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    INSANE ariocarpi collection

    private collection. victoria.. over 40years of collecting
  2. ega workshop link I thought i might start a thread for all those interested in the topic of tuesdays post EGA breathwork workshop- ritual/charismatic breathwork. this thread would probably also serve well for check in/ exploration of the experience,by attendees, post workshop integration. The workshop is offered through the ega program by a close friend of mine, and fellow Gestalt student, Gregg Lahood. You can book in for the workshop, and make last minute RSVP's, or enquiries, by emailing Gregg on the email provided below. I held a charismatic ritual breathwork weekend at our property on the north coast, with a group of close friends, about three months ago, and was quite surprised at the depth and intensity of experiences and healing that was evoked through the simple act of ceremonial/ritualised group breathing. I would liken it in part to some of the sacrament oriented ceremonies i have witnessed, however a lot more user friendly and 'accessible'. Some of my close friends went into states of deep emotional regression/catharsis, at times the space was akin to some kind of group exorcism. However for me, i simply went into a state of deep bliss and a profound sense of wellbeing fell upon me, which lasted for days. Gregg explained the many archetypes of experience that can be evoked, through Grof's 'peri natal' framework. He also did some bodywork in conjunction with the breathwork. I think this workshop would be highly beneficial to anyone interested in healing and altered states of consciousness. what strikes me about this work is the accessibility and legality of the work, and how due to its nature, Of being a particiapnt/individual created and controlled healing process, it can be 'stopped' and easily navigated at anytime if the intensity goes beyond the individuals capacities.. I hope to see some of you on tuesday! regards eli
  3. _e_

    lophs sweet lohs

    more crazy cacti action
  4. self sterile pants.... sounds like a fairly appropriate adaptation in clothing apparel functionality.
  5. _e_

    stone culture

    halos kin well i put a post up the day the site went down, and unfortunately it has vaporised. i doubt i will be able to articulate the topic as creatively as i had previously. but here goes : "i like to collect stones. pretty effervescent sparkly vital shimmering stones. unfortunately i let things lag over the past 18 months, and seem to have lost touch with my stone collection. as such i'm looking for someone to get me back on track , and in touch with my stone culture. life just isn't quite AS amazing and vibrant and colourful without em." if you can help me and mine out, i will be more then happy to reciprocate in an equally valuable way. I am particularly interested in atlantean culture, and any relics folks may be able to share from this civilisation, would be more then ideal. warmest regards plant lov.e
  6. _e_

    stone culture

    tuning in . go team cereal stone . roll on.
  7. _e_

    TOOL 2012

    ahh shit. eat foo. it was me who stuffed up. oops. sorry. totally unconscious slip up, i haven't been on this forum in a while and obviously lagged in my cultural etiquette's.
  8. _e_

    TOOL 2012

    i can totally relate to maynards stance on ciggerette smoking and light flashing - he has problems with his eyes that cause severe light sensitivity, he also is allergic to tobacco smoke (both of which i have suffered from so can completely relate to his requests.... and furthermore his dismay at being disresepcted in such a blatent manner by the people for whom he performs for) i can also understand that, being of a certain professional calibre, it may be difficult to work with big show promoters / stage managers @ big day out e.t.c.... as they very rarely maintain the level of quality that bands such as Tool and performers such as Maynard deserve. the guy is a fucking enigma. one of the most talented and prolific creators currently alive and engaged in reality on this earth. and fuck xxx , you just mentioned three of the most talented performers whom i hold in the most upmost esteem for their integrity and dedication to soulful creation.. interesting that you are dissing them in such a way.. how healthy and active is your creative talent/ability ? maybe some healing in that realm will bring greater appreciation for your beautiful brothers.
  9. _e_

    colloidal silver in mycelium

    give me a couple of months and ill be able to bounce some ideas and results off you... still in setup mode.
  10. yeah im in, i will pm you
  11. i know he hates the comparison, but i still can't get over the uncanny likeness in mannerisms between j.safran and Carpedmt. it freaks me out !
  12. _e_

    Useful ethnobotanicals in Indonesia?

    message me if you re-schedule your trip, as i have some very interesting leads and connections to share. hope everything is ok/ no drama plant lov.e
  13. _e_

    RC's held by customs

    i had been hearing rumours regarding the legality of analogues of analogues, sighting significant structural difference. but i had taken them as mis-informed rumours, but was still curious. specifically the bomb range. before indulging curiosity any further, i figured more research was needed, then saw this thread, and this comment : edit- just read mxe thread, which helps affirm my initial instinct
  14. _e_

    RC's held by customs

    bump..... any new relevant information ?
  15. thank-you for this. awesome. just awesome. and i thought led was rad !
  16. _e_


    sup bruddhaman. got mor elov then most for ya , any day of the week (except sunday - shes mine and mine only)
  17. _e_

    Strange Cargo

    looks like an awesome and elaborate prank to me ! either that or somekind of deeply disturbed mind control tactic.
  18. i've had two members of my local community end up in hospital in the last 6 months from falling off ladders. One was in a critical condition for three weeks, the other with a full wrist reconstruction (and she WAS a yoga instructor) . neither of the falls were from any great height. ladders are deceptively deadly !
  19. _e_

    Caapi Meditation Room.

    beautiful ! sincere thanks for sharing
  20. damn... thats exactly what i'm looking for. doh.
  21. all of the above . pm
  22. _e_

    Mr Tesla

  23. _e_

    colloidal silver in mycelium

    ahh, i made a post here just before the site went down... something to the effect of : "great experimentation, please keep us up to date with results. out of curiosity is the product you are using (h202 + colloidal silver) 'hydrasil' by any chance? http://www.truwater.com.au/tank-rain-water-systems-tank-water-sanitation-c-378_285/hydrasil-tank-water-sanitiser-5-litre-p-1024 " plant lov.e
  24. _e_

    Mr Tesla

    hi guys, great to see these kinds of discussions occurring. you may find some interesting parallels between teslas work and the work being done by an Iranian nuclear physicist by the name of Keshe . see: http://www.keshefoundation.org/en/ . we live in a very exciting time ! free the energy
  25. _e_

    Snu's Cacti Stolen

    this is terrible news. I had my collection pilfered in a similar manner about 6 years ago, and it still breaks my heart to this day. The feeling of violation isn't easily swept to the side, especially being of the more gentle and generous disposition such as us plant hearts. Happy to send out a couple of cuts of various plants when it is warm and suited. big love to brother snu <3