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  1. Teotzlcoatl

    Psychoactive Animals!

    Great info Seldom! Thank you!
  2. I wonder if these plants will ever get investigated. Due to me traveling a lot I can't keep these plants like I used to!
  3. Teotzlcoatl

    Psychoactive Flora & Fungi

    I will update this list again soon!
  4. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    Let me know if you ever try it!
  5. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    Awesome! Have you tried preparing it into a drink? Or growing it?
  6. Teotzlcoatl

    "Sacred Holly" ~ The Ilex Genus

    I am really interested in finding Ilex kudingcha seeds.... but this seems very difficult.
  7. Teotzlcoatl

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    Beautiful plant! I wonder if it's still around out there?
  8. Teotzlcoatl

    Is this site dying out ?

    that's true discostu it is one of the only aussie sites, i just think its the best so id like to see it active and widely known!
  9. Teotzlcoatl

    Is this site dying out ?

    ya maybe make it slightly less Aussiestraliocentric (:P)? to me this is the best ethnobotany forum online... what do y'all think? if it's not this one then which?
  10. Teotzlcoatl

    Is this site dying out ?

    sounds like a decent idea
  11. Why is it called " var. mammillaris"?
  12. Teotzlcoatl

    Deleting albums

    ive got a gallery i want to delete too, how do i do it?
  13. Teotzlcoatl

    Excerpts on Pituri

    I find this plant extremely interesting! Any idea if I could obtain seeds? I would like to grow it and make a snuff out of it.
  14. Teotzlcoatl

    Favourite Ethnobotany related books?

    "One River" is my favorite book of all time! Anything by Wade Davis is good and his two books about the Haitian zombie is pretty interesting. Also Snu's "Garden of Eden" is top notch! "ethnobotany evolution of a discipline" is another favorite.
  15. Teotzlcoatl

    Best books/authors for psychic adventures

    Nice thread! <3