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    Nature, The Bush, The Beach, Flora and Fauna, Organics, Sustainable Living, & Electronic Music Production :]

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  1. San Rainbow

    Books for sale

    Hey guys, thanks for the interest! books have gone to a new home today. Cheers all
  2. San Rainbow

    Books for sale

    Will let you know tomorrow. Cheers
  3. San Rainbow

    Books for sale

    Hey guys! thanks for your interest in the books! at this stage I might have sold the bundle locally. if it falls over I will be in touch and you guys got first priority on books. Thanks all
  4. San Rainbow

    Books for sale

    Dibbs to Waterboy
  5. San Rainbow

    Books for sale

    Hey all! Downsizing, need to move some books, do the lot for $300 (will sit on this post for a week) or sell separate. Local pick up cool, post at your expense or I can deliver while working, I cover Gold Coast and Byron shire on certain days. Most books like new. if your into music production, synths, drum machines and efx etc let me know also as I might be shifting a bit of vintage and modern gear on another forum soon. thanks for looking The Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants, Ratsch $100 Garden of Eden Snu Voogebreinder $100 Trouts notes on cactus cultivation $5 Peyote and other psychoactive cacti Adam Gottlieb $10 Psilocybin mushroom handbook L.G. Nicholas & Kerry Ogame $15 Mushrooms Demystified, David Arora $20 Salvia Divinorum shamanic plant medicine, Shaahin Cheyene $15 Psychedelics Encyclopedia, Peter Stafford $5 Ecoshamanism Endredy $10 Shamanic Wisdomkepers $5 Plants of the gods $20 San Pedro & related Trichocereus species, Trout $20 Some Simple Tryptamines 2nd Edition $30 Ayahuasca Visions Luna/Amaringo $20 Shroomtalk Mycology may #4 $10 Happy High Herbs $5
  6. San Rainbow

    Any one going to Madigrass @ Nimbin this year

    I have never been to mardigrass, is the po po that full on? fark I would think they might turn a blind eye for one day! I am there for work once a week, it is a very colorful place if you know what I mean... this kind of behavior is day to day life for most locals, give the town some space po po! Is parking much of an issue if you get there relatively early?
  7. San Rainbow

    Any one going to Madigrass @ Nimbin this year

    Would be good to catch a few of you for the seed & plant exchange, missed the SEQ meet this week
  8. Thinking of heading up on Sunday morning, anyone else from here going?
  9. San Rainbow

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    Sounds good mate, I will have to confirm closer to the time, pretty sure wifey has something on that weekend but I think its on Saturday... If I can make it are any of you guys keen on any cacti for trades etc? I will have to cut em before I travel... Psycho0 Preuvians KK?? Bridge monty (dicks) Bridge Pach I would be keen on a flick in the river if it gets rolled to next month
  10. San Rainbow

    se QLD and Nrth NSW meet ups

    I could be in also
  11. Done, feel free to post this on your myco forum mate (lost the link). cheers
  12. Hey mate, I will see if I get any bites to move the lot, if you don't mind waiting a few days or so? I will bundle a deal for jars, lids and extras then. cheers
  13. For myco only people. http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27784 cheers