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  1. domide

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Was lovely to meet you all. Thanks for plants as well
  2. domide

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm here now. Haven't been able to locate anybody yet. I'm wearing jeans and a black jumper.
  3. I'm a huge fan of Werner Herzog. If he requested, I would probably eat his boots. I think he is more known for directing documentaries, and I personally prefer his documentaries. His way of connecting with his interviewees is remarkable. It's almost as though they feel they can be completely honest and transparent in his presence. Here is a link to a short documentary about text driving he did recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk1vCqfYpos I'd also recommend watching "Fitzcarrldo" (feature film), "Grizzly Bear" (doco) and "Into the Abyss" (another doco).
  4. domide

    Sunshine Coast meet (QLD)....

    Oh yeah, count me in. The name Bli Bli sold me.
  5. domide

    Orange colouration in seedling media

    Yeh, I microwaved all my containers for about five minutes.
  6. I need some help identifying a potential fungal disease in my cactii seedlings. Last night, I noticed an orange patches in some of my seedling containers and I'm really freaking out. Is this just some weird discolouration of the soil, or do you think this is a sign of disease? The soil media is 100% propagation sand. I have searched similar topics, and found that fungicide or removing the lids to dehydrate the fungus is the best way of preventing further infection. What would you guys recommend when this happens? I'm leaning more towards removing the lids. Thanks in advance
  7. domide

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Weather reports have failed me too many times. I don't trust them 3 days in advance. I've got something important happening tomorrow night, but I'll head down on Saturday morning/noon. Looking forward to it Anybody who wants a lift from Brisbane area on Saturday - send me a PM.
  8. domide

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Yeah, I'm really keen too. Perhaps we should consider somewhere an hour or two drive north of Brisbane to accommodate for the more northern qlder's. Any thoughts on late April?? I'm free until October.. I think I have may have wedding a wedding to attend. Thrilling life I lead
  9. domide

    Pallet furniture

    Fantastic work, lhb2444 I was doing the same when I was back at uni.. no pictures unfortunately. I've made a rat enclosure, a coffee table and a side table from salvaged pallets. I always found them really difficult to break up, especially the hard wood ones and I usually ended up splitting the wood and wasting half the pallet. I've purchased a circular saw now, but I'm too afraid to use it so it sits in my cupboard collecting dust. I could never get the neatness you have in work.. I got pretty lazy after hand sawing for hours. Anyhow, I wanted to say that bamboo is a pretty amazing building material and you can completely forgo the nails and glue. I made this awesome loft bed and teepee with a few ropes, nicely placed cuts and a machette. If you ask and look around you should be easily able to source some free material.
  10. domide

    Earth Freq festival

    Yeah, Shortly. I left early on the Sunday. I really wasn't prepared for the whole three days of socializing. Too many people and too much interaction for my shy little head.
  11. domide

    Meet up: Brisbane

    Bigred - I'm free this Sunday. Count me in your numbers!
  12. domide

    Earth Freq festival

    What a fun party! I was very impressed with the organization this year.. It's really become a huge event over the last few years. It was lovely to run into you, Shortly. I hope you and Obtuse enjoyed the rest of the festival. Hopefully everybody got home safely and quickly. I heard some of the roads got flooded in up there.
  13. domide

    preparing for winter

    Perhaps I should put my own competing advertisement up. For $9mil, I will split your logs - rain, hail or shine and better yet, I don't require any petrol and I will automatically return your logs directly into your fireplace. This must be a mistake. They've already sold seven of these machines.