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  1. I've been meaning to do this for a while now....there is always room for improvement. Feel free to add your suggestions. First of all you need spawn. Spawn is basically decent amounts of mycellium colonised material. To get enough spawn together I place stem butts between layers of damp corrugated cardboard. After a few weeks the mycellium travels off the stem butts and onto the cardboard. The cardboard is then added to a bag with woodchips, sawdust, bits of hessian and smaller bits of cardboard (you can use hessian sacks or green bags...no need to be air tight but will need to be kept damp). The mycellium will then travel to the other materials. You can keep adding more and more and transferring colonised bits to other bags to increase the amount of spawn you have. The more spawn the better and it's always good to have several bags or hessian sacks full of woodchips colonising in the background whilst you go about life. Once you have some spawn you can start a patch. I chose an area that gets lots of shade and also gets a lot of organic leaf matter naturally throughout the year. next i covered the area with layers of hessian, some sawdust and pieces of cardboard that i had laying around. it's pretty rough but i don't think it really matters overall how even everything is. i then added colonised bits of cardboard, woodchip and hessian. some i placed upside down and others i placed facing up. i didn't have huge amounts of spawn so i mixed it around as best as i could in different areas. ideally you would have bags and bags of colonised materials and you could spread it evenly. this way will still work it will just take longer to fully colonise the area. i then added a layer of eucalypt mulch and a layer of pine bark mulch on top. this mix isn't set in stone and there are a range of different mulches you can use. i just happened to buy these two. this is what it looked like once the top layer of mulch was added: keep watering it over summer and checking every now and again to make sure the bottom layers aren't drying up. cross your fingers and wait till next season for fruits!!
  2. Hi These acacia seedlings are about three months old. Mix of courtii and acuminata. Great germination rates and all looking good until a few of them mysteriously started to wilt and shrivel and have since died off (and removed). I'm used to losing a few throughout the growing process but these were looking great and can't help but think they should have survived if I'd done something different. Also concerned it may happen to the rest of the seedlings. Any ideas? I'm in Central Australia so it's been nice and warm. They get morning sun and are watered a very tiny bit each day and misted a bit in the afternoon if it's particularly hot. Cheers!
  3. holymountain

    Help with Acacia Seedlings - Acuminata and Courtii

    Well just an update... I spoke with the local nursery here and was recommended copper sulfate as an anti fungal treatment. They guy who runs it is pretty knowledgeable about growing acacia so I applied it to the plants - it is hard to say if it helped, certainly the ones that were already droopy did not recover - but they were probably too far gone. Many others are seeming to thrive - but they looked like they were thriving anyway so who knows. I've always ended up losing lots of seedlings out of batches of seed I've planted, so I guess it's just the way it goes. But here's some pics of previous success stories of acuminata - these ones are around 13 months old and looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Of course, the praying mantis love them. Hopefully this new lot of seedlings can match them one day. Keep growing everyone!
  4. holymountain

    Help with Acacia Seedlings - Acuminata and Courtii

    Thanks Glaukus, we definitely get curly grubs here, found a bunch in the compost the other day, but just checked some of the seedlings pots and nothing in there. Soil wasn't wet either which I thought might be an issue.
  5. holymountain

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    Would love some if you still have them left. Will also send a PM. Cheers!
  6. holymountain

    my new ethno garden

    so after having to move my garden from my last rented location i did what any self respecting plant enthusiast does. i went and took it all to mum and dads. it's still in its early stages but i'm just glad to have some stuff in the ground and in a permament location. give it a few years and it's going to be awesome. once again most of these plants were given or sold to me by other members of the forum. thanks everyone for their generosity and helpfulness without which my garden might not exist. acacia maidenii an acacia maidenii i had planted a few years earlier acacia obtusifolia acacia acuminata mimosa hostillis various cacti and just a reminder of that massive cactus up the road from my folks place. it really is a monster but i'm doing my best to cut it down to size.
  7. holymountain

    my new ethno garden

    Cappi and acacia didn't make it unfortunately, bit tough for them - everything was pretty much left on its own to survive the whole time as I moved interstate. Cactus were left alone - no special soil or fertilisers, I did manage the occasional pruning here and there and managed to collect seeds the last two years - no idea who pollinated who - but they've been viable and growing into nice little seedlings. Actually, if roughly five or six people wanted a mixed lot of seeds just send a PM and I'll send some out free.
  8. holymountain

    my new ethno garden

    Not sure why, but I thought I'd go back in time and find this old thread I started. When I read the last post by Shoomey Goodness' I realised I had to make some updates. Well believe it or not, it's nearly been ten years. So, shroomey goodness and everyone else, here's what things look like ten years later (and after two years of drought and no rain). I'd do it all over again if I could. Big thanks to everyone from back in the day who helped a newbie out with a cutting or two. I hope I've given back in some way. P.S Any id's would be appreciated. I lost that info a long time ago.
  9. holymountain

    Darwin NT members?

