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  1. etherealdrifter

    Backyard ecology -post your pics!

    ? this hangs around the tomatoand a majestic kooka
  2. etherealdrifter

    Youtube vids

  3. etherealdrifter

    Quotes of the day.

    "Piss from the sausage" Hd
  4. etherealdrifter


    yo DS! Thas soooo beautiful
  5. etherealdrifter

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    enjoyed the bees having a pollen frolic
  6. etherealdrifter

    Festival Death

    https://ez-test.com.au Is one avenue a punter could pursue prior to going to a festy. Easy , cheap , relatively accurate to some degree and completely anonymous - alot of head/herb shops have them or just order online. never score anything from a festy unless you are 100% sure of the source. plan your festy just like any trip -set, setting etc, ie get organised and get your catnip BEFORE you get there. never carry any druggas for you or anyone else and...... time your roll. https://www.harmreductionaustralia.org.au Look up David Caldicott and pill testing if you want to learn abit more about this cool guy - saw him at the last indoor ega in Melbz. Yes our laws are archaic and need changing -yes, young and old all go to festy's and not all but some wanna drop something to enhance their fun - that's not new........so be proactive. Be smart, look after your selves and others around you. This stuff won't go away until authorities 'suck it up' and admit people like drugs, can be responsible about their use and until they change the rules to reflect this - it's going to happen time and time again. hope that made some sense - it is the funny season and right now i'm pretty funny as i try to articulate my thoughts regarding this matter. Have fun and stay safe peeps
  7. etherealdrifter

    Youtube vids

  8. etherealdrifter

    Post your track of the day

  9. etherealdrifter

    Post your track of the day

    so funny
  10. etherealdrifter

    My cat freaks me out

    Cats are totally tuned into something we will never truly understand. you give em heaps of love -or you think you know the score, then they teach you a funny lesson. for example you buy them some great expensive treat like food or a toy(yes, yes it's ok to spend dosh on a cat fuckya .....it might even be cathartic for ya) and then you get home and give em the french-made, organic, ethically sourced, full moon harvested, nutritionally balanced and authorized by greenpeace treat and they fucking ignore you and then attack your ankles before you accuse me of a canine ignorant ranting, please be aware that i've owned dogs many times over the last thrice decades(german shepards are the best!) and fully realise n appreciate their therapeutic value. applied correctly to the wound, canines feed a need that satisfies humanity and furthermore, advance our inter species relationship beyond what any weird feline could do but cats do what dogs can't.....and vice versa. Felines will freak you out but it goes back to when you first came into contact with said creature. whether you went to a breeder, bought it at a pet shop( poor little pussies ), harassed some sheila at the cosmic tent of mind control n spiritual readings ( at the latest festival you attended)...........then pinched her cat to somehow get back at her for telling you that you need to get back your mojo by re-evaluating your shakra or whether it was given to by the crazy cat lady next door(my fave), you need to understand that they cannot be understood. haha, left the tangent building there for a sec - apologies You have been blessed by the fact your cat feels so comfy with you mate, that it's having out of cat experiences and doesn't need to hide under the couch to experience them when around you n ya crew. Some cats need space to express their inner thoughts - yours does it in your company. Possibly she's cleansing the evil behind you or the dark that manifests itself without your knowledge , either way, if it's hanging with ya, all is good. Cat's should freak you out, it's their job and quite normal @Glaukus
  11. etherealdrifter

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    woke up after a deep sleep and took some pics "Socket" planted 4 acacias that have been potbound for a while Phlebophylla Acuminata narrow leaf Coutii -these looked pretty sad but still had some vibrant roots and stems - gave them some good vibes roseii pupping a grenade scopX growing into a monsta Super Pedro X hmmm maybe - can't remember? pesky weeds shadowing a wee bunch of tbm's Crazy Spiny with a great mop of fruit fur and finally, i've noticed there's 3 blue tongues doing the rounds of snail catcher duties this year - pretty happy about that *sorry about the wonky rotations. Hope everybody is gearing up for summer
  12. etherealdrifter

    Youtube vids

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    Post your track of the day

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    Post your track of the day