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    Free bridgesii and pc Brisbane

    I'm keen too, will pm you
  2. I can take time off in April, I hope to be there too
  3. OpticalLight

    Meet up: Brisbane

    I'm keen too, been awhile since I've been to a Bris meet
  4. OpticalLight

    H1 bridgesii Cuttings For Sale

    Yes please, pm'd
  5. OpticalLight

    EGA early bird ticket

    See you all soon!
  6. OpticalLight

    EGA early bird ticket

    Yay!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
  7. OpticalLight

    EGA early bird ticket

    I bought an early bird ticket to ega too but it's gotten lost in the mail... My ticket was in Brisbane but I'm in Sydney atm so my mum express posted it to me last week, but the wrong address was written on it and I haven't been able to track it down.... I'd love the the ticket!! Will definitely pass the ticket on if my ticket shows up!
  8. OpticalLight

    EGA early bird ticket

    I'll take it if no one else has already!!
  9. I haven't started a topic in quite awhile....... but I have to bitch about the cat eating my baby loph!!!! errrrghhhhhhh!!!! Granted it was only tiny, probably only 1.5 cm in diameter; but it was cute :'( The cat ate my baby! ......or else it dug it up, mauled it; and then hid it. asshole cat. okay lol / end rant
  10. OpticalLight

    think your life is bad?

    .....petting a cat can lower peoples blood pressure.....often increase happiness.... and decrease stress.......
  11. OpticalLight


    Happy Belated Birthday TI!
  12. OpticalLight

    Brisbane meet, Saturday August 25th

    Far more hygienic..... Care to elaborate...?
  13. OpticalLight

    Amsterdam Coffeeshops - Any suggestions?

    Hi Seth, I went to Amsterdam in 2008... so a little while ago now, but from a quick search on the interwebz it looks like my fav places are still up and running My favourite coffee shop was Abraxas - http://amsterdam.abraxas.tv/locations.html - really nice atmosphere. Not really sure about the status of smart shops and the like now, I went over there in early - mid 2008 when mushies were still really easy to come by. Heard it's gotten stricter/possibly not legal anymore? http://www.whatsupwithamsterdam.com/2011/05/20/amsterdam-smart-shops/ If you want a bit of a change from staying directly in the city, the Lucky Lake Hostel is a relaxing stay. The Hostel is cruisy, most of their accom is renovated caravans; think they have some cabins as well. There's a smoking room in the middle of all the cabins too. The staff run a shuttle bus to Amsterdam Holendrect station, where you can catch the train into the city. The red light district is an eye opener and worth a wander through. Not sure how appropriate this is for a honeymoon... but a lot of the tourists go and check out the live sex shows. Anywho.. if the two of you do decide to take a look, when you walk past the places offering the shows the door staff will try and offer you special deals etc to make you buy tickets on the spot. There's no rush though, you can usually haggle them down when you walk past again; but try and go with one of the well known bigger places as they will be more tourist and woman friendly. The sex show that I went to was pretty funny, it was quite dramatised and light hearted. There is also a sex museum somewhere around that area - for something less in your face. Speaking of in your face, not sure if they still have them there, but look out for the public public urinals beside the bridges. They're literally urinals on the street, without any walls surrounding the urinals! The Van Gogh museum is worth a visit, and the Anne Frank house/museum is surreal. Hope you have a good trip!
  14. OpticalLight

    Introducing myself as well.

    Thought my ears were burning Thanks Amazonian, I think I was in a pretty humorous mood when I wrote this Hiya gnome82
  15. OpticalLight

    Introducing myself as well.

    Hello, I've tried to un-lurk before and it didn't really go as planned. ---> So it seems befitting for me to introduce myself again seeing as it's been that long between my posts. I've been here for a little while, and I do have an opinion; so I might as well exercise it a bit. I've recently had a life re-assessment of sorts; now I know who I am, and have no idea who I am, at the same time. It's quite exhilarating. I enjoy gardening. I have a number of plants. I am fanatical over them. At the moment I live in Brisbane where I find the weather to be unbelievably enjoyable. The weather right now is perfect. It's not even cold. I'm currently on a break from working, which is what I need at least for the next month. I've also recently decided to finish the degree which I started years ago - that should be interesting. I am actually quite sane, (would a sane person say that)... and I am pleased to meet you. Optical
  16. OpticalLight


    Happy belated birthday greetings guys and gals
  17. You have a different opinion to me. I guess what I see unnecessary is that they're classed as a pet in Australia. Then again so are some rabbits, chickens and ducks. Maybe those guinea pigs were just happy to have been getting food. Anyway, I was just trying to relay some info from which one of the guinea pig societies defines as being the best possible way to keep pet guinea pigs.
  18. Although I don't condone the eating of guinea pigs in Australia, specifically, because I think it is un necessary; people are gonna to do what they gonna do. So, remember to tell your friend to house and feed their guinea pigs ethically if they do decide to go through with this. Diet One cup a day of vegetables/ per pig, with at least one vegetable being something that is high is vitamin c - guinea pigs, like humans; cannot make vitmin c. Capsicum is particularly high in vitamin c. Hay, unlimited amounts; this is necessary to keep their back teeth filed and ground down. Lucerne hay should be avoided as this is too high in calcium, and can lead to bowel problems in guinea pigs in the long run. A good guinea pig mix, or pellet mix. Guinea pig mixes bought in chain store supermarkets are crap. Pet barn has a good mix apparently. The Oxbrow company make the best food you can buy for the guinea pigs, but it is expensive. Up to them - guess if they're going to be consuming them they might want them to be nutritionally sound. Fresh water They need a big fucking cage for their well being - I can't stress this enough. They need to at least be kept in pairs, they are very social creatures. Clean bedding needs to be provided that is relatively soft for them to walk on, and changed regularly. If guinea pigs are fed and housed correctly, the pigs will "pop-corn". Pop-corning is when a guinea pig does a little jump into the air with a little spasm occurring at the same time. It's not having a fit, it's expressing that it is happy and in high spirits. Here's a link regarding what type of cages are adequate to house a guinea pig happily and healthily. http://www.australia...carehousing.htm editted - cas it's your friend wanting to do this, not you
  19. Try learning, try to believe. Learn, believe.

  20. OpticalLight

    Cancer treatment

    Goodness, this makes me think twice about wanting to work outdoors! I generally always wear a long sleeved shirt/suncream and a hat when I work, but I think I've been a bit slack with the hat and long sleeved shirt wearing the past week. I'm going to make sure I always wear sun protection from now on!
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    Happy popping out of a vagina day!
  22. OpticalLight

    the greatest achievement of my life

    Oooo that's fast, 85 seconds on expert! So that was in 2010? Are you speeds still up to scratch, today?
  23. OpticalLight

    Oberon sub zero camp

    I wants to go.
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    Mr Hands (aka Kenneth Pinyan)
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    a horse