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  1. back to the hills of byron

  2. rastazungu

    Kava farm

    Yep, better change that. Just came back and looking for a place to live in mullum. Would be great to connect with new crew.
  3. rastazungu

    Kava farm

    I hope so. I am intrigued by the laws regarding kava. I hope that with the research going on at the University of QLD, that it will be regarded as a safe alternative to lots of other pharmaceuticals. I have been an avid Kava user ever since my introduction 18 years ago. I know they have great kava bars in Vanuatu and Hawai, where you can watch the sunset to reggae. At high doses of good kave, ie, that from one of the smaller islands off Vanuatu, it tunes and opens your senses to nature and quietens you. A great alternative to loud music, and drunken meaningless conversations. I still can't understand the governments reasoning in banning kava, since the problems up north have just gotten worse and the economy of the kava growing countries has suffered vastly. High hopes for the future. Anyone who likes kava as much as me and lives in Northern NSW, please get in contact with me as I'm sure it would be posible to get some ceremonies going.
  4. rastazungu

    $20 for a pack of Cigarettes in Aus!!! WTF???

    Not only cigarettes but more ceremonial and cultural types of tobacco, ie, Shisha tobacco are being hit. I ordered $70 worth of shisha tobacco from the states last month and it got taken by customs. They wanted $450 in taxes for them to free the products. This was the first time this has happened in the last 2 years ordering it. Their category for shisha tobacco tax goes under snuff, which is a completely separate category in my opinion. Also the shisha tobacco carries most of it's weight from the honey and fructose syrup they add to it, yet they take this weight as the whole tobacco weight. This form of smoking is a more respected and cultural form, and for anyone visiting Turkey or the Arab states, would know that it is a revered form of congregation and social activity. One shisha lasts for over an hour and the calculated intake would be about half a cigarette between a group of 3- 4 people. Why don't they recognise this instead of categorising it as all identical forms of tobacco usage. This plant has been in use for millenniums, and will continue to be used as such. There has to be radical underground growers and producers to overcome these decisions based on facts from cigarette tobacco, laced with all the chemicals that cause the majority of the health problems associated with smoking. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future.
  5. rastazungu

    Do "they" ever really target the little people?

    I think we are all after the same information, and that curiosity will take us on a journey to certain risks. I do see however we are developing at a much faster and more united rate than the other negative forces who would have us not knowing what we know. I have seen such stupid acts where these people are involved and their level of intelligence in the matter will never be as deep as ours. As long as you don't take silly risks and follow a good intent I think our cause will always be too much for them to even worry about. There are so many doing this work now, both here and all over the world that it is impossible to hold the waters back. Safety in numbers I guess.
  6. rastazungu


    I have taken these words as someone who lives closely with the elders, and stepped out to confirm some of my theories on the Christmas bush. I have consulted with prominent members of the community and they have informed me that the flowers were used in bush medicine. I have tried a brew of the bark and leaves and nothing to report, but the flowers seemed to have an effect. Nothing can really be ascertained till next flowering. More bush outings planned with the nyungar contact and yes I take this culture seriously as I have in all my ventures that had anything to do with something that belongs to the land owners or custodians. Ps: Stop this idle bickering and get on with each other. It's all for the same cause in my opinion.
  7. rastazungu


    Advice taken and totally agree. Sorry! Brew looks and smells good. trial tonight I think. Other trials to come.
  8. rastazungu


    Wow! Just sitting out in my mobile lab boiling the bark and leaves for the next test on the Christmas tree. It is uncanny that the smell is so close to vine being cooked that I wouldn't tell the difference. Amazing dark tea like tannins coming out. I have to keep on smelling it to try to make a comparison but I can't. So close it's ridiculous. Got the mistletoe from the acacia all ready for processing to see if it extracts from the tree what we seek. Exciting stuff.
  9. rastazungu


    Yeah it seems it is a situation that starts to repeat itself. We devolve the information and wait for the repercussions or keep it to ourselves and through only one man's trials show minimum breakthroughs. Any information released is to the benefit of us all if we use it sustainably. If it is a MOAI inhibitor then we can't just take and not give back. Planting has to be done for any species that we start to harvest. On bush http://www.bushfood.net there is quite a bit of information and speculation about the plant"Despite its obvious attractions, N.floribunda is not often cultivated due to the difficulty in propagation. As a result plants are almost never available through nurseries but there have been isolated reports of successful cultivation in Western Australia. One grower reported success by sowing seed in situ in the garden using couch grass planted nearby as a host. Another report indicated that cutting-grown plants using the exotic, deciduous crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia sp) as host showed considerable promise." I am testing it with koala and it is very similar to Caapi. Strong meditative state and awakening after effects. Dose was one cup brewed from 4 flower stalks. Bark and leaves to be tested soon. The flowers have demonstrated a an amazing effect in another mix and on tests in their pure form they give a meditative effect with a nice grounded after effect. It was noticed that it also relieved cold symptoms and opened the bronchial tubes. Yes, this plant in effect is almost the Noongar symbol, as it defines their tribal boundaries. After some research I found that the plant is woman's business, but that it relates strongly to birth and death. I am currently investigating it through sources so as to understand the plant better. One thing is certain is that it has a very grounding effect and seems very feminine. More to come as my research continues.
  10. rastazungu

    Tribe - Bruce Parry

    Met Bruce in the Caribbean and taught him to kitesurf. Really interesting and down to earth guy. Done some stuff for the screen that most wouldn't eh.
  11. rastazungu

    Xanthorrea resin

    Yeah, over here in WA they are everywhere and Baardi grubs can be harvested from the trunks. Shamans tea: made from the leaf bases (about 7 or so) is an amazing musky tasting brew from it.