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  1. Psylocke

    What is this evil looking thing?

    I think your cactus has an STD
  2. Psylocke

    Home wart removal

    I had a bunch on one hand a few years ago. Tried and tried with the store bought salicylic acid crap, but they always came back. My doctor told me to try duck tape. I put duck tape on my hand every night for two or three weeks and they just shrank up and disappeared. Never came back. Not nearly as gruesome as some of your stories, but if you want something painless that works...
  3. Psylocke

    Take 20mins of your life to watch this

    Check out Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan's podcast. Number 360, 417, and 551 feature Hancock and number 725 is Hancock with Randal Carlson. All 4 are absolute must listen material. I'd recommend listening to 725 first. You can find it on YouTube.
  4. Psylocke

    bad but good

    I have a friend who owns a ranch with some cattle in Texas. In the dry season they have a flame thrower that they use to burn the thorns off of the prickly pear (opuntia) so that the cows can have a nice snack. They love it. I doubt that was the case here though. Although cattle feasting on a large stand of trichs could get interesting.
  5. Psylocke

    4-ribbed bridgesii thread - pics welcome

    Great thread! I call this one Aldous. It was grown from herbalistics seed.
  6. Love the TBM reverts! They very much remind me of a bridgesi I have that was grown from herbalistics seed.
  7. Psylocke

    Calamus- an analgesic stimulant

    I tried chewing some fresh rhizome once. Probably about 10g and swallowed it after chewing it all up. The taste was extremely overwhelming and upset my stomach for hours afterwards. I noticed no stimulant or any other psychoactive effects. I believe this was the American variety. Definitely not worth it IMHO.
  8. Psylocke

    damiana seed

    I am in the US, so not much help for most of you but I have been in contact with a nursery owner in far South Texas where there are wild populations of damiana. He has agreed to collect some and propagate it for distribution to some friends here in the states. Currently, he has only one plant, but is in the process of rooting cuttings. Hopefully we will finally be able to grow this plant here soon.
  9. Psylocke

    Nook Gone?

    Hopefully the admins have a backup of the database. My guess is that the database got corrupted. It may just need to be restored from backup. It would be a real travesty if the nook was gone for good.
  10. Psylocke

    Obtusifolia seed giveaway

    I bet those babies would thrive in my climate. Number 2??
  11. Psylocke

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    I would love giving them a go if it's not too late!
  12. Psylocke

    ID number-2 please

    Cereus repandus aka peruvian apple cactus.
  13. Psylocke

    What are the shamanic medicines for PTSD please?

    Ayahuasca is your friend