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  1. sharxx101

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    anyone know some good spots around somerset region? pm me
  2. Going to see this on Sunday with another member. Can't wait it looks awesome. It is nice to see some positive movies about our amazing world instead of all the doom and glume of climate change. With positive movements like this we can achieve anything
  3. sharxx101

    Watch this space

    go Canberra 311 day!
  4. sharxx101

    Watch this space

    Woo hoo Go Thailand
  5. sharxx101

    Loph sale prices

    hey bro degraft button are usually $10 per cm. on own roots can be upto $30 per cm depending on age and how fat the loph is. hope this helps
  6. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Hey Brissy crew, Next meet is on Sat 28th of March at the usual spot. come and celebrate Autumn with some good company. bring a plant for trade or a freebie for a newbie. I will bring some home brew Kombucha, some dates and fruit. Hope to see you all there.
  7. sharxx101

    all done

    5cm sold 4cm flowering size 2 x 3cm
  8. sharxx101

    all done

    All sold thanks
  9. sharxx101

    Looking for some grafted LW

    hey man i have some pups if your keen to draft one
  10. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    awesome day in the park. thanks everyone who came along
  11. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Meet on tomorrow yall. hope to see u there
  12. sharxx101

    A couple cuts for sale

    Nice cuts bro
  13. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Meet on this sat at 12 noon usual spot. bring a plant for trade or a freebie for a newbie. come and celebrate Summer with the crew hope to see u all there
  14. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    meet is on next Sat hope to see you there
  15. sharxx101

    Few things for sale

    Hi all, I got a few things for sale gonna downsize my collection a little Cinomon Brunei $30 over 60cm needs to go in the ground. pick up only GIFTED Thanks bro matucana M pups $20 each or $60 for whole plant SOLD Bruce bridgesii pups x 2 - 20cm plus $30 SOLD Kimuras Giant pup 15cm $20 SOLD 4 ribbed Bruce tip 40cm plus $40 rooted SOLD buyer pays postage express post prefered.