    Not sure about Darwin, but might know one or two around Central Australia. I'll be in touch.
  10. holymountain

    Acacia talk.

    Fantastic talk, need more voices like this one. Well done.
  11. holymountain

    PC Pach

    They should be okay, just leave them out to dry a bit before planting. The mold often occurs from the plants perspiring in their postal packaging, making things moist. Leave them somewhere dry with fresh air and they will be fine. I guess if the green flesh turns black and goes soft then you'll probably have to chop the rotting part off, but it looks unlikely that that will happen. It does look like PC as well.
  12. holymountain

    Books for sale

    Hey, great books, I'd take the issues of the Entheogen Review if they are still around. Cheers. PM'd.
  13. holymountain

    Giveaway - bulk rue seeds

    Nice one Alchemica. I'm deeply grateful for the corroboree community I've been a part of. It's been life changing that's for sure. I'm grateful for the friends I've made, the knowledge I've gained and most of all for the sharing and caring spirit that goes on here. Man, the original Oberon camping trip, what a gift that was! When I first started out I had little to give but much to learn, now it's nice to be on the other end and being able to gift things onwards is just as joyous as it is to have things given. There's no other community I know of where the spirit of giving and sharing is so central. I'm also grateful for nature and it's wonders. I love how you can take a cutting of something, share it with someone else and then see the plant you took the cutting from grow even bigger as a result. Cheers.
  14. If you got the spare cash, I can't recommend the books from http://scarletimprint.com/ enough. Fantastic independent publishers who are doing great work bringing old traditions to light and not afraid to criticise and reevaluate traditions. Here is an excerpt from one of their titles 'Apocalyptic Witchcraft', it's a manifesto of sorts but it really resonates with the times we find ourselves in. If the land is poisoned then witchcraft must respond. It is not our way of life, it is life itself which is under threat. Witchcraft is our intimate connection to the web of life. We are Witchcraft. Our World has forever changed. The trodden paths no longer correspond. Witchcraft thrives in this liminal, lunar, trackless realm. We are storm, fire and flood. We will not be denied. Witchcraft is the recourse of the dispossessed, the powerless, the hungry and the abused. It gives heart and tongue to stones and tress. It wears the rough skin of beasts. It turns on a civilisation that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. If you have no price you cannot be bought. If you do not want you cannot be bribed. If you are not frightened you cannot be controlled. Witchcraft is folk magic, the magic of the people and for the people. We call an end to the pretence of respectability. We will not disarm ourselves. The War is upon us. Choose then to become a Mask. Those with nothing left to lose will dare all. There is one Witchcraft under many names. There is one Grand Sabbat on one mountain. There are many ways to fly. There is no witness present at the Sabbat. Witchcraft is a force, not an order. Witchcraft is rhizomatic, not hierarchic. Witchcraft defies organisation, not meaning. We simply bear the marks. Witchcraft is power and possesses this in ekstasis, sex and ordeal. Witchcraft is unbridled sexuality. In witchcraft it is the woman who initiates. We challenge man to be the equal of this woman. Witchcraft is the art of inversion. Witchcraft is the beaut which is terror. Witchcraft is a myth, which drawing on the past, clothes itself in the symbols of (its) time. Witchcraft does not mistake myths for history, it harnesses them to transform the future. Witchcraft knows the ground upon which it stands. Witchcraft honours the spirits. Witchcraft enchants for the lost. Witchcraft will not forget. Witchcraft embodies our ancestors and saints, they carry us with them. To Her is offered the blood, to use the care of the ask and bones. The example we follow is our own. The practice of witchcraft is one of revolution and of the power of woman. The Goddess who speaks through us is known among men as Babalon. Witchcraft concerns itself with mystery. Through the gates of mystery we come to knowledge. Knowledge enters us through the body. The highest form of this knowledge is Love. Every drop of blood is sacrificed to the grail. Love cannot be bought with any other coin. We seek and drink this wine together. Will is finite, passion infinitely renewed. Witchcraft is present, its is ensanguined and vivified. Witchcraft is prescient, it gazes on the future. Witchcraft is oracular, it will not hold its tongue. Our time has come.
  15. holymountain

