2-3 years old, where they get bent over and then trunk breaks, especially in a storm. This may be an issue even up to a few years of age. You can even see this bending over even in the young uns!
  14. folias

    DMT story in MSM

    Wot Uttar Garbadge. Crazy how the article ends with a teensy bit about a man called Greg Eaton gaining some benefit from DMT. This is quoted from a public post from his facebook. "For friends found by the Spirit Molecule: I was stunned to read my name at the very bottom of a sensationalist Australian click-bait story when I woke up this morning. The only reason I found this story was because it was positioned at #3 on news.com.au and I sometimes indulge in reading silly click-bait like this. Imagine my surprise to read a blurb about me in the article's conclusion. The author didn't even contact me to let me know she was running a story. I never heard of the author. I think why she mentioned me was that nearly four years ago, a *different* Queensland university journalism student contact me for an interview after watching a short Aya doco I put on Vimeo. Apparently that other student's interview with me got used by a different author (now 4 years later!) and for a different subject (before: Aya, now: the Spirit Molecule itself) in order to footnote this sensationalist rubbish. I Tweeted a couple annoyed remarks to the author and @newscomauhq. Although I didn't ask to be affiliated with this piece, and don't agree with its tone or content, I guess I'm happy that the words attributed to me are the only positive-sounding information in what is otherwise a scary-sounding, eye-rolling puff-piece of yellow journalism. I share this for *tabloid entertainment purposes only.* Almost all this story's content is inaccurate, needlessly sensational and melodramatic, incomplete, or misleading. The Spirit Molecule is already in us and pretty much all life forms on the planet, a key fact these articles ALWAYS leave out."
  15. Scratching your arse is also prohibited in section 5C49.2 of the Porcine Buttock ACT in NSW. But also, scratching your arse is legal if you happen to be be upside down in an Uber actually using the app at the time, though it may effect your rating on the Uber app, but don't quote me on that!