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  1. Lupus

    Raflesia arnoldii

    Hi all, First I would like to say that although it would be nice to be able to say that I have a Rafflesia arnoldii in my collection, my main concern is for the plant. I have been doing a lot of research on parasitic plants, and will soon be experimenting with cultivating different varietys of mistletoe (and yes, I do know it is not the same). Once I make contact with someone that has access to the plant I will be able to get more information on the plant itself, hopefully more information on it's germination. I am also trying to locate a source to aquire the species of Tetrastigma that is native to the malaysian rainforest where this plant grows. My hope is to discover a way to get Rafflesia arnoldii to grow on another variety of Tetrastigma, and possibly some of it's cousins the grapes. I realize that this is not something to rush into blindly, and I am not going to be aquireing seed anytime soon. I am planing on ecoscaping some of my property and hopefully naturalizing some species of Tetrastigma. It will be quite some time before I can say I am ready to attempt this but at least I am making a start. And by the way, I think that protecting the environment is a global issue (for it is the globe we are trying to protect). The US government isn't perfect, belive me I am the first to admit that. But I must say that with the amount of agencies and people from around the world who care about these islands, it dosn't come down to the US governments irresponsibility alone, but also the irresposibility of the people who say they care. If the rest of the world screamed loud enough the US government would eventually change their ways. (Even if it is just for appearences, the end result is the same.) I must reply to this that, as stated above, my first priority is to learn as much as I can about this plant as soon as I make contact with someone with access to, and information on, this plant. Thank you everyone for your replys so far, this has turned out to be a rather interesting thread to read I do hope it dosn't end with this post. --Lupus.
  2. Lupus

    Raflesia arnoldii

    Thanks for the info Torsten . What university am I looking for? UNIMAS (University of Malaysia Sarawak)? -Lupus.
  3. Lupus

    Raflesia arnoldii

    I wasn't implying that someone should collect seed for me from the National Park, I was just explaining the area that it grows in. Anyway, from what I have read I doubt that anyone could collect from the park. (They are rather protective of their plants.) BTW- I totally agree with your point reville . I think people should collect as much seed from their area as can, within reason, and make it available to all. It's the best way to make sure we don't lose anymore plant species.
  4. Lupus

    Raflesia arnoldii

    Does anyone have contacts in Sarawak, Malaysia? The flower Rafflesia arnoldii grows in Gunung Gading National Park in Sarawak. If anyone has contacts in Malaysia could you see if you could get them to collect some seeds? BTW- I found a supplier for Tetrastigma plants. www.worldplants.com/
  5. Lupus

    Raflesia arnoldii

    I am currently trying to locate seeds for Raflesia arnoldii, and it's host vine Tetrastigma. I have had no luck anywhere else so I was hoping someone here could help me locate it. --Much Thanks, Lupus.
  6. Lupus

    Joshua trees..

    Could anyone give me some pointers on germinating my cholla seeds?
  7. Lupus

    Joshua trees..

    Thank you all for your posts I am absolutely shocked. Last sunday I put 5 Joshua tree seeds in water, and by tuesday afternoon I had 100% germination! So on wednesday I put 6 seeds in water and all but two have sprouted! BTW, the seeds I started on sunday already have roots around 3 cm. Everything I have read on growing Joshua Trees from seed says it will take at least 1 month to germinate (one site even said 12 months). This is extremely viable seed! [This message has been edited by Lupus (edited 11 November 2000).]
  8. Lupus

    Joshua trees..

    On a recent trip to the desert I collected some Joshua tree seeds, but I have been unable to find any good information on growing them. Any info would be helpful. --Lupus. P.S. I also collected seeds for a cactus called a "Screaming Pig Cactus"?? or "Jumping Cholla(?)/Choya(?)"?. I can't seem to find the real name, any ideas?
  9. Lupus


    I recently moved and I have been researching the plants growing wild on my property. I have a type of nightshade growing that is either Solanum americanum or Solanum douglasii. Does anyone have any info on either of these plants?
  10. Lupus

    alstonia scholaris

    I know nothing about this plant but I found this site to contain some interesting information. http://www.modern-natural.com/alstonia_scholaris.htm
  11. Lupus

    Pitcher Sage?

    On a walk through the mountains in my area I recently discovered some Pitcher Sage (Salvia spathacea) growing wild. I haven't collected any seeds or plants as of yet, for I would like to know something about it first. If anyone has any information it would help. Has anyone experimented with it? [This message has been edited by Lupus (edited 24 October 2000).]
  12. Lupus

    Tree Tobacco

    This plant contains a whole lot of anabasine. I have heard that anabasine might not be safe, is this true.
  13. Lupus

    Tree Tobacco

    I recently discovered that I have Tree Tobacco (Nicotiana glauca) growing wild on my property, but I have no idea how it is used (if it is used). I was able to find the main chemical constituients, but don't have the books to look up effets and uses. The constituents are: Alkaloids; fruit-12,000ppm; Leaf-11,000ppm Anabasine; Nicotine; Nornicotine; Rutin; Leaf-12,000-21,000ppm; If anyone knows uses or effets I would appreciate the info. ---Thanks, Lupus
  14. Lupus


    Is there a good way to convert the HCN(g) to HCN(l)?(Making HCN acid, much safer than gas). What I mean here is that I would pass the gas that is evolved through a condenser and keep it seperate from the other liquid. I read that HCN is a liquid at somewhere around 26 deg.C. I would then dissolve in water to convert to HCN acid. You've already extracted the alkaloids into the acidic solution, so at this stage you can chuck the solids and work with the liquid. So, how would I continue from here. Is it clean enough to use or should I try adding more acid to get it to react more and evolve more gas? should the liquid be dried into a gum/powder? BTW, how would I use the end result? I have studied chemistry and alchemy for some time but it has all been theoretical until now. So I am kind of new to the practice of doing plant extractions. [This message has been edited by Lupus (edited 18 October 2000).]
  15. Lupus

    San Pedro?

    I live in the central San Joaquin Valley, where just about anything grows. The summer temps normally hit a high of about 115 deg. F and the winters can hit a low of about 17 deg. F. I was hoping to just plant out on the property, eventually naturalize. Do you think it would get too cold? Maybe grow out indoors and when more mature and hardy slowly harden off to the extremes?