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  1. brett63

    seed or plants wonted

    :D thanks for ur help guys this info will b a good start thanks
  2. brett63

    pachanoi cuttings

    thanks for ur help gomaos and T st tantra the information will b a good start thanks
  3. brett63

    seed or plants wonted

    my brother put me onto this site after a visit 2 sydney we went 2 happy high herbs from there i was hooked but i still dont know yet what most people r talking about or the lingo but would appreciate help lingo sites any information
  4. brett63

    pachanoi cuttings

    hi iam retty new 2 this site and have no idea what u have could u explain or give me a site i can look up 2 find out
  5. brett63

    selling brugs

    i've just joined this site iam looking at starting a little garden but don't know what brugmansia sanguinea or arborea is? what site can 1 look up the wonders of these plants and other plants and do u know any 1 who has been posted ? and made it into wa with out a problem
  6. brett63

    seed or plants wonted

    i'am interested in what ever i can get at the moment prints? :confused:
  7. brett63

    seed or plants wonted

    can anyone tell me if i can get seeds or plants in w.a peyote mushrooms or anything in that nature
  8. hi Ive lost my sally d passed on not long ago but i miss my friend is there any one who could help me find a new friend