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  1. Zen Peddler

    Lactuca virosa experience

    I recently started a medication that is an acetylcholine-esterase inhibitor. As soon as i started taking it I recognised the feeling as being very similar to Lactuca virosa. Infact its almost identical although longer lived. So perhaps that is why I noticed the effects of Lactuca virosa so prominently - because I actually needed a medication to increase acetylcholine activity because of an autoimmune illness. Lactuca virosa is reputed to contain both this inhibitor and an adenosine agonist. I think the former is more potent than the later from my experiences because the effects of a wild lettuce extract are very similar to the effects of my new medication. Would be good for glaucoma as well.
  2. Zen Peddler

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    Tell me why this might be a bad idea. Employment? Property prices?
  3. Zen Peddler

    Cordyceps gunnii

    My neighbour yanked a few of these out of the ground - complete with mummified caterpillar! Coolness...
  4. Zen Peddler

    king stropharia primordia on agar

    Bit of a surprise when i inspected a few plates of an sra strain ive been isolating from a wild print from British Columbia: and some weird stuff:
  5. Zen Peddler

    Armillaria luteobubalina - an ok edible

    Hi - with the weird weather patterns it appears we've had lots of Agaricus, boletes early and now lots of these guys: Boiled for ten minutes, sliced and then cooked quickly on a super-hot pan:
  6. Zen Peddler

    wanted to buy/trade edible fungi spore print/culture pack

    Dude I normally sell some but I had a recent mite infestation and all I have is white oysters and Lepista sordida at the moment.
  7. Zen Peddler

    Armillaria luteobubalina - an ok edible

    Hi I think it was an oak stump
  8. Zen Peddler

    Sublilacina porn

    We got the DNA back on these guys - turns out they are Lepista sordida which obviously also grows native in Australia. And confirmed edible.
  9. Zen Peddler

    Sublilacina porn

    Looks like I worked out the fruiting strain: At the risk of sounding like a capitalist (believe me Im not) we will be selling cultures of this strain shortly so I can pay some bills ;)
  10. Xanthoderma and other phenol-containing Agaricus stain yellow that fades as its oxidised within half an hour. Yellow staining in other Agaricus (usually almond-smelling species) does not fade.
  11. Zen Peddler

    Stimulant ideas/discussion

    Having considered this in more detail i think daffy does little for me because i use stimulants to increase my blood pressure (which it doesnt seem to). therefore for me it was pretty useless.
  12. Zen Peddler

    Outrunning Trichoderma when isolating from the wild?

    what works for me is h202 and sub culturing on agar plates. Every other technique is hit and miss,
  13. Zen Peddler

    Birch Boletes and other boletes

    Last but not least a shaggy parasol:
  14. Zen Peddler

    Birch Boletes and other boletes

    We had a burst of rain and then its been super dry - so only really boletes and a few Macrolepiota clelandii up and about: Suillus granulatus Agaricus augustus:
  15. Zen Peddler

    Birch Boletes and other boletes

    Macrolepiota clelandii Phlebopus marginatus And a nasty one - Amanita phalloides:
  16. Zen Peddler

    Sublilacina porn

    Hi thanks darklight. Like sweat or floral.
  17. Zen Peddler

    Sublilacina porn

    Although i think i prefer nuda flavour wise
  18. Zen Peddler

    Sublilacina porn

    Yeah thanks dude i was excited
  19. Zen Peddler

    Sublilacina porn

    Flavour can only described as bizarre even by Lepista / blewit standards.
  20. Zen Peddler

    Mimzy has learned the hard way.

    Mites hatched out of a wild clone once and contaminated my entire collection in two days littke buggars are bad news
  21. Zen Peddler

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

    Not really. I was going to try indoors with compost and manure and I think this might work better. Ive noticed that it didnt fruit off the rye grass seed but rather from surrounding hardwood chips so that might be worth a shot as well
  22. Zen Peddler

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

    Here are some pics of Lepista sublilacina's (an aussie native edible) bizarre but pretty mycelium including photos of me stupidly spawning unsterilised grass seed that germinated (my bad):
  23. Zen Peddler

    DNA results for wild picked oyster/Pleurotus species

    If you want to get cheap DNA sequences pop me a pm btw.
  24. Hi thought this may be of interest. A bright blue species of Pleurotus that I found in the Dandenong Ranges turned out to be a feral Pleurotus ostreatus. Pretty cool to think that oysters are quite literally out there, wild and edible:
  25. Careful of those shaggies - according to DNA our shaggy parasols may be a little different to those found elsewhere. Some eat them fine, but some projectile vomit