    Oberon sub zero camp

    just wanted to say that my heart sings this time of year... though I'm up here in the dry, dry desert my thoughts always return to oberon when things cool off. glad to see the annual pilgrimage is still taking place and glad to see many of the forefathers who went on the original camp are still going along. damn, i really, really miss that place. have a great time everyone, look after each other and the land and watch out for the gnomes, goblins and reindeers that pop up from time to time.
  16. holymountain

    Happy birthday incognito

    Bit late sorry but happy birthday buddy!
  17. holymountain

    Need a new job - any ideas

    Just relocated to alice springs and left behind a stressful, corporate job that required me to give most of my time and energy to something I didn't care about one bit. Have been looking at disability support roles here as there seems to be lots of them and even the thought of doing it gets me emotional, so I'd imagine its a very rewarding job. Here's to no longer contributing to the big machine and doing something useful for others!
  18. holymountain

    Metalheads Unite

    Here are some of my all time favourite metal albums. Most of them lean toward spiritual influences which is what I think I like about them. They might take a few listens to sink in but it's worth it. Absu- Absu - Mythological Occult Metal. Very impressive. Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse- A masterpiece. Will take you into icy forests and dark castles. A classic. Liturgy- Asthethica- A recent album that pushes black metal into some new territory. Very positive and up-lifiting but not cheesy. Guardian Alien- See The World Given To A One Love Entity - One track album. It's beautiful. The drumming is mind blowing. Perfect for journeys. The drummer is big on psychedelic states, Robert Anton Wilson, Stanislav Grof etc. He apparently received the album title and artwork in a vision he had while meditating! Tool- Aenima - A classic that brought sensitive, deep thinking spirituality to metal and definitely influenced me to check out Bill Hicks, Crowley and psychedelia etc. Sleep- Dopesmoker - One track, 54 minutes or so. Hypnotic and trance inducing. Probably the heaviest album on the list, but not aggressive or angry. Om- God is Good- Just bass and drums and very deep lyrically. Steve Albini produced it. Think Pink Floyd's 'Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun' set in Egypt. SunO)))- Altar- Slow and heavy stuff. The last track 'Alice' is stunning, takes you to other worlds. Mastadon- Crack The Skye- An epic prog and classic rock influenced concept album about out of body journeys. And then of course there's the classics which are pretty much mandatory: Black Sabbath- Paranoid, Masters of Reality, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Slayer- Reign in Blood, Hell Awaits Metallica- Master of Puppets, Ride The Lightning Death- Scream Bloody Gore Also, check out the youtube doco 'One Man Metal' which features Australia's own Striborg. Focuses on three artists who write and record everything themselves in isolation. Very interesting, disturbing characters, especially Striborg who moved to Tasmania to get away from everyone and focus on music. Enjoy!
  19. holymountain

    Purple Cacti

    So I received a bunch of beautiful seedlings from a fellow forum member here and planted them out about 2 months ago at my parents place. When I went to visit I found that some of them had gone from lovely green to a strange purple colour. They don't seem to be rotting and I've never seen anything like this before. Any ideas?
  20. holymountain

    spiralling salvia growth

    very, very cool. thanks for sharing!
  21. Been a while since I posted on here, but thought that this was definitely worth sharing. I was visiting my folks house in the country a few weeks ago and though I grew up in that town, somehow I never noticed this one house with an epic cactus garden. I left a note on the door about my interest in cactus plants and asked if I could come around one day and have a look at the garden. I got a phone call and was told I was most welcome. A little old lady and her husband had been collecting cactus plants for the last thirty or forty years. They'd gotten most of their plants from a mail order company in South Australia. They were kind enough to give me a bunch of cuttings of all sorts of different types. I returned the favour the next day with a small box of different trich cuttings, which I have no doubt they'll look after and hopefully will one day be as big as the scops they've got all around their place. Note- would have been very easy to just break off some branches in the middle of the night, but that's just not the way to do things. In my experience 100% of the people I've approached for cuttings have been very generous and in one case told me I could take the whole thing. It's always better to ask permission, trade some cuttings of your own if you have them and develop a relationship with the owners, who knows, maybe one day they'll say I can have the lot. Anyway... thought I'd share some pics. I got a cutting of the massive scop, it's already taken root and looks like it will flower soon too. Remind me in a year or two and I'd be happy to send out cuttings or seeds if anyone is interested.
  22. holymountain

