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  1. Chemiconaut

    Post your track of the day

    This is Sabaton Historical Powermetal Band from Sweden. Each song usually has an awesome story behind them this one include. The link bellow has lyric and at the bottom of the page The song story well worth read. Lead singer looks like george michael neone? https://www.sabaton.net/discography/coat-of-arms/screaming-eagles/
  2. That is almost word for word what i told an aquantance who would hassle you to get him stimulants then an hour later be like "shit i'm all stimulated for some reason" pop a handful of valium and be asleep in 20mins totally worth spending 100 buck on. Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot and you were very nice about it i was a real dick sometimes to them. But then i wouldn't of made this discovery, not an issue one way or another Its only happened twice both during the day and i've not found away to pull out of that death spiral in daytime, its hard to measure ug's amount from trip to trip when its not on relatively evenly blotter. Some one thought old beer stained coaster from the TAB room at the R.S.L were good things to drip lots of liquid l.s.d on. 3 or 4 strong blotters was childs play compared to a 1.5cm square of beer coaster. BEER COASTERS FOR THE GRAND SLAM.
  3. Ok i vaguely remember watching the Aussie Movie but it was memeroble enough to watch the U.S. TV Adaption Which is so good.
  4. @waterboy 2.0 Nice one not one but both films i was thinking off. Romper Stomper is great not for the racist overtones but because it doesn't shy away from depicting what wasn't some isolated skinhead groups in the 70-80-90's. And chopper. "looks like you've done yourself a mischief" His autobiographical portion might be exaggerated. But they capture the atmosphere of an Australian jail really well...... so i've been told The way it can be all off colour gay jokes and the long termers playing pranks on the newbies like accosting them in there room dick flopped out telling them to suck it. So hard keep a straight face as the prankee eyes and face go from confusion to terror and every inaccurate bullshit they've heard about getting raped in aussie jails(unless you a kid fiddler or rapist its unheard of) to realising this what people with decade left on there sentences amuse themselves.with. One minute its all calm then the next someone is being curb stomped so bad they are airlifting the standover piece of shit to hospital by chopper so he doesn't die waiting for the ambo. These asian guys nicest people around, but they don't like standover cunts (who does?) came as quite a surprise 2 the piece of shit that standing over a tiny 18yr old with no friends there for his tobacco could of gone so wrong. There the kind of people that don't need to act tough and put on a big show to act all hard. There polite and friendly until there not. God help if you got on there bad side. So i've been told
  5. Chemiconaut

    Disturbing films: name some and why you list them

    nothing disturbing comes to mind that hasn't been said horror wise. The Salton Sea disturbed me on a personal belief level had me questioning my moral center and personal belief, if there was a reason to do what i considered to be something i'd never do regardless of the situation. I'm sure some of you have strong feeling about how people who stoop to this should be dealt with. Also 1984 always disturbs me more as time goes past George Orwell meant the book to be a warning not a how to guide.
  6. By accident i found for me on one occasion that i had a "bad trip" usual they are during the day on the very rare occasions I've had it happen. I had been using a little Oxycontin at the time maybe 40mg a day, i hadn't had any that day. I dropped some tabs a few hours into it my body couldn't stay still my mood was spiraling at night i'd just go sit in the garden or go into bush and it would go away. During the day though it was too bright to sit out side and it makes it worse to do so. So i asked my partner to mix me up a 10mg Oxycontin tablet, in my trip i thought maybe because l.s.d hallucinations seem to make your pupils like dinner plates that Oxycontin would make my pupil go to pin prick that it might help but not expecting anything more then to make the experience manageable at best. With in 10sec of the injection of 10mg Oxycontin my heavy moving colour patterns were gone and i was almost normal like i was tripping one second nearly straight the next. After some research it turns out that that Oxycontin both bond to 5-ht2a, and after more research its how they stop l.s.d hallucinations in a hospital using a compound that competitively bonds to5-ht2a, also explains why people people on certain anti psychotic or schizophrenia can have enough liquid l.s.d that the universal conscious is explaining the meaning of everything and the inter connectivity of everything and everyone and the ones on the med are accusing me of ripping them off. So i was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience because it could just be me. If not it might help someone not have to suffer with through 8 to 12 hrs of a unpleasant trip
  7. Chemiconaut

    Non toxic deliriants?

    The one with dimenhydrate only gave delirium hallucination 2/3rd of the time if cannabis smoked about 1/2 the time to 2/3 if no cannabis is smoked. Have fun having to pee but being unable to, your skin is weird and dry. Constant cotton mouth but water just beads of your tongue like water of a ducks back. Don't do it alone if you can. I'd never suggest you shouldn't try something once but be as safe as possible. The difference between medicine and poison is the dose. Its not that great an experience you should risk your life over even a little. There is in my opinion much better OTC experience depending how you feel about disassociates(it is 1/3 split people either love, hate it or indifferant with higher plateaus (3n4 is were people seem most split on there opinions It has a number of plateaus each distinctly different, P1 n2 is like alcohol mixed with a little speed or mdma. low 3rd in my opinion is better them mdma for a rave or to go out. High 3rd is great for just turning all the lights out (not a day drug at all) listen to music and just let it flow. 4th platau is like a high third except that you can have out of body experiences and dejavu, feeling like when i open my eyes im on a tv show (Yes its the best i can explain it) On a TV show . kick back at night under stares is awesome as well. Its been described as halfway between ketamine and Phencyclidine (another useless explanation as i doubt there are many aussies who have had PCP unless a research analogue no superhuman strength or anger) never had PCP so not sure in what way its like it.
  8. Chemiconaut

    Non toxic deliriants?

