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  1. So i chopped down two of my Moringas today, they were my most productive plantings. However they were in a bad spot. The thinking behind this was that it was to close to the house. A family friend, who i don't think knows what the hell he was talking about, said that the roots will bust up your foundation. The tree was so soft to the axe I have to imagine its not damaging to cement foundations. Anyone have any notes on these or experience managing them. I have a ton of seeds an I want to re sow in the right place any advice??
  2. Honestly they are not a problem as long as i am around to wack them back substantially on a regular basis. How ever I am not gong to be here so they have to be moved. Just looking for tips on how well they keep. the sizes I am getting for mature trees seem unrealistic in comparison to most specimens I have encountered. Looking for verification more than anything.
  3. I took the time to take the flowers and the seeds.
  4. funny my post about 4th generation nuclear won't show. ill try again. https://www.ted.com/talks/taylor_wilson_my_radical_plan_for_small_nuclear_fission_reactors
  5. problem is not proof of work its the energy system in its self. Problem with these technologies are not that they don't work but that they eliminate to many jobs and you cant charge someone a good chunk of there monthly earnings if its so dam cheap.
  6. So i mentioned in some other threads that I may be looking to re-purpose a Old computer for use as a mining machine. I am faced with the challenge of picking a good VPN however not knowing much about the subject I need to find a VPN provider that is on there game. Any suggestions either on a provider or a short list for what to look for when shopping for a provider. Or perhaps if I feel really frisky actually setting one up my self.
  7. Cool to see this here. I remember a few tech heads here were involved in the early days. Any chance of getting in contact with a few of them and asking there opinion of where to stick my hard gpu!
  8. Teljkon

    FOSS, Arduino, 3d printer revolution

    hey now dont leave me out of this lol. I actually alerady have my board and compiled the first program that lets you change the frequency of the led blink but thats as far as i have gotten. IRL is always better. I am curious about rasberry pie know as well its interesting how it will hook up directly to a tv and keyboard and yo can program it with just that. I have seen that still it is very cool. If you already know a little linux raspberry pie seems to be the way to go. I really need to find out where he got those valves from.
  9. Teljkon

    FOSS, Arduino, 3d printer revolution

    Arduino has its own forum for help so you can easly get help with that as far as arduino is concerned it all runs on c++. I have some personal projects that i want to explore with arduino arduino is actually very cheap its about 30$ for the chip and all you need a is any computer to program it and a usb port truth is though i dont know much about programming amazon is your friend. Getiing programming books for cheap will help. rasberry pi and arduino seam to be very similar things but pi seems to run of a diffrent base OS so it may serve your purpose better to learn linux then you will know how to run both the pi and a linux computer. Programming a program for linux and then say programming for say a little robot would be very diffrent tasks arduino raspery pi and rep rap though all seem very related since almost half of your interests are not on the software end of things but programming hardware that may be where you want to concentrate. realisticlally your talkng about learning a language one way or the other. The only reason i have not persude arduino at this stage is that i am trying to learn japanese so i decided that one language at a time is enough.
  10. Teljkon

    u colour blind? lol

    I scored 34 but thats on my crapy laptop screen
  11. Teljkon

    Moving to the states

    LMFAO. Dont forget to head across the bay to tacoma and check out the glass meuseum its a great take from what my mother told me. Also seattle has alot of sprawl tons of places to geo cache and alot of places to hash. I know I mentioned hashing on this board in the past but the fact is it is a diffrent culture to it in the states than what ive been told about how it is in OZ. In the states its a bit more about drinking to much and sparking up faties than it is about family grillouts and old codgers. But hey who am I to judge any one likes or dislikes some folks just dont like to run.
  12. Teljkon

