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  1. Better pic
  2. How about Sat 3rd of Feb @Mt Cootha?
  3. Great posts everyone. I am glad to see so much interest in this thread already
  4. Yeah mate original photos are in too. Awesome pic
  5. Hey everyone, I haven't done a comp for a while so I think it is time to kick the new year off with a bang. Post an original artwork that you have created. It can be any form of art that has not been posted in any previous comp on SAB. Some ideas are painting,music,poem,sculpture any form of art. No copying from the net please it must be your own work and an original. The winner will win a nice fat loph de-graft and whatever else i can find which will probably be cactus LOL. Please like your favourite artwork as SAB users will choose the winner. The art work with the most likes will win the prize !!! Comp ends on Feb 7th Thanks in advance all who vote and enter. Peace
  6. I have a large m.hostillies 6ft plus for sale $60 pick up from south brisbane and it must be removed from the pot it is currently in. Pm if interested
  7. RIP my brother. You were one cool guy only meet you a few times but we were instant friends. Will see you again at the big plant meet in the SKY.... with Endrofinder and chemical shaman. Be in peace my brother
  8. Im in
  9. That is gold lol
  10. I am interested in attend. I am sad to hear he is gone :(. Would it be ok to bring the dog too?
  11. So sad I missed this one. I have had some of the best times of my life at EGA outdoor events. Hoping there will be more outdoor EGAs in the future
  12. $100 has some minor mite damage and scar but a vey nice loph degraft. 6.5cm wide 5cm high Sold
  13. 4 pups that are 5cm fat and flowering $60each. One sold 3 left of the 5cm. 2 pups that are 4cm each $50 each I will donate first $60 to SAB server fund raising Can also do a bulk discount
  14. Various sizes for sale. Will post a pic tomorrow
  15. I would love to come mate but I cant this year. Will try for next year