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  1. chief23

    Central Coast meet?

    I might be I havent been to a meet for a while. PM me the details as I dont get on here often anymore.
  2. chief23

    BIG f#%$kin tree

    I love it too, it is truly amazing. I agree, it needs more friends, the old fella looks lonely and out of place all on it's own there. Kinda like something you would see in an art gallery, like ken duncan. You should consider making your 'panoramic' photo a wall print. It will be great to tell the future generations about.
  3. chief23

    Real Life Project Mayhem

    The first rule of..... um, I forget the rest.
  4. chief23

    my garden

    Hi, ho neighbour, Tim.
  5. chief23

    Dangerous drugs used to restrain inmates

    Antipsychotics cause suicidal thoughts.
  6. chief23

    Peter Brock RIP

    R.I.P. Mr Peter Brock, another true Aussie legend gone. He did lots for Animals rights too.
  7. chief23


    That's beautiful, I hope they get looked after / goto good homes.
  8. chief23

    how to handle police

    Im 99.9% certain that if you are driving a car, or even sitting in one with the keys you can be breath tested at anytime. This one I thought everyone knew.
  9. chief23

    Join me in Becoming an Ocean Defender.

    Great work mate, congrats
  10. chief23

    Peaceable Kingdom Online

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but for those that haven't seen Peaceable Kingdom or who want to share it with others it's available here to watch online.
  11. chief23

    The Queensland Lungfish

    I used to go camping on the Mary river with my sister and these fish are amazing, they will surely perish if the valley is flooded. I seen somewhere that the valley will be too shallow for a dam anyway. The fish get my vote.
  12. I'm one already. Greenpeace send emails about twice a month about the threats to our oceans and what practical stuff we can do about it. Go to the link below to sign up as an Ocean Defender and learn more about the campaign (it's free and takes just a minute). http://ctk.greenpeace.org/mgm/en_EZINE10_468095
  13. The beaches of Orissa, India are home to one of the natural wonders of the world. Every year, between November and May, hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley turtles congregate and mate in the coastal waters. But over the last decade instead of the beaches bringing life and a new generation of turtles, the beaches have become a mass graveyard, with over 100,000 washed ashore, dead. http://prefs.greenpeace.org/mail-links/cli....2477958.468095
  14. chief23

    computer problem

    It sounds to me that your chips are not compatible, from my experience you need to ensure all the chips are the same type, i.e. DDR 400. Also some motherboards require that you have a pair of identical chips for each channel. Chief
  15. chief23

    Sydney Meet

    I'll get to one of these eventually! Had some drama's early Saturday morning and didnt get much sleep so I couldnt make it down that way as planned. Chief