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  1. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    bump!!! meet is on this weekend i will be at the spot fairly early around 10am as i gotta goto the city in the morning. Should be a few peeps at this one def one worth attending. Lets get social and share the love of plants I have some FREE TBM pups some with roots to bring along for the crew
  2. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    meet is on sat at 12pm @ mt cootha spot PM me if you dont know it. hope to see u all there
  3. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    i will bring some home made kombucha and a few cactus cuts to trade. will also bring a few freebies for some newbies
  4. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    meet is on next weekend. def open for a new place to meet up. anyone got any suggestions? PM me
  5. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    wow nice offer mate! not long till the meet. hope to see u all there
  6. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    how is sat May 25th for everyone?
  7. nothing beats fresh cocoa, has many uses too. all done for the moment will have some more soon
  8. hey mate sorry its not that variety
  9. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    lets set a date
  10. PM me with how many you want or with trades. lots of Fresh berries avaliable
  11. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-30/underground-psychedelic-psychotherapy-mdma-lsd/10134044 worth a read
  12. one more to share. I was in Thailand in a National park North of Bangkok with some Thai friends. One of my friends had been practicing meditation for a long time and was showing me how to slow the mind by first walking very slowly. we meditated for a while then continued to walk slowly when i stopped walking I felt really at peace and relaxed as we were doing breathing techniques after stopping walking with closed eyes standing. when i opened my eyes i seen what looked like a flash of multicolored lightening strike right in front of me. I didnt know what to make of it at the time but i think it was a sign of my spiritual progression. I told my friend and he said when you slow and relax the mind you start to really see. There was no substance involved in this experience
  13. my whole life has been a trip lol but there is one experience would like to share tonight. no substance was involved My ex and I visited a friend in the country and we started to drive back home via some back roads at night. it was a summers night and as we were driving back we could see what looked like a patch of mist or fog in front of us just on the road and no where else. it was just enough to cover both lanes of the road. We drove through the mist and it was extremely cold, it chilled me to the bone when we went through it, it lasted around 2 seconds. i looked behind us and the mist hadent even moved after we went through. I said to my ex WTF was that like a spirit or something. I had never seen anything like that before or since... pretty wild
  14. sharxx101

    Meet up: Brisbane

    lets set a date
  15. sharxx101

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    nice cuts mate. is the semi monstrose Sina?