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  1. Hagakure

    Anyone else like the Joe Rogan Experience?

    i'm a big fan. would recommend checking out some of the rest of that scene's podcasts. Duncan Trussel Family Hour, Ari Schaffir's Skeptic Tank and most the stuff on Deathsquad. Podcasts are a fascinating format. Conversations are long and intense so you can really get to see how someone thinks which is fascinating and beneficial when devloping the way that you want to think.
  2. Hagakure

    Chilli seed germination guide

    cheers for the post. rekon ill try the soaking in tea next time. have been meaning to try warm water, have heard someone mention before to plant seeds like you are putting them to bed. tuck em in nice and warm.
  3. Hagakure

    Post pictures of your garden insects!

    Anyone know what that bit sticking out is? eggs?
  4. Hagakure

    Edible mushroom forraging in adelaide

    yep, that's the one. awesome. was curious about that but had no idea how to search for it. cheers.
  5. Hagakure

    Edible mushroom forraging in adelaide

    awesome. thanks heaps tripsis, great list. we found one that looked similar to the Laccocephalum mylittae picture on this page. http://healing-mushrooms.net/archives/laccocephalum-mylittae.html was round and black but instead of the white flesh like the one in that pic it was dark purple/black and had ripple patterns in white. similar species perhaps? wish i had pic but phone was out of juice. cheers again.
  6. sup all been interested in starting to collect some edible mushrooms. have found a lot of species in pine plantations and would like to try eating some but finding it hard to find some solid information like just a list of edible mushrooms. did some forum searching and going to try some slippery jacks and hopefully porcini from adelaide hills. have heard there are milk caps around but not sure what type of subspecies to look for in SA. any other types of mushrooms to try? keen to try strange tasting weird ones as long as they aren't deadly. any other relevant info on the subject would be great. cheers
  7. hello I thought I would comment on your page because no one ever does on mine. :) I hope you are having a fine day and that some time you re visit the sab forum.

    much love


  8. Hagakure

    Making a documentary - Last Tibetan Shamans of Nepal

    sounds awesome. how are you going to approach it in regards to yourself or westerners on camera? those peyote and iboga documentaries were quite good IMHO as the main white dude in each approached the people in a respectful manner and also were interesting enough to add to the story themselves. the alternative is to always be behind the camera and interview them and get the subtitles put on later which can also be very good and feel more like you are stepping into their world rather than watching someone else step into their world.
  9. might be helpful if they collect all the arsenic into their cells. then you could have the stuff growing in contaminated water or whatever than scoop the cells and junk em.
  10. oh yeah and cycle - i got a dvd of chi gong movements. is crazy, after doing some of these exercises you hold your hands together palm facing and its like you have two magnets pushing themselves away from each other. feels crazy and is meant to be the feeling of chi moving through you. more than the novelty though the exercises are meant to be very good for you. now if only i actually kept at some of this stuff instead of spending so much time in front of computer screen...
  11. depends on your definition of chi. some translations you can read like breath or air. opening up chi pathways is oxygenating your body. but its much more than this as well. can mean the enrgy that exists in everything as well. im saying yes to the question cause whatever energies that fit the description that do exist, do exist, therefore at least some types of chi exist. perhaps not the kung fu chi blasts in cartoons but hey, you cant have it all.
  12. yeah i dont mind a bit of dubstep. i cant listen to a lot of it though. its very much a once in a while thing.
  13. Hagakure

    Small Town Ecstasy

    i watched this one. not what i expected but pretty interesting to see. how accurate is that brain scan business at the end though?
  14. Hagakure

    Small Town Ecstasy

    there are torrents available cant find any with a lot of seeders though
  15. Hagakure

    What happens when you die?

    reminds me of a joke "I want to die peacefully in my sleep just like my grandpa, not yelling and screaming like the passengers in his car."