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  1. theobromos

    what is/are the active chemicals in Leonotis nepetifolia ?

    Try the different spellings of nepetaefolia?
  2. theobromos

    Vego kids unethical ?

    Back to the theme of the post, this will be the report referred to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4282257.stm This is a simple case of stupid or malicious scientists (in the US ARS) inferring a general result from malnourished African children - not the children of vegans in developed countries. I cannot recommend a diet of just corn and beans for children, though this should easily provide sufficient protein. I would recommend a fully varied diet with green leafy veg, fruits, tubers, oils and yeast extract and all sorts of stuff. Some supplementation of B12 and D would be ideal. "The 544 children studied had been raised on diets chiefly consisting of starchy, low-nutrition corn and bean staples lacking these micronutrients. This meant they were already malnourished." And Hitler didn't have the willpower to be vegetarian, though his doctors insisted that he should be, in case anyone brings up that blatant lie again. Sorry for the pause in your lack of service. Normal lack of service will be resumed.
  3. theobromos

    name help please ...

    The saints Pedro and Isidro and the god Soma for males. Carl Hemp was the female plant, confusedly. Hickory sounds a bit like hikuri. Artemis may be a popular name again in the future. And to cap it all, Liberty.
  4. theobromos

    Gnomes and Buzz powder

    The safety of sceletium and the individual alkaloids is completely unknown except that many people have taken it and WE KNOW of no deaths related to its use. Forensic scientists may have (or develop off the cuff) methods to find the sceletium alkaloids in corpses but may not bother unless there is some other clue - such as a green filled nose? With the effective dose at the single milligramme level it would be a tricky one to find after death. There is one paper on PubMed for "mesembrine" which is not about synthetic chemistry. That one paper is a review of traditional medical uses from 1996. Nothing else. The claimed MAOI and SSRI effects seem to lack peer review publication. Quote: "It is a confirmed serotonin (re)-uptake inhibitor - as understood by the US Patent office" Excuse me? The Patent Office decides on Scientific Truth? We know a severe reaction can occur with 5HTP and sceletium. Also MDMA can cause extreme discomfort when mixed. Research herbs are just as dodgy as research chemicals, remember your waterproof note for the coroner. If you are not scared yet you don't know enough [ 09. December 2004, 23:01: Message edited by: theobromos ]
  5. theobromos

    I have a question

    Good luck, EEDIE. www.crazymeds.org is a very good source of information from people who have tried many of the medications. You might like to find a support group for PTSD in your area and talk with other sufferers. They may have tried many of the drugs themselves and perhaps even some herbs. Sceletium is a very short-acting herb, only a few hours (minutes for me) compared to days for other antidepressants. Be very careful not to mix with other medicines without checking for its contraindications. It is a very powerful drug, herbs are not necessarily safer or better than chemical drugs. They do tend to be cheaper though. Cannabis is being tested by the Israeli army for their soldiers against PTSD. Relatively non-toxic (compared with water). Not for continous heavy use, you need some memories. I would presume the heavy indicas rather than the occasionally anxiogenic sativas. The dream suppression effect could help against the night terrors too. Dreams are probably useful, so best for occasional relief when you know you can't face another.
  6. theobromos

    R.I.P. John Peel

    "And if you have been - thanks for listening."
  7. theobromos

    banisteria/heteropterys chrysophylla ?

    You might be interested to read of Heteropterys aphrodisiaca O. Mach, reported in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2002) 79(3): 305-311 by SMP Galvão et al. An extract of the root produced an improvement in memory in aged rats. In the states of Mato Grosso and Goiás in Brazil the plant is called Nó-de-cachorro, Nó-de-porco or Cordão de Sao Francisco and is used as an aphrodisiac, tonic and stimulant especially for nervous debility and breakdown. "Heteropterys aphrodisiaca (extract BST0298): a Brazilian plant that improves memory in aged rats" Rhyssopterys suffers from variable spelling, try without the h or with i in place of the second y. Another interesting species from the family is the African Acridocarpus natalitius. The root is reported as being used as a decoction which, when sprinkled on the person provides protection for warriors, ensures fidelity and is a love potion and magic charm. This was from Watt/Breyer-Brandwijk "S & E African Medicinal and Poisonous plants". I can't remember which Indian herbal I got this one from, but it was quite old and crinkly, if that is any help The bark, leaf and flower of Hiptage benghalensis (= H. madablota) are used in Indian traditional medicine. They are aromatic, bitter, wound-healing, refrigerant, anti-inflammatory and help asthma. It is also used as an insecticide. It has fragrant flowers. Thanks to everyone who tolerated me over the years, here and in other virtual places. I am sorry if I caused any hurt feelings (except for friends of Lambo, who have deliberately hurt many people and deserve worse). I may return but not as theobromos. I hope I have provided some entertainment, education and diversion. Blessed Be, all.
  8. theobromos


    Can anyone tell me which of the Mediterranean Umbelliferae has a seed most like a cockroach? If anyone can tell me why I am asking they will earn an awful lot of my respect.
  9. theobromos

    crop circle message

    Probably the true translation is: "Gods, the dole is boring and no new Iain M Banks novels for ages."
  10. theobromos

    Hoodia patent look

    The reason people don't die from smoking toad venom is that the steroid is not volatile and is destroyed. Here we have a steroid glu(y?)coside which will also be caramelised. With saponins the usual thing is to make a hot water extract then leave it to cool until the saponins precipitate.
  11. theobromos

    Native Erythroxylum Seeds and leaf available

    SFB left himself logged in on the computer, sorry about that. Why should I play nice when tiapan tries to ridicule me by changing his page then commenting here that I was mistaken about it? Why not ask tiapan why he accidentally forgot to mention while insulting me that he had "corrected" his page following my advice? Why should I give a stuff about him or his page. I don't help rip-off artists. If he understands nothing about science he should ask for help, not publish lies. I am a chemist really, doesn't stop me understanding a little about plants. I am sure tiapan was aware of the unviability of the seeds. However, tiapan said "(WILD HARVEST - No guarantee of viability)." This implies that the lack of viability is due to the uncultivated nature of the seeds, not the fact that they are dead. These are weasel words, probably invented by his partners in crime, lambo. Some people need abrading.
  12. theobromos

    "family" feel good meal.

    Haze gazpacho for starters. Chili sin carne Wine: lotus flower wine. Rose oil and kava chocolate with an icecream of orange flowers. Wine: licor muscatel (Carmelitano?) with a trichome snowstorm.
  13. theobromos

    syrian rue and friends

    Could you give the reference please, rev?
  14. theobromos

    Native Erythroxylum Seeds and leaf available

    I just gave you a chance to apologise for changing the page in order to make me look like a fool. And offered constructive criticism, Davis and Plowman contributed more to Erythroxylum botany than anybody else. I don't look like a fool, the only result of your changing your bad information is to show you to be a liar, ignorant and a fraud. You obviously have no interest in "an aid for those who like me have an interest in pharmacognosy" or you would want to find out the truth and not defraud people by selling dead seeds. Caveat emptor.
  15. theobromos

    Any info on Croton spp. being used as a hullicogen.

    There is a Croton species that contains a weird morphine relative called flavanantine. There is one used as a wound dressing in Mexico, the Dragons Blood Croton.