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  1. MrBumpy

    Thugs use goon bag to bash goths

    I wouldn't bet on it. "Bogan" is also used as a racial slur in Canada against the Canadian aborigines. -bumpy
  2. MrBumpy

    Thugs use goon bag to bash goths

    I just wish the overweight emos would stop trying to wear the same size tight pants as the skinny emos. Muffin tops are unsightly no matter what subculture you subscribe to... especially on dudes. -bumpy
  3. MrBumpy

    What a 'croc' of shit!

    " now they're nocturnal... that means they eat, hunt, and sleep at night..." One of the lines I caught from one of Irwin's documentaries. Does anyone have access to any of the papers that Irwin wrote? I tried to search for him at science direct and on google scholar, but there was too much shit to sift through. although, searching for crocodile and Irwin at science direct revealed nothing. -bumpy
  4. MrBumpy

    GHB in children's toys

    Saw in the courier mail a few days ago that some government department was worried that bindeez would be showing up at this years schoolies event.
  5. MrBumpy

    Autism Test

    I got a nine... but for nearly each question I kept thinking that chances are it would be answered differently when I'm boozed... I think the score would probably be lower -bumpy
  6. MrBumpy

    australia, the racist country

    Stuff about question 16 always really annoys me.... I never understood why beetroot always has to be put on a burger... never liked the stuff. -bumpy
  7. MrBumpy

    Ethno BBQ 03/11/07

    Might be up for it in a few weeks... getting towards end of semester at uni, so not much free time -bumpy
  8. MrBumpy

    2007 UK crop circles

    Be prepared to be bombarded by charity telemarketing calls for the first month or so. -bumpy
  9. MrBumpy

    australia, the racist country

    The latest example of a story on African refugees I've seen was about groups who were residing in Toowoomba... only this article was very positive, saying how well they were adapting and fitting in with the community (except for one or two rednecks from t-ba who had a problem with them). Haven't seen any examples of african immigrants creating problems (except for maybe white south-africans and zimbaweans being pricks at private school rugby games). -bumpy
  10. MrBumpy

    australia, the racist country

    9/10 ... what mark do you need to get to be a citizen? You answered correctly 9 questions out of 10. Look at the questions where you gave a wrong answer, and try to memorize the correct answer, shown in Yellow. so you just need to be good at rote learning
  11. MrBumpy

    australia, the racist country

    I don't see how the test is singling out minorities. It's testing trivial parts of Australia's history, doesn't matter if you are white, black or yellow, chances are you aren't going to know the answers unless you specifically study for it. I don't agree with the test at all, I think it is a retarded idea, and just a PR prop for government to appear as though they are doing something for their perks and future pension. I still don't agree with "the test is racist". -bumpy
  12. MrBumpy

    australia, the racist country

    I thought the tests were for people to attain citizenship, not to give refugee status (that just seems to be left up to how the immigration minister is feeling at the time). And how the hell does it make Australia racist? I agree with what Conan is implying, that most citizens wouldn't be able to pass the test, so I don't see how this is set up to specifically give preference to or exclude any particular ethnic Group. Australia does have quite a few problems regarding racism, but reacting in this way, calling it an example of racism just trivialises the real problems regarding racism that Australia needs to overcome. -bumpy
  13. MrBumpy

    Goverment Drug Pamphlets

    Organic Solvents then?
  14. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22510497-17001,00.html By Matt Cunningham October 01, 2007 06:39am Article from: Northern Territory News Font size: + - Send this article: Print Email THREE out of four people arrested and detained by police in Darwin are under the influence of illicit drugs, research shows. Australian Institute of Criminology data reveals 73 per cent of Darwin detainees tested positive to cannabis in July and August, steadily increasing from 46 per cent in January last year. Another 8 per cent tested positive to methylamphetamine, the drug commonly known as speed. The data, compiled under the AIC's Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program (DUMA), shows a steady increase in the number of offenders testing positive to cannabis. Drug Free Australia executive officer Jo Baxter said there was a common misconception that cannabis was a "soft" drug. "Research now shows just how complex and dangerous this drug is," she said. She said Australian Governments needed to be tougher on illicit drugs. "Then, and only then, will we begin to get the results similar to those countries that have been successful reducing illicit drug use," she said. But NT police say alcohol is a far bigger problem than any illicit drug when it comes to crime. Officer-in-charge of the NT Police Drug and Alcohol policy unit Sgt Scott Mitchell said the statistics for cannabis use among Darwin offenders were not significantly different to the rest of Australia, but they were for alcohol. Our cannabis figures aren't alarming (by comparison) but there's a significant difference in the alcohol figures," Sgt Mitchell said. DUMA statistics also showed 83 per cent of female offenders and 82 per cent of male offenders had reported heavy alcohol use at some time in the 30 days before their offence. This figure was far higher than anywhere else in the country. "It's that really high level of drinking and offending that's the problem," said Sgt Mitchell. "People when they get drunk do dumb things. They get into cars and drive. We know they shot someone because they looked at their girlfriend. "Cannabis users, by and large, are fairly mellow." -bumpy
  15. MrBumpy

    Binge 'led to 4 week hangover'

    Only a four day binge? f'in lightweight ;) -bumpy