    One brand is just hyoscine hydrobromide in a tiny box. which its been so long i forgot is a synonym for scopolamine. Thats the more lucidish one. The other has the hyoscine hydrobromide but an antihistamine dimenhydrinate as well as some caffiene these i've had up 1 and a half box but for me at 70kg 1 box was the optimal amount. Another option is a stomach cramp med with scopolamine butylbromide never had these but people smoke these in jail on foil. I'll won't name the brands as i've been on forums where no brand names or souces are allowed is that the same here? At least if your certain you want to expiriance tropane alkoloid its a greatly safer way then brewing belladone/henbane/datura This article is interesing give a guide to toxicity doses in 115 people lowest overdose was 2-4g of hyoscine hydrobromide but that is exception. a full box of ten is 3g hyoscine hydrobromide but people have much more. so safety wise try a few tablets incase your sensitive to it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2747390/
  9. Chemiconaut

    Gallery Error code: EX1062

    I'm not getting the same error but i can't embed video's get this error The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined. And the two button on the right hand side at the bottom link to image just load forever. Also can't change pages on the forum without opening a new tab or window.
  10. Chemiconaut

    Non toxic deliriants?

    Well Certain Anti histamines and anti nausea meds have deleriant alkaloids but i don't recommend them, Teenage me only did them because i had never had access to a proper hallucinogen and they were cheap as hell. And i'm lucky to be alive not from too much but delirium tripping with benzos in the CBD. Got hit by a car in front of central HJ some random christian bought me a burger next thing i'm running back across the 6/8lanes i'd just been hit before hand some how didn't get hit again got into the tunnel 15min late im at ashfield then next thing i'm at lithgow at 6-7hrs later then i'm hitchhiking then in a car with some poor driver can barely talk rolling and smoking phantom ciggies and drinking phantom cups of water all the way back to sydney. If its something you must try a tripsitter who will stop you from doing what ever stupid b.s your thinking you will do that minute. Defiantly not friends who thinking that its that height of funny to get you to go buy smoke when you can barely talk or know were you are, forgot how to sit in a car or use a seat belt, or the main street isn't for people, or think the phonebox is were you live. Top mates hope they now have such stand mates that will put them in danger for giggles again this is with benzo with the other. Truly much better things out there if your of that persuasion, though scolipine was much more lucidish. still i imagine all of those are what dementia is like consistent confusion with brief windows of lucidity. I rarely had more then a packet, on rare occasion a packet and a half, i'm not dead but don't take that as a sign of safety lots of thing that could even should of killed me haven't. If i had to guess i probably did them 50 maybe 100 times over two or three years but never again so shit compared to anything else.
  11. I know people make tea from the seeds, and i'd be very surprised if the rest of the plant was alkoloid free. Go look for vids of wallabies in Tasmania spaced out from eating the poppies. plus there is a mix of alkoloids in poppies, thebaine , codiene, morphine are the three i remember of the top of my head sure there are more (papervium, narceine and narcotoline) plus as Waterboy said the whole plant is harvested for extraction. Not sure why it is the prefer pharmaceutical route i'd of though using yeast bacteria to convert a start chemical in the presence of sugar, extract then convert to the desired compound(certain that how it's done in some Indian factories) One of my relatives who grew up in eastern Europe in 1960-70's says they used to boil the whole head to make baby teething relief like the more english alcohol on the gums except alcohol was to important for the adults to drink away there shit life. And Poles make what they call compote out of the whole plant to get morphine homebake. I imagine in afganistan the cost of regents to extract the straw isn't worth it. And the "Black Tar Heroin" from mexico isn't heroin its MAM which i one actyl bond off plus has lots of filler. So thats why the pods are scored since most is locally grown buy farmers its the easiest method for most return.
  12. A Couple of bongs did get me pretty stoned, but Meth at the time made cannabis more effective so i'd be surprised if kratom's weren't somewhat more effect plus i'd never used kratom prior or for long enough to develop a decent tolerance. Only a guess after seeing how much is used for opiate withdrawal maybe what a 'recreational' dose was at the time is much smaller the the dose required to competitively bond on the opiate receptors relief of symptoms
  13. Chemiconaut

