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  1. You mean the regular penis plant?
  2. Happy birthday!!!
  3. Was kick ass good to see you again mate!

    1. shruman


      Twas good seeing you again mate I'm sure our paths will cross again all the best to you & yours.

  4. I'll be happy to team up with Toby and take the things he dont want for grafting stock
  5. Thank you everyone. I'm sure there will be some pics up in the next few days as we all arrive back from the camp. Thank you everyone that attended and endured the rain.
  6. Just pm Torsten. He is pretty busy and might not see your post
  7. The woolemi pine idea was a good one. But it seems from local Intel it won't actually grow in that climate.
  8. I'm running out of time to find something. Amz suggested a woolemi pine. What do you all think to that? I can get one local
  9. Yeah im coming to the camp.
  10. I'm looking for suggestions for a tree for Christians memorial. Something big impressive and hard wood. Long lived and native. Or big impressive and long lived hard wood not native but a good shade tree ( good canopy and looses it leaves in winter ideally) Hard mode. I must be able to get one this week
  11. Hahahah yeah i guess they always pee barefoot
  12. yeah ive seen them out peeing in the night while barefoot, thats not really the regular occurance even this time of year. Keep some shoes on i reckon
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum
  14. But totally understood. The work going into one of these events must be huge. I imagine it taking more than a year just to plan and organise