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  1. Stonehenge

    Long term positive effects

    Actually weed is good for you long term. It's been proven to be good physically but it can take away your motivation if you use too much on a regular basis. Use it wisely
  2. Stonehenge

    Caapi flowering in Northern NSW

    I'm in zone 9 and 2 of my outdoor caapi have been flowering and setting seed the last 2 years. They are about 7 or so years old, one might be 8. They've been through a few freezes and lose a little foliage but bounce right back. I still have some seedlings from last crop of seeds. I'm watching every day for signs of flowering but it'll probably not be until next month. We are at the end of summer going into fall soon. I tossed out a few pounds of caapi cuttings today because one of them was trying to take over everything. They'll do that if given the chance. My other plants like to grow too.
  3. Stonehenge

    dope is nummber 1

    cisumevil, that will no doubt work but i suspect you will get a ton of algae with all that exposed substrate. Just use the standard bubbling bucket or tub. For those new to this, a bubbler is a container usually of at least 5 gallons in size with a hole in the lid for the plant. The plant is usually in a basket of some sort that allows the roots to grow into the water medium below while keeping the stem above water. In the bucket or tub you have an ordinary aquarium bubble stone connected to a cheap air pump. Put the hole for the air tube in through the top to minimize leaks. Works excellently and no used soil to dispose or or to bring in. To get rid of old solution you dump it down the drain or put it on your garden for residual ferts. Works like a charm. shruman, that may well be but i notice they did not quantify the increase in delta 9 or mention if there was an overall increase or decrease. If D9 went up 1% that would be an increase. Normal HID lights and to a lesser degree floros do put out UV. It's a good idea to wear sunglasses while you are working under one of those lights. So if they can use some, it is there. What i object to is saying that adding a special UV light or using just that will help. It will not help, it's been tried many times.
  4. Stonehenge

    dope is nummber 1

    I just want to add that you don't use UV light with pot or with any plant. They can tolerate a certain amount of it but they don't need it or use it. That is one of the many myths surrounding pot cultivation. Other myths include the one about letting the plant hang upside down after harvesting it so that the resin can travel from the roots to the buds. This is based on the false assumption that thc and resin is produced in the roots and travels to the leaves and buds. Not true. Any other myths people have heard? I've heard a few others like stress them out as they get close to harvest to make them more potent.
  5. Stonehenge

    Goji plant

    I put 3 of mine outside and they are alive but haven't shown any growth yet after a few days. It's summer here. They are supposed to like a lot of sun. I don't expect any fruit unless they flower in the fall. I'll probably have to wait until next year. I'm going to keep planting them outside and some day have a whole lot of them to the point i can eat them if not year around, at least during the season. I may dry them and freeze them if i get enough. It's fun to dream.
  6. Stonehenge

    dope is nummber 1

    Good advice from ME and PH. You don't want to prune your plant after it's started to flower and especially after it's late into flowering. Pruning in the veg stage will result in a bushy plant as has been said. Tying down will work well too and has the advantage that you can do this at any stage of growth including late stages. Be careful when bending plants because some are more brittle than others and will break on you. Thin new stems are usually flexible and older thicker stems are the ones most likely to break. Bend them down and hold them in place with twist ties or string. There are variations on this such as the screen of green which is where you use a screen, usually chicken wire with about 6 to 10 cm openings in it. First the plant is topped in veg stage and the screen put over it at the height it was topped. Then as the branches come up they are bent down so they stay under the screen. The shoots that go through are pulled back and the plant is encouraged to spread out over an area of up to close to a square meter. The buds are then allowed to come through the screen and come up which gives the appearance of sog (sea of green) but it's with only one plant per area and maybe a dozen to 3 dozen buds coming up from each plant. In areas with laws regarding the number of plants and severity of punishment, that can help. These tips can help with outdoor gardening to conceal the plants or with indoor gardens to conserve head room. If you are using a closet with minimal room to raise the light, you want to top, tie down and use various tecs to keep them short and bushy. You can tie down multiple times as they grow but don't wait until it's almost up to the limit before you start tying down. Do it well in advance because the plant will grow above and below the tie down point.
  7. Stonehenge

    Goji plant

    I have some of those i'm growing indoors at the moment. They grow fast once they get about 6" tall. Then they take off but more like a vine than a tree.
  8. Stonehenge

