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  1. Indeed best of luck with this venture. The group in the yarra ranges that have been innoculating and selling similar have run into some real issues with poor yields and other problems. They hired a soil scientist thinking poor or different soil factors or microbes might be a player but now think that some mycorrhizal species may rely on other mycorrhizae inhabiting the same host tree to thrive. Basically a concert of symbiotic organisms rather than just a tree and one passenger. No idea if this has been validated by science or if there are published papers supporting it. Im with NSF on a major preference for Boletus edulis or chant innoculated trees ;)
  2. Zen Peddler

    Rye Grass Seed or Rye Grain in Brisbane

    I use rye grass seed mainly because i can get a trailerload if the stuff for dirt cheap off a mate.
  3. Hi folks - anyone got a decent culture of either of these? can pay or trade - cheers!!
  4. Zen Peddler

    Chasing Pleurotus djamor and Calocybe indica

    Hi mate - im pretty sorted for the djamor now but thanks for getting back to me
  5. Zen Peddler

    Morels South West

    Ive been trying to sell native morels from north east vic to a number of chefs in Melbourne and most of them tell me they are too tasteless. Wonder if WA bad boys are better value flavour wise?
  6. Zen Peddler

    Stimulant use for ADHD sufferers.

    When i was uni someone gave me dexies to help me study and I went to sleep twenty minutes later. Years later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune problem that lowers my blood pressure and when its bad the only things that help are vasoconstrictors which boost my BP. Whether my reaction was because of this being latent or because i kinda had ADHD I dont really know. But I never had any ADHD symptoms then although I do a bit now days (well i find it impossible to concentrate in noisy environments or when people are talking to me). A good friend of mine has definate ADHD to the point where on ritalin he is currently studying medicine when previously he couldnt pass first year humanities. However this guy told me that caffeine worked for about 20 minutes and then he'd get a pronounced crash with worsening symptoms. When he had trouble sleeping he used to drink coffee! The science is all about dopamine (the theory of normalising dopamine levels/release/transmission/uptake or turning off dopamine transporters that are running backwards depending on who you believe)
  7. Angiotensin II receptor inhibitors like Losartan can profoundly increase nitric oxide synthesis both eNOS and nNOS. Maritime Pine bark also can do this.
  8. Zen Peddler

    G'day from S.E. Queensland

    cool thread and welcome dude.
  9. Zen Peddler

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    So is Townsville a bit of a shithole? I hear its pretty conservative?
  10. Zen Peddler

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    Yeah something to.think about
  11. Zen Peddler

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    haha this is gold!!
  12. Zen Peddler

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    And as for mushrooms - cultivation wise the three best candidates I have taste wise are SRAs, Lepista sublilacina and Piopinno which all actually struggle with the cold down in Melb. Cold weather mushrooms are generally slow growing. Also garden wise because of the cold here it can take a carrot 12 months to mature!
  13. Zen Peddler

    i have a sudden urge to move to FNQ

    Thanks for the replies everyone. My thought processes for considering this change are as follows: 1. I have no doubt now that a warmer climate - tropical or dry hot - considerably improves a shity health condition I have that while not being major can make like a real drag especially in the cold months. Also because its autoimmune the extra vitamin D would make it far less likely that my kids might develop it if they carry the gene. 2. We live in the hills and its very dark and wet here in winter. I wouldnt say its depressing as such but during the winter Melb in general can be a hard place to motivate oneself in the morning and I love outdoor activities but im fucking sick of being cold all the time when i go out to do anything. It makes me feel like shit for some reason. 3. I want to get away from the city office job trap semi-death thing. Ive been working a well paid job for a long time and although I am good at it, it just feels like im killing time until retirement or something. it pays very well but with 40 hours a week plus a 40 minute commute there and back it feels like a lot of my life is travelling, working, travelling, eating, sleeping and then im back. Problem is that I have no idea how people survive on less than fulltime hours - even with reasonable pay and frugallity we struggle to survive here on a single income. Bills just get higher and higher. 4. I hope that if I worked in Cairns or Townsville or somehwere similar I would have less of a commute, more time / weather in the day to be active antrd just a slower pace of life. Here in melbourne i just feel like we are always at 100 miles an hour to try and catch up on life inbetween just commuting and working. Maybe i just need a break from working or something. I dunno... Im not depressed - far from it. I feel like after a recent holiday in FNQ my batteries have been recharged and i wasnt even that aware they needed it.
  14. Zen Peddler

    Capsaicin / Chilli peppers synergy with other drugs

    Ive been experimenting with chillis in large doses as i was curious about the sweating and nasal passage opening effects. I like jalapenos.
  15. Zen Peddler

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    Hey dude give me a week or two and turkey is no problem
  16. Zen Peddler

    Sry for my absence and some finds from today

    Basically none. Most collected to eat are introduced species. Obviously picking in nat park is probably a no no
  17. Zen Peddler

    Sry for my absence and some finds from today

    Yum id buy some off you if u still had some?
  18. Zen Peddler

    Sry for my absence and some finds from today

    Did u work out a good way to store them longer term?
  19. Zen Peddler

    Sry for my absence and some finds from today

    Yeah inthink hedgehogs are my fav now
  20. Zen Peddler

    Sry for my absence and some finds from today

    Looks like a big olr native bolete
  21. Zen Peddler

    Sry for my absence and some finds from today

    Gday mate. What did u think of the hedgehogs? Just found these recently myself and i was blown away by their flavour. Really one of my favs and they tend to pop up in similar spots to native chants ive noticed.
  22. Zen Peddler

    King Oysters

    Yeah those will often break out of spawn jars if left too long
  23. Yeah there are several characteristics that look right on to me as well.
  24. Zen Peddler

    Edibles ID check please

    They are better than luteus in my opinion but I rarely eat Suillus.