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  1. FancyPants

    Competition post a picture of your pet

    Congrats guys! i think really we’re all winners with allowing such cool animals to be part of our lives.
  2. FancyPants

    Post a random picture thread

    This one’s for BigRed
  3. FancyPants

    Post your track of the day

  4. FancyPants

    Post your track of the day

  5. That’s a loaded statement.
  6. Rehashing another old thread… #SorryNotSorry how many of you have watched FTM (female to male, seems to mostly be hormone therapy to make clits bigger and hair grow/voice deepened etc) porn? Of those of you who say you’re open to MTF are equally open to FTM? or is it really all about the dick to a lot of you? There’s no judgement, I’m honestly curious! if it IS more about the dick for you; why do you think that is? Is it because you might want to feel if another penis responds the way yours does when you touch yourself? Is it that the “masculine type” hirsute body isn’t as much of a turn-on as bewbies? Is it that clams are already too mysterious (or perhaps too difficult) for some?
  7. Sorry to rehash an old thread, and my apologies to Andy for not replying. Looking at the date I think it was the time I was in detox to try to change to methadone which didn’t turn out so well. Went for day leave at home for a few hours and drowsiness combined with respiration dropping pretty quickly so I thought it wiser to go back inside. Guess I’m super sensitive to methadone or something. I remember not being able to have that discussion about Ketamine like I wanted. I forget why exactly though now. But having very recently seen other sides of K I think it’s now going to be a new one to explore as much as possible for the reasons in this thread, as well as all the other facets.
  8. Yep, totally knew it. All talk no pic taking action. YAWN
  9. FancyPants

    Competition post a picture of your pet

    *claps for attention* hey, focus!
  10. FancyPants

    Competition post a picture of your pet

    Fun with filters, peeps! Check out the great honkin’ beak on this nugget-leaving ginger muggins Whenst thou sees it, thou shalt shytte brykks
  11. I’ve seen one interview with her, when she had Hamilton on as well and I engaged in the discussion. That was plenty for me to see why so much vitriol has been aimed toward her. The narcissism may as well have been tattooed on her botoxed forehead (no judgement on botox just the fuckwit it was injected into). What an arrogant piece of work she is. Love him or hate him, Hamilton was disrespected as well. It was the fucking Tania Full Mong show, deadset. Resign or die in a fire, TFM. No love, me