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  1. Hey guys, does anybody have a nice quality kuripe (snuff applicator) theyd be willing to part with? ive not got much in the way of a trade but can purchase it from you. I am preferably after one made of bone, and a double kuripe for both nostrils would be amazing, but i know thats probably a longshot. On that note I am also looking for some nice rustica snuffs/blends to purchase. Cheers, and blessings Geebus
  2. Geebus

    Little Cliff sale - sold.

    40cm tip please sir!
  3. Geebus

    Show your tattoos!

    Cheers man! I'll be going back to that artist for all of my botanical inspired work. He was quick too.very happy
  4. Geebus

    Show your tattoos!

    Anuvva one turned out better than expected, I am thrilled
  5. Geebus

    Help with Ross River Fever

    http://www.herbcottage.com.au/dried-reishi-mushroom.html I can't comment on extract but I use the dried mushrooms, grind up required dosage, boil for 30 mins in water, strain and drink. For colds/flu I would use 2g 3-4 times per day until I feel on the mend. Just research dosage some folks have 5g or more per dose.
  6. Geebus

    Help with Ross River Fever

    Great article rahli some good tips in there! I have used Reishi mushroom preparations to kill a flu in less than 12 hours, really highly recommend reishi, powerful adaptogen and immune booster. Can't say if it will help with rrv but I have faith it would possibly help. I don't have any to send you unfortunately but I can point you in the direction to purchase bulk dried reishi mushrooms if you'd like?
  7. Geebus

    seeking acacia seeds

    Still after courtii seeds if anyone has any available, or even cuttings if price is reasonable
  8. Geebus

    seeking acacia seeds

    Thanks guys true gentlemen you are! very much appreciate your kind offers sirs cheers!
  9. Geebus

    Help with Ross River Fever

    In terms of beneficial effects, I noticed a change after 3 days of using ashwagandha as a study aid and stress reducer. I can't speak for anyone else but my personal assumption would be that any adverse effects would occur quickly, based on my experience with the herb. Everyone reacts to certain things differently as mentioned above listen to your body carefully.
  10. Geebus

    seeking acacia seeds

    Anyone have any spare Acacia seed? After: courtii, acuminata, floribunda. Have no seeds to trade as I've just planted the last of my stock but am happy to pay cash. Cheers!
  11. Trust you to come to the rescue! Haha legend, yes definitely will suffice man! Cheers
  12. Hey guys after vine sections of B. caapi 'Cielo' or cuttings for propogation. Cheers! Other varieties will be considered but mainly after Cielo.
  13. Geebus

    wtb acacia plants

    Morning guys! I am seeking acacia plants of the following: acuminata, floribunda, obtusifolia, confusa, and possibly phlebophyla and courtii if prices are reasonable. Am seeking larger plants, but smaller will be considered. Can pick up if you live around brissy. Cheers guys!
  14. Geebus

    Hopi Blue Corn Seed Giveaway 2016

    very interested... PMd
  15. Geebus

    Post your word of the moment