    Erythrina Mulungu

    Totally legal and unfortunately not very recreational. It's a relaxant and that's about it. It doesn't even help you get to sleep, or it doesn't for me. The effects seem to carry over into the next day. It can make you woozy so be careful when you drive on it.
  9. Stonehenge

    Growing habits of Caapi seedlings

    That small after 7 months? Something is wrong here. I doubt even more it's caapi after seeing that second pic but it still could be. It should be much larger. It's green, no fert shortages seen, no over watering burn seen. Are you giving it enough light? But that can't be it, it's a mystery.
  10. Stonehenge

    dope is nummber 1

    Planthelper, you are right about avoiding mold. It's far better to do a quick dry than stretch it out and get mold. I will have to respectfully disagree on your assessment of so called "all female" plants. It's a scam and it matters not how low on the plant the male flowers are found. If there is a breeze it can pollenate a lot of seeds. Professional growers usually know to stay away from hermies. If you tend your plants every day there is a chance you can pull the male flowers before they release very much pollen. A chance. If you go away or have too many plants to check every nook and cranny each and every day carefully, then it's nuts to use hermie seeds, which is what they are. Use clones from a plant that was female and not hermie. That is the one and only way to get all female plants. I've heard from people who bought those hermie seeds and got all males. The males may have had a few female flowers. Pot is naturally hermie and the best thing you can do is breed only those plants that have not gone that way. C99 is one breed that never gives hermie females. But sometimes the males go hermie. Since most people don't use the males, it's a preferred strain.
  11. Stonehenge

    Growing habits of Caapi seedlings

    I started a bunch of caapi seedlings several months ago. The plant in the picture does not look a lot like caapi but possibly if it was stunted it might grow like that. I had one out of the whole batch that looked totally different than the others. It had much narrower leaves. I'm saving it to see how it turns out. If it came from a seed that looked like caapi seed, that narrows it down somewhat. Maybe it's that plant we are all looking for?
  12. Stonehenge

    Vaporizer Temps for Herbs

    But how do you get your vaporizer to the proper temps? Do you use a thermometer and how accurate would that be? I'm not paying a grand for a volcano but i do have a heat gun. Seems like that aught to work. Maybe just do it by eye and heat it until vapors come off?
  13. Stonehenge

    dope is nummber 1

    First of all, seeds keep up to 10 years or longer if kept in the fridge. Secondly, you can induce flowering by shortening the day length but no shorter than 12 hours. 12/12 is the normal flowering period. Let the plants grow vegetatively for at least 6 weeks before switching to flower mode. Keep in mind that they will continue to grow taller while flowering so if you have only so much head room in an indoor garden keep that in mind. You can bend down the growing tips and hold them in place with twist ties to keep the tall ones short. Don't cut them when they are flowering but topping plants while in veg is a good idea to produce short stocky plants. Avoid so called all female seeds. They are more properly called all hermy seeds. Hermaphrodites is what they are and you will almost certainly get some male flowers before harvest. Even one male flower can cause serious pollenation and greatly reduce your yield. Use seeds and remove the males or take cuttings from females and use them. A good trick is to take cuttings from all your plants, number them and root them. Then, when you know which are the females and which ones turned out the best, you know which cuttings are the best plants and will turn out to be females. Keep your clones in veg mode and take cuttings from them. They will turn out to be all female. As for curing, chopping, removing leaves and letting them dry in the shade seems to work fine. All that slow cure and lemon peel junk just encourages mold. Speaking of mold, it can be a major problem for growing plants. A spray of ordinary baking soda will keep that down. One teaspoon per gallon of water will do the trick about once a week after they begin flowering. Adding a spreader sticker to the spray is not a bad idea either. Anything else you want to know, just ask.
  14. Stonehenge

    Michael Jackson's beat it

    Lets not say anything bad about the dead. Hitler is dead, lets say something good about him too. He built the autobahn and was never convicted in court of murdering anyone.
  15. Stonehenge

    caapi questions

    Young plants prefer shade but can take full sun as they get older. Freezing will burn them but a mature large plant will just lose some leaves and keep on trucking with a light freeze. My outdoor caapi have taken several freezes and bounce right back. Fert them when the leaves get pale, water when they wilt. It's fairly simple. They like to climb but will grow like a bush. I have one that is about 4 meters x 4 by almost 2 high. Don't get in the middle of it or the branches will wrap around you and you will never be seen again.