    Moving to the states

    LMFAO at some of th shit posted. First off dont worry about being shot your not going to get shot by some random SOB. Keep your animal sense turned on your going to know when some one is predatory or not the toothy grin the bull shit smile its no diffrent than new zealand or OZ. Its just they stop you on the street and go HEY MAN HEY MAN instead of HEY MATE HEY MATE pocky faces greasy looking form not showering. Stay out of run down areas and remember race is still a issue in the states dont go wondering into a area that are all one color and look run down. Follow those rules and chances are your not going to get smacked with any unsolicited violence. American police forces tend to pen violence into one area and let them soften them selfes up. Your very much seperated by one thing the money in your pocket you can be as close to one another as 40 feet and this side is a good nieghborhood that are is not just get to know where its clean and what is not. If you think you could buy drugs on the street and pick up hookers in the area then chances are your in the wrong area. That said wahsington state and Oregon are very progressive common sense comes into play and people are friendly. Smile be polite say hello goodbey show respect to elders yes sir no sir yes mam no mam etc and dont go into polotics and youll be fine. Fact is most people dont really go into that much poltics in buisness life and social life you kinda stay out of it for the most part to keep the wheels of life lubed. there is always a ass hat that wants to suck you into politics dont let them stay out of it. That said I completly disagree with the statment that every thing is a political statment. What you have to realize about the states is its all still highschool. Your still either a Jock or geek or a stoner or freak etc. According to your cliq is what your expected to be politically. Its not that you cant have politcal opinions that differ from where the cliq would stand its just that your expected to pipe down about them and not really defend them if you want to be part of the cliq. Also the country areas of washinton are gourgeouse by the way the native american culture there is amazing if you take the time to investigate it. And the food in that part of the country has great fusion of asian and american influnces unlike any place else in the world. i love the north west i spent allot of time up there with the grand father and i love it. That said the country parts washington are huge into bible thumping man i mean thumping like no tomorrow on the good book. there are more bible versus on the side of the road there than any place i have ever been. So many in fact that you probably dont need ot own a copy of the bible you could just drive around and read the whole dam thing. Mt rinere is awsome best beer in the world right know is coming out of portland and washington. I jelous good luck man I am actually thinking about moving up that way my self.
  13. Teljkon

    Ask the person below you

    Id return it i have morals. would you hack dick chainies pace maker and turn it off??
  14. Teljkon

    Post a random picture thread

    You and your dad share that chick eeeewww thats really wierd man. No really mand Im glad you and he are so close and shes kinda hot. I know I know im a cunt but some had to say it.
  15. Teljkon

    What's in an avatar?

    mine is symbol awarded for a level in the mages guild from the game oblivion elders scroll. I really enjoyed the look of it so i used it. I am so happy rahli changed his i hated that dam thing. Dont know why I hated it so much but it just bugged me.
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    And sit on my face while she rides me.
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    vascular inscindiary
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    I cant seem to find any info on Sceletium Joubertii. Im still a little confused about Sceletium though Ive read that its a sedative when smoked, dose this hold true for all sceletium or just sceletium tortousum. Also while searching the site i found a intresting bit about Sceletium Emarcidum not reacting to black lights and im to ignorant to understand what this means in terms of Ethnobotany could somone pleas explaine this to me pm me if need be. Im really up in the air about what type to cultivate know.
  19. Teljkon

    new forum software

    How do you like the forum software as a mod so far Torsten. I am currently constructing my second site and am seriously thinking about implementing this software on my forum Of all the forum types I have used I like this one the best so far Not sure I am crazy about the new look but I like the new feel if that makes sense at all. Would you recommend other web masters use this Software on their site. PS. Not a big fan of the new pic for your avatar BTW. I get a off vibe from the thing IDK.
  20. yeah but the boxes are fairly basic no my be a waste of cash.
  21. how did this shape up for you ballzac.
  22. Teljkon

    Nikon Cameras - Question on cameras and lenses

    I can only tell you from experience that I use a nikon 40 dx I belive is the proper name for it and this lense. http://www.amazon.co...24060460&sr=8-1 It pulls double duty for me as a regular lens and a up close or macro lens & macro it great for doing plants. http://bythom.com/lensacronyms.htm Other than that to contribute I am a complete noob. I would not be able to tell you the difference between the platforms but with cameras it is like cars the more you spend the more you get.
  23. Trying to figure out own mmany chambers inside 6 spheres that are centered around a point. I tried rendering this in google sketch up but the best I could do was five any one of the math wizes out there have a way to figure this out. The result was 20 if my count is correct with the addition of one more sphere how many would you have.
  24. Teljkon

    So who else 'Rims?

    I agree with some of what you said bulls on parade but I have a rule about this so that I don't become introverted. I always will take a chance to socialize over a chance to play a game any day. there have been a few times I wanted to go home and play as apposed to hanging out with friends but I make my self turn it off if there is a social event. It helps to have people I enjoy spending time with too I think that was allot of my problem as a youngster I had poor choices in friends.
  25. Teljkon

    So who else 'Rims?

    almost 100 black smith mid 90's at this point and mid 80's for enchanting. every thing elese is around the 30's to 40's except for 1 handed block not using shields and not using single handed swords so i could care less. Kinda up agianst a wall though I am starting to get my azz handed to me cause my battle skills are so spread out.