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  1. compost

    Shoutout to the firies

    Just a few random shots from Mt Buffalo recently.
  2. compost

    wanted: lophophora seed

    is there no more seedsaustralia dot net or similar who supplies specialty cacti seed in oz??
  3. compost

    wanted: lophophora seed

    on the hunt for loph seeds, any qty and all varieties are great. pm me if you want to discuss!
  4. compost

    Hay bale gardening

    be cautious of ethylene production as the straw bales break down if doing this indoors.. while it can increase temps in your greenhouse, without proper ventilation ethylene may cause problems like growth abnormalities on many plants..
  5. Teaming with Microbes by Lowenfels & Lewis.. perhaps not essential to begin with but as your studies deepen... The Old Country by Seddon.. Amazing book that gives Australian horticulture some context..
  6. compost

    chicha (corn beer)

    maybe its worth doing a mini mash on say a handful of your sprouted corn, give it a taste and see how sweet it is, or measure its gravity..conventional corn is not exactly an unusual ingredient in beer.
  7. you might also like 4seasons seeds, and green harvest.. both organic, some heirloom seed suppliers I've happily dealt with.
  8. compost

    Mandragora officinalis (mandrake) seeds

    me too if there's enough going around
  9. compost

    A. phlebophylla seed giveaway/trade

    yeah pm me zed.. otherwise thats all folks..
  10. Have 10 lots of A. phlebophylla seed to giveaway to first 10 posts.. If you have Nicotiana attenuata, rustica, or any other species to trade, let me know.. that would be amazing.
  11. compost

    confection intimately

    poetry - transcends .. all forms precluded !
  12. compost

    chilli RUMBA seeds[fruit] GiveAWaY

    I 'll grab some please..
  13. compost

    Planting Acacia's out in the wild

    when transplanting maybe consider if the plant will be entering its flowering or growth period..
  14. if you're thinking there is nothing you would be denying existence, denying life, denying creativity... personally I try to affirm these somethings..