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  1. Having had several paranormal experiences in my life Ive learnt that these things seem to occur in specific locations. As an example a lot of friends hired a house at Phillip Island - my partner and I saw a UFO the first and second night there, while others had poltergeist experiences in the house (i know which one id prefer) and I also heard whsipering in the place when no one was there. Either its some kind of weird-arse portal - or more likely - the area has rather strange electro magnetism that sets off the temporal lobe and the subconscious does the rest..
  2. Zen Peddler

    Not 'stones' fruit!

    Not only do tamps produce fruits, but they are the most potent you can grow indoors.
  3. Zen Peddler

    Mushroom potency

    Ps.subaeruginosa is quite similar to Ps.cyanescens and their potency is indeed comparable. But their potency given their small stature is a lot stronger than cubies,