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  1. I'm curious if anyone has tried a brew of fresh vine & fresh tree bark? Seems I have plenty on hand of both. withdrawal clinic would be proud of the tree that's grown from his seed
  2. If a person uses a free online photo editor program does the person retain full ownership / copyright protections of the photo? Even though it may permanently exist on the cloud? Do these editors also strip out the GPS data embedding in the picture?
  3. zelly

    Chasing bulk trich pollen

    are you looking for columnar trich pollens or colored flower types (mostly zelly's)? i've arse loads of both
  4. zelly

    Matucana Pachanoi seeds and clones

    plus ogunbodede x lima1 (not seen in pic)
  5. zelly

    Chasing Stenocereus.

    would love to gift you with the few i have, eruca & griseus, shipping could be a bitch tho...
  6. live & learn...... https://time.com/doomsday-vault/
  7. zelly

    Tek for cross-pollinating cacti?

    misplant has some pretty informative videos posted on you tube...https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNaI8P2BWUO2hwTdZ9PSO4A
  8. zelly

    Agave type id please

    agave horrida
  9. zelly

    My overgrown cactus garden

    If i wanted the results ur looking for I'd go scorched earth approach...all them weed & grasses have seeds which will sprout forever, even thru layers of rocks....burn em & their parents....use a propane torch or similar around the plants you want to save, the ashes will benefit the soil & roots. digging them up puts them in shock which will retard growth for awhile while they recover...bad idea imo. burn out the grasses weeds & seeds then sprinkle time release ferts around the plants.....each time the ferts get wet they release a tiny bit of chems, thus providing regular feedings over 4-6 months
  10. TH- have you ever thought about building a cold frame and over wintering some of your smaller cacti outdoors?
  11. VRG started out as a big clump of red flowering grandiflorus with 2-3 stems only slightly variegated however when crossed with other trichs a full range of variegation can be seen..... such as mis-val (validus) x vrg to near 100% variegation scop x vrg aka Zelly Oscar consists of 4-5 stems of seed grown plants that can exhibit monstrous / crested genetics. Pics are all oscar mother plants, one of the completely spineless stems flowered this yr Olivia consists of a single stem with a few branches and doesn't exhibit any monstrous genetics Bertha is very similar in growth & looks to LumberJack although crosses both ways have been made... Imo certain hybrids when crossed with other hybrids or clones tend to occasionally produce variegated seedlings... for example the SS02xSS01 plant when crossed with LumberJack or Bertha or Icaros or (insert name) sometimes produces variegated seedlings.
  12. zelly

    White seedlings

    get to grafting NOW! If its large enuf to cut with a blade its large enuf to graft.....if you wait too long the next time you look they wont be there..... no green chlorophyll means no growth and death not far behind... Dont believe anything you read on the internet, do believe in your own FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE.......(gained by hands on experience)
  13. zelly

    Seedling heat mat

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5-45W-Pet-Adjustable-Heat-Pads-Reptile-Heating-Mat-Climbing-Warm-Temp-Controller/223291761612 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Waterproof-Seedling-Heat-Mat-Seed-Starter-Hydroponic-Pad-Germination-Propagation/254171204079
  14. zelly

    Tricho's EVERYWHERE! -Matucana

    well seeing as how you're a conspiracy theorist, ya better make it quick, before the upcoming pole shift!