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  1. hey altenate, nice one. also wondering how many trees u have . i have one tree that appears to have its male and female bits. anyways as bunyas do a lot better seedwise in a stand i was thinking same with wollemis but maybe with hand pollination it would be ok
  2. well i don’t know if I’m a mediator but i find this sort of thing happens to me... being on the edge of two people having an argument, they'll argue even more because they misunderstand each other, both not realising that the other hasn’t understood them. and I’m having to explain to them, because it is clear to me what each of them meant, and how the other has interpreted it. and. then. they don’t listen to me anyway.
  3. so i did the test at the first link this morning INFP, dont remember percentages thinking i might get a different result i took the second test now, INFP-T. introverted 87% eesh. turbulent 85%, prospecting 84% why INFPs only 4%, i dont know about this stuff but i thought they would average out. whats the most common?
  4. Does it have a main root coming down from the fat taproot? Cos that's prob what I'd cut off rather than cutting into the fatty bit. When I cut roots I make sure there's a decent amount of fine roots above where I'm cutting. Do you have problems with rot generally or just looking to experiment?
  5. hey Bigred, good things are well worth waiting for so you musnt trouble yourself. you have a very giving spirit ;) ;) postage costs must be overly burdensome especially at this time of year, which wouldnt feel right. i too would be happy to cover postage
  6. Why is your favourite plant your favourite plant
  7. Keep it coming wert. I like your pink chair
  8. Ya me too seeds received with thanks well done mate
  9. This Pachycormus discolor - cashew family - extreme windswept form at Vizcaino Peninsula, Baja California
  10. You know what would be rad miss-meander is if you model a harlequin beetle ;) on a brachychiton flower
  11. I reckon if it's your backyard, you can do what you want there. But are you sure they're Chinese elms? depending how big they are (or rather how small) perhaps you could uproot them and score some gnarly bonsai stock?
  12. cool! i had an asterias pup like that after the top got eaten off by a rat. wasnt variegated though sadly
  13. it just doesnt seem the desired cultivars are available commercially in australia yet. it probably wont be long though. they are grown ornamentally a lot here, i was planning on harvesting some fruits to make my own umeboshi as well. i imagine they are all edible, but i understand for fruit production you will want certain cultivars. best suggestion i can think of is to grow from seed so when the ume clones come along you will have rootstock for grafting