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  1. Beautiful! So much more to learn and try! I noticed the terpene company that Tor recently recommended (My Terpenes) had b-carophyllene blend suggested for pain relief. That particular one called to me (at least as a start) so I'll be giving it a go soon thanks to Tor's friend! Very interesting the ibogaine, too. Due to turmeric's anti-inflammatory actions I've been putting it in my food with black pepper whenever possible for at least a decade now, but haven't yet tried essential oil. Re.Hyperforin, I've noticed over the years that supplements I've taken for mind/energy boosting containing hyperforin, bacopa, centella etc seem to give me an actual noticeable effect - more mental than physical, but I hadn't been paying attention to possible physical benefits of them. I presume supplements that I haven't really needed wouldn't have been noticeable. Besides my obvious spinal cord damage and resultant direct neuropathies from that, I have the Restless Legs which is a fucking NIGHTMARE. Added to all this is indirect neuropathy from being in a wheelchair for nearly TWO DECADES (I seriously cannot believe it's been this long) and the pain and damage from postural abnormalities. As of a week ago I've been blessed with a new and different exciting nerve-based pain - YIPPEE - that I'm sure starts in my left hip/pelvis somewhere, shoots down into my groin, and down into the inner heel of my left foot. I'm pretty sure this one came about when we finally got around to fixing my wheelchair cushion so that my posture is a bit better to correct the old pain, but now a nerve is impinging from the rearrangement. And winter is coming...
  2. Excellent I knew I could count on some rational thinking, thank you kindly Alchemica. Sadly I don’t have as much time for research and experiments as I once did.
  3. FancyPants

    PTSD 2018

    It’s nearly 2am and I can’t write on a proper keyboard so I’ll be extremely brief. I humbly suggest you have a look at Transpersonal Therapy which can take many forms with how it’s utilised for the client (art/music/body movement/counselling etc). It’s not even the Contemporary idea of Art Therapy - it’s so much more. But if it doesn’t call you, then it doesn’t call you I’m just offering something you may not have seen. Ive got PTSD (undiagnosed) from a police incident in April last year.
  4. So apparently a medical researcher at a children’s hospital discovered a three way formula for regenerating neural pathways. They weren’t allowed to use herbs, so a company has piggybacked this research and found alternative herbs. What do we reckon, source own ingredients? From this website
  5. FancyPants

    Your Desert Island plant

    pap som and can sat. May as well be enjoying my last days of life before my lazy ass dies of starvation and thirst.
  6. FancyPants

    socket passed away

    I am so sorry to hear that I'm actually crying now. My doggo is currently getting operated on for a bowel obstruction. Oh furbabies… how you wedge your crazy-beautiful souls into our hearts... Is there a better, truer love than one which transcends common communication?
  7. FancyPants

    Pet dogs.

    Thanks Amz! :D Had a wonderful day chilling at home with my partner and Loooocyyy Freya is all grown up now. And we’ve moved back to Sydney so she’s away from all her pupper friends and family (and my niece and nephew) so she’s pretty lonely which is sad. Our cats aren’t fond of her because she’s too boisterous. But we rescued a kitten from a highway a few weeks ago (his bottom lip was torn off the jaw, awful!) and fixed kitty up - so Freya was having an absolute blast playing with kitty. Then we had to give kitty to my friend (his forever home) and Freya was sad again She’s been a bit naughty because in Coffs I was able to take her for drives or put her in the car to go for a walk along the breakwall at the harbour. But since being back in Sydney I don’t have a car anymore (paying for lawyers) and the streets here are way too steep for me to walk her. My partner is too exhausted from work and his health issues to walk her, and there’s no way we can afford a walker I feel so bad for her. We can’t leave her outside in the yard because 1. She destroys the plants occasionally and 2. She howls because she wants to be inside with us 99% of the time. When we’re outside in the garden we always take her out, but it’s not the same as a walk. She’s still a gorgeous girl, and I’m sure she’d be a lot less naughty and disobedient (when she chooses to be) if she got a lot more exercise.
  8. FancyPants

    Pet dogs.

    Look at that cheeky face!!
  9. FancyPants

    Post a random picture thread

    Ten pups! Five left to go to homes. Photo was taken a week and a half ago about to go to the vet’s for microchipping and vaccinating. One girl has a tail, the rest are stumpies. Two boys, three girls. The litter was a big-ass whoopsie before mum was about to be desexed. We’re only asking $400 to cover costs and to not give them away to dog fighters. They’re full siblings to my girl. The boys - Mini Bear (named after his grown-up brother) and Big Boy will be quite stocky, very sooky, and probably not overly excitable. The girls range from Rough Nut: Very outgoing, playful, smart, stocky. Tail: outgoing, smart, rat bag, noisiest, medium-stocky. Gentle Annie: Small, very soft fur, quiet, sooky, and smart. Only to go to genuine homes obviously, and we expect they’ll be desexed asap. They’ve not really been exposed to cats, but if that’s an issue we should be able to get them used to my cats before they go out :D PM if interested :D
  10. FancyPants

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Excellent!! I don't remember much of Prometheus, but I think I remember thinking it was lacking in substance or something. Anyway I'm very excited for Covenant now. Probs have to skip another meal to see it at the movies lol
  11. How would you best apply calamus oil? Is it a skin irritant? Would you have to mix it with a little carrier jojoba/olive/etc oil and then apply to somewhere blood is close to the surface say like the inside of the elbows a la nutmeg/mace oil?
  12. FancyPants

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    I'm a huge Alien fan, was disappointed in the writing of Prometheus. Will watch this one, cheers!
  13. FancyPants

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Watching a lot of Netflix and Stan lately.... most of it's pretty average, some really cool, some straight up shit. Girlfriends Day - different, entertaining in a mellow way. Got Bob Odenkirk (better call Saul) in it, love that dude. Death Note - background entertaining Watchmen - cool John Carter - eh background entertaining Cloud Atlas - terrible and rambling The Inbetweeners 1 and 2 - AWESOME. High clunge approval rating Monkeybone - how have I never seen this before? Just watch it on mushrooms Little Evil - background entertaining The Discovery - "" Final Girl - good idea, half-assedly constructed To The Bone - Interesting if you know someone (or are someone) with an eating disorder Red LIghts - good idea, not bad movie but not great The Skeleton Twins - background interesting Vanilla Sky - better than I assumed it would be The Sweetest Thing - chick flick with dick giggles, I can dig it every now and then Awakenings - Robin Williams doing drama, good movie Autopsy of Jane Doe - pretty cool Exorcism of Emily Rose - decent, made me jump a couple of times which is rare Trainspotting 2 - lol much better than Ithought it would be. See it if you liked the first. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 - for a teen/young adult movie it's got some pretty damn funny bits I know there's heaps more but cbf