    Watch this space

    Lotta Judges, Lawyer and Police,AFP,auxiliary staff, Prison staff would be out of a job if drugs were decriminalized or as i feel our bloated government has zero right to infringe on personal freedom so long as your not infringing another free will. The whole war on drugs is a farce like the war on terror or war on any other noun or inanimate object. We follow the American model with the attempts to undermine certain groups n cultures family system by incarcerating fathers for things that aren't crimes lead to increase generational drug and criminality. Drug prohibition doesn't work much like alcohol prohibition but fact and knowledge are for Idiots it seems. Sensible drug policy doesn't win votes speaking to peoples fear works so much better then there hope for a better world, they lose one group to demonize, they lose the fear of 'drug' related crimes, the fear of "Ice" psychosis and people doing things not of there nature because of drugs (Alcohol is the only thing that has done that for me every, ) sure if it was taxed and regulated and the government ensured the purity of the drugs which at Mass production are dirt cheap they would get rid of the random unknown quantity and quality of street drugs as well contaminants like mercury or other nasty side reactions like halogenated aziridines perhaps even following portugual's crazy system of treating drug addicts as human being, incentives for employers to hire drug addicts (To bad 5% unemployment is full employment go see N.A.I.R.U) and decriminalizing a crime against ones self (that mind bending concept of committing a crime against one's self) make them way safer then Alcohol or Tobacco. We are reward based animals, we won't inject drugs til we starve to death like mice and other primates will if give the option of selfinjecting or eating. Our search for our place and our creator? maybe even our advanced cognition might of been helped buy the consumption of serotonin analogue in nature allowing thoughts and perception we wouldn't conceived without there assistance. No room for nuanced reasoning in such a discussion. Plus who want people to think outside the carefully constructed box. Our closest ally(our suzerain if i'm being nice, or our colonial overload's if i'm being honest) the U.S.A are the jackbooted imperial thugs that Roosevelt swore to dismantle after WW2 they are the biggest sponsor of terror there intelligence service are always there to foster drug production and trafficking into usually into non u.s countries so there is plenty of off the books funds to "promote democracy" in another country because overthrowing or interfering with 80+ election or ruling government since ww2 isn't enough Democracy spread. (despite Americans being adamant they are a republic)(usual for the heinous crime of not allow U.S Corporation to rapaciously steal a sovereign country wealth. Always talking in double speak. Luck for the U.S.A these wars like all the u.s wars since ww2 aren't ment to be won (Well i hope this isn't the best the most advanced country with near limitless amounts to spend on ways to kill people can do, remember they 'won' ww2. if you discount the Russian herculean effort moving there entire industrial base half way across the country while in steady retreat.) , Weapons systems need testing, The Corporate oligarch (i prefer Corporate Serfdom now with the illusion of freedom and choice, plus a living standard high enough the peasant won't rebel even if they work out we aren't free) need you scared and distracted of those Crazy Muslims who hate us 'because of our freedom' and not because all the bullshit they sow and eventually reap. Or those North Korean who have a handful of nukes which the us and rumsfelt(the WMD Gopher) helped them get quicker by allowing and facilitating Westinghouse to build Nuclear Reactors in a country we are and they are still at war with. same friendly guy who who helped facilitate Some of Saddam's WMD . Or what ever the latest enemy of "freedom" is. Go back to sleep and be blissfully unaware i know i sometimes wish i could. Maybe i could even not rant and summarize my thoughts , nope that really is an unattainable goal.
  14. Chemiconaut

    Positive Drug Drive test may not show impairment

    First hand info regular smoker but i wouldn't smoke then drive, smoked about 12hrs before i was pulled over. failed the swab test, passed the 2nd test at the station fail the third test they sent away to the lab with i'd imagine would detect next to nothing. 12hrs later i'm not stoned. Still enough to fuck me. Also i've heard that chem i.e Gbh or Gbl? taken if your pulled over negates the swab test at least for meth. Also @Pat Uri Speed was mostly cut to hell stuff what was sold before 2000ish when the laws changed from hazy memory it was either to include inert substance as if it were the alkaloid or it was harsher sentences for the same amount of product so cutting it 10 or 15 to 1 ment huge jail sentences. So suddenly you couldn't by a gram for 50 it was a point for 50 still the same active ingredient. Can we call crystal meth just crystal meth or meth, i die a little inside every time i hear it called Ice. Ice which if you were lucky around 2000's was 4-Methylaminorex. Till it was co opted to mean crystal meth. Crystal meth(ICE) is just that uncut -d meth crystal. What monsters cut it with M.S.M it does bad things like helping your body detox all that lovely Meth.( i know the type thinks everyone is a moron,No crystals reforming in a syringe is not normal for non cut meth, Nah you don't shit that was pure (Maybe once upon a time) Now its even worse Mexishard is flooding OZ cut with Isopropylbenzamine starting 2017ish, At lest MSM or Sugar etc a simply dry acetone wash and all the cut is history. Isopropylbenzamine is so structurally similar, similar solvent solubility near impossible to separate plus never tested on human besides all the mexishard users now lol I blame the pipe smokers and the persistent urban myth that Crystal size denotes Purity. Iso make huge crystal's in size beyond what pure -d meth can ever make. Now every third batch is mostly just Iso cut with a speck of meth. Makes one wish for easy access to pure -d meth straight of the plate it was a crystalline power that make everything mediocre in comparison One can dream.