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  1. Valerian is pretty easy to grow and spreads easily too. Within a year or two you could have all the valerian root needed to make as strong of an extract as you'd want.
  2. Coja

    Catha Edulis

    I'm wondering how people chew these, is it just new foliage as older foliage of the red leaf was not very palatable when I'd tried it? Anyone ever tried chewing with lepita (a traditional South American flavored basic addative to coca leaf for chewing)?
  3. Coja

    WTF is this? Reishi?

    Once purchased a reishi spore syringe only to discover that the vendor had accidentally mixed up their cubensis spores with their reishi ... cubes can grow just fine on wood, but they're just not nearly as vigorous as they would be on other substrate.
  4. Yes, I've heard of this in the context of meth-psychosis.
  5. Great news atop a very recent study demonstrating possible effective treatment for the onset of Alzhiemers!!
  6. Coja


    Good thing the paypal account associated with my ebay account was banned some years back ... probably for some suspicious purchase or other.
  7. Coja

    Question on cactus legallity

    It used to be that the only countries that scheduled the cacti itself were the countries where it grew naturally. If certain Oz. states are adopting "container" legislation (common statutory language in most states and at the federal level in the USA which brings many Psilocybe sp. mushrooms under legal scrutiny in almost every state while only a couple states have scheduled/banned specific species) which encapsulates naturally growing plants, and mescaline is scheduled/illegal, then it would be in the same status as DMT containing plants in states/countries where that compound is scheduled/illegal.
  8. Coja

    The ebola medicine game

    What about B. caapi as an anti-viral? Though effective doses may contribute to vomiting.
  9. It would be ideal to have a link to the legal opinion. I can't seem to find it online easily, but it appears to rule on carboxy-THC alone which last for weeks after last use for regular smokers and is not at all pcychoactive. 11-HO-THC is the primary metabolite and is psychoactive to some degree, but it breaks down into carboxy-THC rather rapidly in casual users too.
  10. Coja


    Does Friendly still post around here? I recall his reports years and years back about the utility of Anadenanthera pods ... don't just toss those out once you've removed the seeds.
  11. Coja

    Juul's Giant??

    Hey Trucha, we had to institute a mod/admin approval for new posts due to ever evolving spam bot problems on the nook. I'll let the admin know to approve you ... hopefully you signed up as trucha or ktrucha. If not pm the name you used and I'll make sure you're approved. Our admin tend to have a lot going on off the net, so they can take a bit to take care of things.
  12. Coja

    Wanted: Radula marginata

    BUMP, any progress in locating propagation material of this plant or bioassay reports?
  13. Rather than being entirely focused on growing plants that are edible and medicinal, I would strongly encourage you to identify and learn about all the weeds in your area that you can't stop from growing everywhere. I've been amazed, as I've gotten more and more into foraging as a hobby, at the number of persistent weeds that pop up everywhere in my urban environment that are very nutritious and abundant or medicinal. Squash flowers are also edible, delicious once cooked and add some nice color to dishes.
  14. Perhaps he thought this had something to do with the US vernacular for the term bitches ... I'm sure y'all have heard some rap over the pond?
  15. Coja

    edible lime betel

    Ask for supari, pan parag and best of all paan when you go to an Indian grocery store if you want some tasty betel nut preparations. None typically have the fresh nut, but all can be nicely active as a mild stimulant. I'm a big fan of the milder, sweet meetha paan which is betel with a little lime paste, no tobacco, and about a dozen other ingredients such as rose syrup, date paste, fennel seed, cardamon seed and others all wrapped up in a betel leaf for after dinner chewing as a treat or digestive.
  16. Coja

    Ethnobotanical Expedition Spring 2010

    Lol, wouldn't think twice about sharing personal information with ya teotz. Did speak with a handful of the folks in the BPC/SS group though on a few mornings at breakfast and brief periods in the late afternoon when we intersected.
  17. I'd rather have a bottle in fron't o' me than a frontal lo' botomy ...

  18. Coja

    Ethnobotanical Expedition Spring 2010

    Ha, I was coincidentally staying at the same little hostel in Cusco that the BPC group stayed at this spring. Had I known you were among those present I would have thrown one of those hard pieces of toast from the freebie breakfast at your head for all the annoyance you've caused on various entheogen related boards I read over the last couple years. There was much more than just T. cuscoensis about in the sacred valley and around, though I didn't see any Tricho. sp. in flower or fruit at the time either.
  19. A. cordifolia is easier to grow and less fickle than Sceletium tort. in my experience. I have a vague recollection of the powdered foliage being somewhat like Sceletium powder, though I never took serious notes and measurements. The Aptenia cord. also produces prettier flowers than Sceletium tort., a very nice and rather forgiving houseplant. Haven't had experience growing the Rhodiolas, but really appreciate the effects of R. rosea extract.
  20. I absolutely loved that, particularly upon recalling some of those names from Edot back around '98-'00. Great book!
  21. Coja

    where to get tihkal/pihkal

    botanicalpreservationcorps.com - if you don't mind ordering from the western US, they've also got the special editions as well as most everything still available written by Jonathan Ott.
  22. Coja

    calea for pain relief........?

    Heimia s. was found to have a much more potent analgesic effect than asprin according to a study published years ago in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. I successfully used a reduced (to a hard tarry ball) sun tea extract of Heimia myticifolia to combat splitting migraines from caffeine withdrawal years ago.
  23. Coja

    Northern DMT contain Plants (besides phalaris grass)

    Desmanthus illinoensis and leptolobus.
  24. Coja


    With an isolated attack (only one cactus infested) I once successfully addressed a cactus mealy bug problem by removing all the soil and disposing of it in the trash, spraying off the roots, then cleaning the roots with a toothbrush. I don't recall if I added dilute soap or anything at the time, but it was many years ago. I'd imagine adding DE to the new soil mix and using dilute Dr. Bronners soap or a spray of neem oil on the roots once they'd dried and healed up a bit from the brushing abuse could be even more of a precaution against the mealies returning. I hate mealy bugs almost as much as spider mites.