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  1. Apparently the season has started everywhere but victoria
  2. Zen Peddler

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

    I managed to fruit this critter although at the most ridiculous time of the year so dry conditions aborted the first flush. Hoping some rain will change the size haha:
  3. Zen Peddler

    does any one have any spawn/cultures of mushrooms

    Gday mate - I have plates of a tested strain of King Stropharia and im working on my spawn, a commercial white oyster strain and a feral blue oyster that is very impressive and colonises very quickly, Lepista sublilacina, Calocybe indica, Turkey Tail if you are interested. In terms of what I grow at home its mainly piopinno to be honest because it tastes so damn awesome although kind strophs are growing on me.
  4. Zen Peddler

    DNA results for wild picked oyster/Pleurotus species

    Hi mate thanks for the response. Yes there are a few feral oysters around. A white and pink species up around Brisbane and Northern NSW seems pretty close to djamor and there was a brown one I found in the Yarra ranges that I guessed was australis. The local ones around here always seem blue. Results were the DNA sequence was 99% similar to American ostreatus and about 96% close to a similar oyster species - it was quite different from australis and Alan Rockefeller stated flat out that it was ostreatus.
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    Yes very sad news and an awesome bloke.
  6. Zen Peddler

    Getting the vibe- mushroom IDs needed

    First two look like an Agaricus species, Volvariella 4-6th, some weird Gym in pic 7 and 8, a very old Laccaria or what used to be called Stropharia aurantiaca in pic 9, unknown pic 10 and 11, 12 and 13 are quite old so hard to tell but I would guess a Pluteus species, last one is Lactarius - possibly clarkeae.
  7. Zen Peddler

    Getting the vibe- mushroom IDs needed

    Im not seeing a Gymnopus or an Agrocybe. Gymnopus are very similar to Collybia - brittle white-gilled caps. Agrocybes can be large but are usually smallish (praecox, etc) and nearly always have a persistent veil.
  8. Zen Peddler

    ID-found growing in fern from Bunnings

    My guess would be Psilocybe alutecea or something weird. Could be a sub but it has a number of unusual characteristics based on that one photo. Examination of the cystidia under a microscope might be more helpful although DNA is better.
  9. Zen Peddler

    Pinning in pf jars before full coloniZation

    Might have happened for a number of reasons. Poor strain genetics, presence of a competing contaminant, etc.
  10. Zen Peddler

    Anyone home? Cultures

    I had a shaggy culture but it was annoying to transfer after a while so I turfed it.
  11. Zen Peddler

    Legality of growing commercial strains of mushrooms

    I know that Stamets makes purchasers sign an agreement that they will not onsell his genetics although I have also been told that some of his strains dont perform that well. Agaricus may be a different kettle of fish and ive heard all sorts of stories about that and I dont know what to believe. v My main question would be how someone proves you have willfully stolen their isolate?
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    Btw ocassionally i can be a drunken bogan ;) But earthcore is just a corporatised music festival now - well its been that for years. Everything can be good if you tell yourself hard enough that it is but im not a good self bullshitter. some awesome small events all the time. No 300 person line for the dunnies.
  13. Zen Peddler

    Craigslist cruisin'

    I am told.there are a few rip offs on their in Melb.
  14. Zen Peddler

    Craigslist cruisin'

