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  1. I've asked santa to help with difficult gift's for the loved ones (Me) a few years in a row. Not even a lump of coal or a reply rudeness. Now i need to ask the experts for help. Looking for cutting or seeds. Save this poor orphans Christmas if you can PM me if that person is you.
  2. Chemiconaut

    Kratom for Methadone withdrawal

    Congrats on make the choice to get of methadone maybe look into ibogaine treatment for opiate withdrawls if kratom isn't for you, Have you tried smoking kratom it always reminded me of euphorialess cannabis. Buphrenorphine was my go to once i got down low enough. I was on 150mg for 5years before i slowly reduced over 3yrs down to 30mg, jumped over to suboxone having been years ago on subutex without issue. Worst mistake i could make apparently i'm deathly allergic to naloxone musle seizure face and mouth swelled so bad i couldn't talk properly, hospitalised twice in one night almost suffacated the second time two hrs after they discharged me on the front driveway at 1am. Then my clinic which only has a doctor in once aweek suggested i jump back on methadone the following week and to just keep taking the naloxone/bupernorphine till then, as only pregnant women can have subutex. Lucky my g.p gave me enough subutex till i could get back in to the clinic doctor. I told the clinic this they complained to the medical board and they warned him if it happened again he would become a restricted proscriber. This is the same doctor who was the only one to provide a maintence dose for my gram a day oxycodone habit while i waited to get on the program., even after being busted doctor shopping up and down the coast. While other doctors wouldn't even see us after that. I was outraged how my clinic treated my g.p and never went back i just spread a week of 8mg subutex out over two weeks, made sure i had lots of temazapam for the last week and first clean week as well lorpirimide(gastrostop) which is a opiate that doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier. sorry got a bit off topic
  3. I found a whole patch of these mushrooms growing in freshly cut lawn in the shoalhaven. nsw i can't workout what they are. they don't stain blue any help would be greatly appriciated