    Happy Birthday Incognito

    Bit late, but you know I love you still. Happy Birthday buddy!
  23. holymountain

    Sydney subs

    Duffamn, that is just awesome to hear. Good vibes and blessings from the MycoGods yesterday it seems... Just to top it off, a few hours after posting my reply I got a message from a friend asking if i could come and investigate a suspicious patch for him. For the last year I'd been giving him similar advice to what I gave above. He'd been checking out all the places near his work etc, getting frustrated, sending me pictures of lookalikes etc...Just last week I'd said...'next time you speak with the mushroom, ask it to help you find a patch, ask to work with it'....So he picks me up from a train station and shows me this area he has found in some parklands. Sure enough it's crawling with subs, giant old king subs and hundreds of tiny pins popping up everywhere. Probably the biggest patch I've seen. When I confirm that these are indeed the subs he has been searching for, he jumps for joy and laughs like a little kid. Can't top the feeling of seeing hundreds of subs, it turns you to jelly. Turns out just last weekend he had asked the mushroom for assistance. Sure enough, the mushroom followed through. Bonus lesson in karma: Feeling sorry for this friend I had offered him that day to take him to my patch just to show him what they look like in the flesh so that he could get a better understanding of locations and appearances and so he could succesfully identify them if he did come across a patch. I debated weather I should show him the patch for a while before thinking 'fuck it, it's more important that he learns'...so I made the offer but instead, he takes me to HIS patch and it's loaded. Very fun experience with enough coincidences and moral lessons and humour to know it was all set up by the MycoGods. PS. I know the pic is a touch blurry but just for kicks see how many you can count. This was only one section of a massive area.
  24. holymountain

    Sydney subs

    Hey Duffman. Keep looking, they are definitely out there. I have heard of them being found in the western suburbs, been told by a real live person, not just on the internet...so don't despair! In my experience, you have to get amongst it for the whole of the season every year. You need to be possessed with a hunger and desire that makes your friends laugh and your spouse get frustrated! You need to be dreaming of them, you need to be talking to them, making deals with them. 'If I find a massive patch, I promise to ensure that the spores are spread far and wide and that the land is protected and kept clean, I promise to work with the mycellium and spread it to new areas'. They love it when you offer something back. They'll start messing with you and popping up in all sorts of awkward situations, testing to see if you've got what it takes to reach your hand through that fence or duck off from a group of friends like a dog chasing a scent. You need to take walks through areas two or three times a week. One day it's empty, the next it might be full of fruit. You can't make any hard observations unless you are thorough. It helps to keep notes of the weather, the date, amount of rain etc. That way next year, you can compare. Some areas don't really start taking off until July. Some at the start of June. It's rare to find many before June in Sydney, though you might come across a couple of early flushers. It's not unheard of to discover a new patch every year by taking as many walks as you can to different areas that you suspect may have potential. It's all about observing as much as you can and then drawing conclusions based on what you've found. After a couple of seasons you'll be an expert. Keep an eye out for disturbance of woodchips. It could mean there is a patch, but other visitors might be aware of it's gifts. Keep your eyes peeled for all woodchipped areas and be thorough in your searches. I know of one park with hundreds of trees that are mulched around the base. Out of a hundred trees or so, there is only one where subs grow. If you do find a place, look after it, love it, clean up the rubbish and protect it. There is nothing worse than visiting a patch and finding someone has dumped a bucket of BBQ grease and oil all over it. Keep searching! edit: also, In my experience, subs in surburban or urban areas are mainly found in woodchip mulch beds. Have gone on many bushwalks and not found any. They seem to be around areas where people are, normally on the edges of things rather than in the centre. Hope that helps, might save you hours of going on bush walks when they might be growing in the car park all along.
  25. holymountain

    Eucalyptus mulch vs Pine forest

    Yesterday afternoon I observed a local patch in the city. The mulched area had a few of the larger, thicker type subs growing, similar to those observed over the last three years at the same patch. However, walking around the area, I noticed that there were now several scattered subs growing in the grass nearby. These subs all displayed the characteristics of bush subs, much smaller, thinner and pointier caps. Previous years there had been no subs outside of one woodchip patch. Hard to say without a microscope, but I'd imagine they are the same species and that it's the woodchips that account for the differences in size, strength and colour.