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  1. I'll figure out a plan and make sure I'm there.
  2. I'm pretty sure he will have a bit of a break and be back.
  3. Thanks guys
  4. Stopcock
  5. Hey Stu. What's happening? 

  6. I don't want you to leave. You're an integral part of the community here and valued as a member and friend. I understand you're upset but i need time to read what it's all about and make a proper decision about what to do. These situations have happened before and I've found the best course of action is for me to suspend your account. You dont get any notifications then and cant see the forum.But if you want to come back in a while you can. While that's happening I can review all the posts and decide what to do from there. Generally we do not ever delete accounts. Especially from a member such as yourself that's contributed heaps and heaps of useful and interesting stuff. Pm me if that's not ok.
  7. generally they wont let you have spiky, phallic or psychedelic things in prison. I reckon cactus wouldn't be ok The only hope for his collection is that someone close to him has them under their care or even neglect for a few years
  8. ps. (not slut shaming, being festive)
  9. Ho Ho hooooo
  10. Hello again, how you going?
  11. i would definitely be in
  12. Was kick ass meeting you, i cant wait for the next one

  13. was good to meet you this weekend, thanks for everything 

    1. DiscoStu


      Hey thanks man it was great to meet you in person finally . And thanks for you r generosity . HOpefullyy we can do it again someday 

  14. yeah thats what i meant Thunder. so many lovely souls on this forum