    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/drug-dealers-are-using-website-craigslist-to-openly-buy-and-sell-drugs/news-story/8e9a4c38432bb890a84f79788c7bd24b Drug dealers are using website Craigslist to openly buy and sell drugs DRUG dealers and users are operating in full view of police by using a popular website to openly buy and sell drugs. Classifieds website Craigslist has been turned into Victoria’s version of Silk Rd for online drug dealing. Criminals are also getting in on the act, with one seller offering counterfeit bank notes including UK pounds, US dollars, euros, and UAE dirham. An example of drugs for sale on website Craigslist Requests for weapons and protection have also been made. Melbourne’s Craigslist featured more than 150 postings about accessing or selling illegal drugs last month, including cannabis, cocaine, and methamphetamines. The growing virtual marketplace contains requests hidden in street slang such as “420” and “Mary” for cannabis, “looking for Gina” for GHB, “looking for Lucy” for LSD, and “Keta” for the dangerous horse tranquilliser Ketamine. Drug requests are usually accompanied with a preferred pick-up location and the price the buyer is willing to pay. “Trying to find my good friend Gina with no luck if anyone knows where she is let me know ASAP!!” one user wrote. Some brazen sellers leave mobile numbers for customers to place orders while the more secretive use message service Wickr to exchange messages. An example of drugs for sale on website craigslist The Herald Sun contacted one dealer advertising on Craigslist, called Michael, who said he could supply our reporter with cannabis in just three minutes. He said a bag of cannabis would cost $300, $200 for a half, and $120 for a quarter. “I’ve been advertising on Craigslist for about three months, I just sell cannabis, I don’t touch the hard stuff,” he said. “I have a lot of cancer ­patients, stuff like that. “I also get a lot of backpackers who don’t know the area, but they know Craigslist.” Cyber-safety campaigner and former Victoria Police officer Susan McLean said police were not doing enough to pursue criminal activity online. “Craigslist has been around for more than 10 years and it has always had a seedy underbelly,” she said. “I’m sure police will tell you that they monitor it but they are well behind the eight ball, to be honest. People are openly using this site because they believe they can get away with it.” Australian Crime Commission executive director Judith Lind said the internet had ­created a global market for ­illicit commodities. “The availability of illicit substances via online marketplaces, and the relative ease with which they can be purchased, has changed the traditional user-dealer relationship and resulted in a broad supply base,” she said. Victoria Police spokeswoman Melissa Search said police were aware of dark websites selling illegal items online. “If offences are detected police will investigate and prosecute accordingly,” she said. Silk Road was an online black market, best known as a platform for selling illegal drugs before the FBI shut it down in 2013.
  15. Zen Peddler

    Craigslist cruisin'

    I know that mate - do a search for glory hole
  16. Zen Peddler

    Abuse Of Power In Ceremonies That Use Psychoactive Substances

    years ago (somewhere near 2002) I saw a dude suddenly basically instigate sexual activity with a girl whose boyfriend was also present but tripping absolute balls and unable to express his feelings about the advances. Eight of us all sat in a circle wondering how the hell we deal with this sudden surprise development while all cresting on the rise of an old mate called getafix. Ouch!!!
  17. Zen Peddler

    Rum give away

    Rum with any colour - world of morning pain; rum that is like water - drink to your heart's content.
  18. Zen Peddler


    They still earthcore? How do people get over the repugnance of the yobbos drinking beer? Or the total commercialisation of the event?
  19. Interesting point NSF - imagine there are porcini innoculated trees around Vic jut waiting to reach a certain point of maturity or other point that initiates the fruiting. My dream...
  20. Zen Peddler

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

    Hey Mimzy - these are all from a few spore streaks I cleaned up a while back. Most of the strains were surprisingly aggressive compared to nuda and other Lepista Ive had a go at. Im guessingd these strains must be about 3-4 months old now and ive run them on quite a few different substrates: agaricus compost, rye grass seed, sawdust, manure (my wife loves this one being pc'd) and a coir mix. It seems to like all the substrates. Most have been placed out in outdoor patches but I have a few simple indoor trays with peat casing (like the one above). It pins on agar so Im hoping it will be a cracker. Rumoured to be superior in taste to lepista nuda so cant wait to find out.
  21. Excellent. I think Ferret and a few others are playing with seedlings under sterile conditions although in those cases its for completely different applications. Really look forward to seeing how you go.
  22. Zen Peddler

    King Stropharia fruiting in spring

    It looks kinda close -Its an edible species - Stropharia rugosoannulata.
  23. Zen Peddler

    King Stropharia fruiting in spring

    Coupla springtime King Stropharia in outer east Melbourne - colonised wood chips buried there in May:
  24. Zen Peddler

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

  25. Zen Peddler

    Lepista sublilacina purple mycelium

    Thanks yeah it looks like a pretty awesome species. I have four outdoor patches in now and some other experiments - seems to be going ok indoors as well in a simple shotgun: