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  1. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    lol, not likely
  2. uarewotueat

    Tricho & Lopho on Pere

    that's some mad pupping you got going on there you should bevel the edges of your columnar stocks in future.
  3. uarewotueat

    Wintering Cacti in Coldhouse

    teo, your lophs will be absolutely fine down to 4c and lower, go to www.lophophora.blogspot.com and have a trawl through it... he has kept his lophs in an unheated greenhouse for the past few years with temps as low as -4c without any problems... i still have some living outdoors now, temps have been as low as 2c - 3c recently.
  4. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    still going strong incase anyone was wondering a wee bit scarred from bug attacks but otherwise ok, you'll notice the appearance of green on the tubercles, fresh growth is still bright white. these pics are about 3 months old btw.
  5. uarewotueat

    Algae in my loph pots

    algae isnt fungus, hence fungicide wont do anything to prevent its growth... if u have algal growth the growing medium is probably over wet and recieving too much light. either way algae wont hurt your seedlings...
  6. uarewotueat

    2007-8 Grafting Comp poll

    im definately in... if anyone is short of seed, PM me and i might be able to help ya out
  7. uarewotueat

    Propagating Crested T.Pachanoi?

    oh and back to the point of the thread... i propagate via small cuttings... they have always rooted up for me... i cant bring myself to chop big chunks off my babies
  8. uarewotueat

    Propagating Crested T.Pachanoi?

    u guys need to partake in some smuggling activities... look at wot u are missing out on... sorry
  9. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    ive spent many an hour drooling over the funky coloured loph cultivars on mushmush
  10. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    anyone germinating loph seeds should have some pereskiopsis at hand... just incase anything interesting should pop up! those snow white seedlings dont last long on their own, so if u get one dont hang about, graft it asap some more porn for ya... variegated diffusa's.
  11. uarewotueat

    TBM variants

    those are the same plant as "hulks dick" IMO
  12. uarewotueat

    TBM variants

    sorry to drag up an old topic... but "hulks dick" from the original post is mine
  13. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    unfortunately the orignal graft on pereskiopsis has bit the dust (root rot) but fortunately i did manage to clone it before that happened... sorry about the quality of the last pics, my camera was stolen... well ive had some shit luck this year, so i feel blessed to have this little fellow around hope u enjoyed the show!
  14. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    to be continued...
  15. uarewotueat

    Lophophora Fricii "Liz"

    well im new in these parts, but ive been lurking this forum for quite a while while i lurked i saw one or two posts about achlorophylous (albino) lophophora seedlings... so i thought id show u all wot happens when u get one succesfully grafted... this was the first graft i ever did... "Liz" was grafted at end of january this year... if your a nook member u will probably have seen this already... it stalled for 9 weeks before any growth was obvious... to be continued...