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  1. MindExpansion

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    #8. Thanks heaps for doing the giveaway. Not a lot of experience growing Acacia but have been planting lots of acuminata and obtusifolia. I have one courtii seedling already. Living on the MNC too. Mush love.
  2. MindExpansion

    various unidentified - help?

    2. Phylloporus sp., maybe P. rhodoxanthus 3. Agaricus species. Many unknowns in Australia and need often to know about bruising and odour to even get close to an ID (and determine edibility). but something like Agaricus augustus or A. silvaticus might be a start. Like I say though, you often will not get to a concrete species (new DNA work is making this very clear about Aussie Agaricus). 4. Amanita is an enormous genus and I wouldn't even hazard a guess apart from a few fairly obvious ones. But either subgenus Lepidella, maybe something like A. flavoconia, but could also be in the Section Caesareae 6. Xylaria species 8. Calvatia species probably (providing it didn't have a buried stipe that can't be seen here)
  3. MindExpansion

    New inhabitants in the back yard...

    I see a volva on several of them, it is hard to see but one looks as though there is also an annulus, can you confirm whether they all had a volva and an annulus? Is there an annulus on any of them? A spore print will help you here. IF: Volva + annulus, then an Amanita. Need to see more characteristics of the volva and base to determine the section. IF: Volva + no annulus THEN Volvopluteus gliocephalus (IF spore print it pink) or Amanita sect. Vaginatae (IF spore print is white). IF: No volva + no annulus + pink spore print THEN Pluteus species. If no volva + no annulus + spore print white then, we need more info about what was growing nearby because that list going to be longer.
  4. MindExpansion

    Help with ID?

    1. Coprinellus sect. Micacei 2. Lactarius deliciosus 3. 4. Gymnopilus 5. 6. (Assuming 6 is the underside of 5.) Armillaria sp. 7. 8. Gymnopilus (Probably Gymnopilus junionus) 9. 10. Collybia
  5. MindExpansion

    Cacao Therapy for The Ill - South Australia

    As ThunderIdeal has said. Alch is a prodigy. He is a man of the purest and most beneficent and benevolent intentions. I cannot measure in words, dollars, feelings, or tears saved what he has given me over the years. He has guided me through many a dark moment despite still seeking the light himself, often putting pushing me towards a brighter place ahead of his own quest to escape the black. I'm sure that I am not alone in this experience. His knowledge of psychopharmacology is astonishing and what I have learned from him far exceeds that of a reasonably extensive formal education. Equally if not more impressive is his ability to meld together that knowledge with a deep and genuine sense of spirituality and psychology. His inner strength is an inspiration that will forever leave me in awe. That he has, despite having such hurdles thrown in front of him that would leave many leaving the track, continued to leap, bound, climb and crawl along the path is impressive enough. However that he runs that race not for himself, but for the greater good, for the downtrodden, for the lost and the hurt, is beyond the comprehension of most. There are few in this world for whom I hold such respect and admiration. If you can support him in any way, please do. I don't get on here much these days, but to add support to his cause I felt compelled. Much love.
  6. MindExpansion

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    And we don't write off drug users in mental health. What I can say though, and what is known from neurophysiology, it makes mental health diagnosis and treatment much harder, and makes treatment far, far less effective, in people who use substances particularly when use is regular. A constant state of intoxication and withdrawal (and withdrawal lasts a lot longer than most think) as well as the long term changes to brain structure and function, makes treatment incredibly difficult. And exacerbates or even creates, symptoms of depressive illness that are typically unresponsive to any therapy while use continues. The single best thing someone who uses drugs and is experiencing difficulties with mood, perception or sense of self can do, is stop using for a long period (estimated minimum time for the biological adaptations in regular use of any drug to change significantly is 1 year, more likely 2, and during this time psychological and pharmacological therapies can assist the rewiring to occur in a more wellness promoting fashion). Crisis services are still useful, but as long as you're using, you're more likely to have crises.
  7. MindExpansion

    Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

    Hi guys, might I also drop in the Mental Health Access Line who link to a various central hospitals that then triage the call and can arrange telephone follow-up, urgent follow up by the local Acute Care Team or equivalent, or if necessary contact emergency services. The staff are nurses with mental health experience. The teams they refer to are dedicated mental health teams with multidisciplinary staff and who have access, often 24hr access, to psychiatry trainees who have access to a consultant psychiatrist to work with. Referrals can be made for other people you are concerned about. They can also refer to other specific counselling lines. Never feel ashamed, stupid or weak if you feel this way. Seek help. Look out for your friends. Stay safe.
  8. Yeh mate that would be awesome to have you take us up to show us some of these interesting species you describe.
  9. Hi guys, I'm putting this out there but I'm looking for someone with access to and skill to undertake genotyping/sequencing of Aus fungal specimens. If you have access to such facilities or know of someone who does, please get in touch. Peace, Mind
  10. MindExpansion

    I'm back

    Hi guys, after a lengthy absence from the forums I am returning, Would be great to catch up with old friends and looking forward to meeting new guys. Won't be posting too much, mostly lurking. But just thought I'd say hello to everyone that knows me from back some years ago. Much love guys, Mind
  11. MindExpansion

    Seeking prints for everything

    Hi guys I'm back, I'm chasing prints or plates of anything you happen to find, embarking on a bit of a journey to start documenting the unknown and known Aus Fungi. Would sincerely appreciate a PM regarding anything you happen upon. Kind thanks, Peace, Mind
  12. MindExpansion

    Laetiporus Sulphureus - chicken of the woods culture

    Would love a set if you do find some, I've seen some reports in other threads of people finding them domestically.
  13. MindExpansion


    Ok to resurrect a thread, After the intensely wet winter we've had I'd imagine this is the prime time for morels, and I'm looking for any hints on where to go looking, South central NSW. I've heard: Granite country, after fires (of which there have been none in the are to my knowledge so far this year), near the greenhoods, more open grassy areas, with little to no cover, I'm really after any hints more than this. I am thinking of heading either to the snowys or to northern vic wodonga area, but really want to know what area to look for. Is it more forest areas, or more parky/cleared land/grasslands, is it along water tracks or above them, flood planes or not, preferred altitudes, preferred undergrowth density and type, clue trees/plants (such as the greenhoods, e.g under ferns, in grass as in the pics, in fields, gum or pine). I'm also very very interested in people finding L. sulphureus and where this has been found in Aus, I'm on a mission to find Morels, black trumpets and chicken. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated! Peace
  14. MindExpansion

    Been some time.......

    lol @ Max candy. damn have I been gone so long the new guys dont even know PD?