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  1. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    hey mate meet up is usually 12 noon. sorry i didnt make it guys i had something come up last minute
  2. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Meet on this Sat at the usual spot. PM me if you need the location. hope to see u all there
  3. sharxx101

    Watch this space

    https://www.google.com/amp/amp.abc.net.au/article/11436218 Massive medical cannabis facility to be built in VIC
  4. sharxx101

    Watch this space

    Nsw doctors can start prescribing cannabis products. This is oils and pills not actual weed
  5. sharxx101

    Australian film tour 'From Shock to Awe'

    Hey Flux im interested looks good. might cya Sat
  6. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    bump meet on the 7th of September
  7. sharxx101


  8. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hey Brissy crew, Meet is on Sat 7th of September venue TBA as we might go somewhere different. Come along and celebrate Spring and share the love of plants. Bring a plant to trade or a freebie for a newbie. I will bring some home made kombucha and some fruit for everyone to enjoy. Hope to see you all there.
  9. Hi Yall title states it all. pick up from northern melb or can meet somewhere. Only avaliable today or tomorrow PM me
  10. sharxx101

    Done Thanks

    thanks yall
  11. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    awesome day out with everyone. thanks to the Sunny coast crew for coming down it was great to meet you guys. Next meet early Spring on a sat
  12. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    i will be there about 12:30pm cyas soon
  13. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    ok looks like this will be a good one pm me for details. for the regular crew its at the usual spot at noon this Sunday. Celebrate winter bring a plant to trade or a freebie for a newbie. share the love of plants. hope to see u all there
  14. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Awesome mate will be nice to meet u. will be good to meet the Sunny crew
  15. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    i got some bhut jolkia to bring hot as funk