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    smelling accacias

    obtusifolia's dried & fallen leaves, soak up moisture from the soil, as they ferment and decompose, definitely exude the smell you're looking for. same with courtii just must more apparent / potent. never found that with simplex, strangely.
  2. you have done spectacularly well. I just wanted to add .... courtii ... from seed .... I had planted them directly into the ground (after boiling water treatment and swelling) into what was essentially bamboo chip mulch on top of red volcanic soil in northern rivers NSW. never had a problem with them. just keep wood ash well away or they'll die.
  3. bio

    Help with acacia cultivation needed!!

    hello. what can i do for an over pot-ashed courtii? all leaves have died, but scratching the wood is still green. thankyou.
  4. MMS (sodium chorite) & 50% citric acid. oxidizes the fk out of them. helps to have nascent iodine in your diet too.
  5. I say a complanata with a gradiant from red - to - green - to - blue in the phyllode. the answer I got was ...."test it" ... from one extraordinary helpful chap. shrug. they're pretty tho
  6. triphala is very good for the gut, anything like chrone's it can pretty much take care of.
  7. infowars' newest product is licoriche and star anise .... for fungal / mould / candida. maybe so called depression is just parasites and mycos' using us all to take a big dump.
  8. bio

    the smell of A. courtii

    A branch broke off an Acacia courtii during some rain. pulled it down and left it in a tree. It had already died and semi dried. Every time I walk past the tree the branch now hangs in, I'm greeted by that beautiful smell acacias have become known for. It seems to have fermented some, giving off that indole ish smell. live harvested shade dried stuff does not seem to have too much of that smell. but fermented courtii must pack a punch if I can smell it just walking past it. any one had similar experience? thankyall!
  9. bio

    the smell of A. courtii

    they were born from seed where they stand in bamboo chip mulch, which had a lot of blue shrooms in it, thankyou Winter. Not chopped anything. need to tho, if you want a tree you can sit under. they droop all the way to the ground from as high as they can. Most acacias don't look nice, and you wouldn't really want to sit under one. this one is the exception. Please everyone grow this tree.
  10. bio

    the smell of A. courtii

    easily 3 meters tall probably 4. maybe 18 months old. stem and leaves that have fermented as they dried smell like dmt. and I can smell it when it rains too. they look like they will be a lovely weeping willow acacia. I just want to capture the smell for a black soap.
  11. bio

    Aya vine in compost ?

    you first.
  12. bio

    Aya vine in compost ?

    this was twigs and leaves. here was a jar of caapi once upon a time ... left too long, fermented, with the smell of those lolly-bananas / a sickly sweet beer? it glowed ninja turtle wax bottle green under a small UV light from a 3v lipo torch from ebay And here i was thinking harmalas glow bright orange. coz they do ;) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Portable-CREE-UV-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Purple-Light-395nm-Ultraviolet-Lamp-YC-/222435989358?hash=item33ca37d76e:g:pNcAAOSwXeJYEcW8
  13. bio

    Aya vine in compost ?

    suggest getting yourself a nice little black-light-torch from ebay ... fermented caapi goes fluoresces ninja turtle green.
  14. bio

    Alkaloids and black wattle

    this is probably resurrecting a really old thread, but any black wattle search in google eventually turns up this thread. soooo.... given this thread was started in 2010 ... and it's 2015 now? so we know which wattle that "black wattle" changa was made from?? conurrens, decurrens, melanoxylon or meansrii, or other? im sure the internet would love to put this one to rest. thankyou folks!
  15. hello. can alkaloids be obtained from pyrolysis / dry distillation? could it better / easier than a STB or A/B extract? having seen the way folks make birch bark tar, struck me perhaps the same could be done with acacia, and refining a crude extract. does anyone one if this is feesable, worthwhile, possible etc ;) thankyou. ps im not a chemist ;) Cheers! ps: murika ... vote Basiago 2016
  16. ha! cheers Pat Uri ;) equipment would have just be a metal tin .... go look at how bush folks make birch bark tar ~ its awesome. on the other hand, I'd wondered if the black goop would contain the dmt smell. how nice would a black dmt soap be ;) ... but I digress. god bless the chemists ^_^ cheers!
  17. thankyou very much for the comprehensive answer, Alice. Much appreciated.
  18. bio

    Acacia Courtii Seeds

    very interested to know how folks did with this acacia. what kind of soil did you use? (red soil, potting mix) did you use ash? did you inoculate it with Rhizobia bacteria? thankyou all very much.
  19. these are coming up everywhere in my bamboo mulch. can someone here please ID them for me please? much appreciated! cheers. they're gimungus .... big as a dinner plate. chocolate dark brown gills ... probably black print... the overlapping ones should show that. thanks again.
  20. bio

    ID please? :)

    may I have an ID on this please? and are they edible / (psilocybin?) thank you!!!!
  21. are these ones edible / magic? I've new flushes of them everywhere.
  22. growing in bamboo chip mulch. have no idea where there spores came from ... maybe from the arborist's wood chipper. but the gift of the blue meanies has been nice please, what are these brown ones that look just like the pans? thankyou all very much. *** this mulch pile is first eucalyptus chip with then had bamboo chip poured on top. pile is about 5 months old now, fruiting blue meanies for about a month now. these brown ones are new. *** it has been raining, but I have also been watering wherever I find fruiting sections with an endo & ecto mychorrizah, humic acid and bacteria as a pre-bought mix from biostim.com.au. in a bucket with an airstone and some of the black myro rich mulch. thought it would help to know the wheres and hows of the bamboo thing. you guys had said these were dung loving caps. thanks again hey! ***
  23. bio

    truffle & hosts

    thank you very much! I think I may end up with fagus sylvatica pendula ... closest to that beautiful contorted beech I've found so far.
  24. im looking for fagacea natul tortuosa .... it's European Beech Fagus sylvatica 'Tortuosa' twisted / dwarf / common Beech. found from the film "The Fountain" that presented this tree as Fagacea natul tortuosa. I am having difficulty locating the seeds or th plant to purchase online. so, i was hoping I might find some help amongst the great minds of SAB ^_^ thanks again thank you all so very much. may actually be listed as simply: Fagus tortuosa