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  1. my thought, You have great humidity and your plant is gathering additional water off of the ambient air. I've had a carpet of these "arial roots" on the undersides of my p viridis years ago. These were seed grown plants and isolated from any type of infectious insect yet we developed the same types of features under the leaves. I suggest that you take one leaf and half burry it in moss and see what happens. There's also a suggestion that you might want to break it in a few sections and see if they'll react like P.V. leaves with multiple clones arising off of the one sectioned leaf. please update
  2. Flip

    So does Eileen set seed at all?

    I got some of that Pollen a few years back. from memory the pollen didn't take from the q-tips. it was well worth a try We've got her growing well enough here now and expect fresh flowering in 3 more years time.
  3. Flip

    Bouncing Bear Botanicals Raided

    I just wanted every to know that the charges for Bouncing Bear's Warehouse's owner and businesses have been dropped but that they're leaving wide open the door for filing new charges based upon their continued investigation. Local News Story He'll be able to get many of his products back but the live plant material may have been damaged, killed or destroyed by the impoundment by the police/ federal agents (very likely). I do not know what they did with the amphibians but it's likely that he'll have to fight to get those back since they're most likely been handed to the humane society and or may have been returned to the wild if it was believed to have been wild caught animals. I'm sure there'll be updates
  4. Flip

    Jonathan Ott's house burned down!!!!

    Well, whoever they are ... J Ott knows them well enough to have them as guests but at the same time... they're clearly fucked up people that *shouldn't ever be guests* yet alone tolerated in any way. Yet, for some reason... their names are being shielded. Personally, If someone burned down my house ESPECIALLY, after I showed such a kindness as allowing them to sleep there I would hunt them both down Drag them back by their scalps through ant mounds while smeared with honey Only to have them tied to stakes and fed to wild dogs. While streaming it live over the internet and charging for tickets to recoup my losses. Before I would start even thinking of calling things even.
  5. Flip

    Bouncing Bear Botanicals Raided

    Jabaz, I'm sorry if I didn't state it clearly. There is a general "rule" regarding sales of prohibited items to those under 18 This also applies to grade / highschool campus's as well Violation of providing "drugs" within 1,000 yards (roughly 1k meters) and/or to someone underage results in the court systems use of special charges charts for increased and even mandatory time in prison. Basically everyone knows that sales to kids even if it's technically legal... is just stupid and begging to get busted. What was insinuated by the media reports was that sales were made to school age kids by the fact that a close by school district found their students with K2 on them while on campus. Reporting this is solely intended to inflame the public's sentiments against BBB store. While I didn't find any references to K2 being found at the local school district to the store. That doesn't quite mean that they're not selling to those same kids. Only that those from other districts are less wise about bringing it to class with them. 30 miles isn't that far to drive along those rural roads and for the cost of gas vs shipping to their parents home I'm willing to bet that most picked up their stuff directly.
  6. Flip

    VERY NICE pachanoid!!!!!

    Do they even own it? Looks like it could be someone's from the neighborhood. just saying...
  7. Flip

    Bouncing Bear Botanicals Raided

    Any link is going to be coming from the media or from "the authorities". I followed up on it What I did find was that the school districts cited we're less then 30 miles away from the storefront. other districts did state that k2 was a active problem on campus. But admittedly, nothing that stated that they got it directly from the store ... of that the storefront had a policy of checking age for sale either. they could have ordered via the web. I do know that when I was in high school that a 30 mile drive in a friends car wasn't that big of a deal to get something new, exciting and legal. Sure, you don't have too but you'll pay the price if you do... it's your choice. non sequitur Very true. What they're after is the cash that they can take from him by making a reasonable claim that they're illegally acquired profits. There is a small sandbox that very one can enjoy... stay in that and everyone is fine.. throw dirt at people, cause problems and you'll be taken out and beaten up. .BBB Stepped out of the sandbox allotted to them. and seems to not have played ball with the other team as well. but that's not the whole situation either. There's the State legislation that seems to have generated it's banned list off of BBB's menu of products. looks like many things are now going to be illegal in that state other than K2. Teljkon, What do you think the worth is to use this as leverage to actually get their marketing and customer base to cultivate their own domestically vs being consumer of powders, skins and imported materials? is there any advantage to growing other than access in your opinion?
  8. Flip

    Not the "B" pachanoi.

    It's listed on the tag as a t. terscheckii. that doesn't make it so... but it's good support for the argument. It's very likely to have been started from seed and recently brought in fro the growing grounds the owner has.
  9. Flip

    Not the "B" pachanoi.

    Yeah, well I'm going to be picking up that pachanoi type clone there's more if anyone wants to trade in the USA. I can get them but lets try to get a handle on it's ID first. Oh on the mixed table the bridg hybrid clone is verified.
  10. After looking over some of MSSmiths images it might be a true "T. Pachanoi (T. pachanoi from Matucana, Peru) or close... perhaps a hybrid cross. The guy that made the cuttings said it came from a very old and "abandoned" mother plant very tall and had a woody core. quite thick and about twice as the b clone. He's referring to it as a "tree pachanoi" close up of skin and spine configuration nice ridges no? small branching pup and just for fun some of the other trichs he had on the table sorry about the image quality is was getting dark Thoughts?
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing. If you've ever showed off your seeds to someone... then this is a distinct possibility. Looks to me that there's two different species in there. The loph's will not have any hard spines. take a pencil and brush up against one with it, if it bends along the length... you're ok if the taller ones don't bend along the length but at the base then you've got another species. Perhaps even a trich sp.
  12. Flip

    is pachanoi self seeding?

    Well it seems as if this is oddball of the group that can self pollenate.
  13. Flip

    trichocereus x echinopsis

    I'm very interested in finding out if this is true it's a project that I've been working on myself for quite some time! please verify and provide any info regarding this.
  14. Flip

    is pachanoi self seeding?

    If I may add that the self sterility is both mechanical as well as on the genetic level you'll need fresh pollen from different genetic individual to generate seeds. be careful... lots of surprises await.