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  1. etherealdrifter

    Meet up: Melbourne

    one day we will throw away the shackles of political bondage and sing free love songs like bluebirds in the trees way up high above us
  2. etherealdrifter

    Post your track of the day

  3. etherealdrifter

    Quit cigs

    ciggies when you're mashed is fabo......and in Europe they taste fantastic(Spain and Portugal i'm looking at you)
  4. etherealdrifter

    Meet up: Melbourne

    9th would be ideal as the next day is a pub hol
  5. etherealdrifter

    Meet up: Melbourne

    wow id love to see WB at a melb meet
  6. etherealdrifter

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  7. etherealdrifter

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  8. etherealdrifter

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  9. Seriously peoples, @mu! ain't talking shit, i was just over at his joint and believe you me -if ya want some seriously nice, fat, juicy, different cactii hit him, he's an awesome trader and person........ and yes, by my reckoning you need about 2 metres
  10. etherealdrifter

    Poppin poppies

    grow in rows for ease of moving around them - unless you feel like filling up a paddock or two because you love the poppy strudel so much - i know i do mmmmmmmmmmm. THIN EM OUT when they pop...... i know for some people this is a hard thing to do but it IS A MUST as for ferts - yes they respond well to N early on but they do grow really well just in plain ol shitty soil....maybe it's because some strains are just more happy with feeding whilst others don't care also, since they are such a small seed, fill a jar with sand, add pooppy seeds. screw lid back on. punch a hole in the lid for the seed/sand mix to ooze out of and pour along your furrows- this spreads out your seeds more evenly instead of having 100 seeds clumping up together in one pile plus makes the thinning out process a whole lot easier. keep the water up on em in the early stages if you live in a drier zone but later on just let em do their own thing. also they can grow in pots - i've seen them grow quite wonderfully in a 28l pot filling up the stem with multiple golf ball size pods. Besides a cactus flower , poppies are prolly my all time fave flowers when they are in bloom. Just one thing I've noticed though - when the flowers open and the bees find them, they get quite angry if you go anywhere near them whilst they are frolicking around rolling and rubbing them selves up against the pollen haha
  11. etherealdrifter

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  12. etherealdrifter

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    now just ride out the buzz with a chill rekerd. xo
  13. etherealdrifter

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