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  1. zelly

    Overpushing Lophs

  2. there is only one way you're going to gain the knowledge you seek & for damn sure that isn't by asking other people what their opinions are.... Hands On, First Hand Experience!!! Get some under your belt, then get back to us what works best for you in your current situation/ location/ income / etc.
  3. Also important to note that for some reason biosecurity seems to have a need to update the allowable import listing...In some cases of echinopsis for instance what was legal last year isn't legal this year. The listing changed on July 25, 2018.
  4. zelly

    My Trichocereus collection

    Dr Snuggles could you please 1) cite a source that references Rauhocereus riosaniensis as a Trichocereus and 2) whom is your source for your budded up plant, and lastly 3) is your specimen a Rauhocereus riosaniensis var riosaniensis or is it Rauhocereus riosaniensis var jaenensis? http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/151741/0
  5. zelly

    Worth $35?

    why dontcha try the sab cactus store,they probably have some nice cuts for ya http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/plants_seeds_cp_319.php
  6. zelly

    Cactus fruits

    it seems i have so many flowers on so many different plants I've sorta lost interest in crossing many of them.....flowers come & go with many wasted opportunities
  7. zelly

    Unknown Hybrids

    perhaps if you knew the source of your seeds the vendor may have records of what the hybrids were to begin with... were the seeds hybrids to begin with or were the seeds all open pollinated??
  8. zelly

    Cactus fruits

    i still have 50-75 laying around
  9. zelly

    Cactus help!

    you have a glazed pot with probably a single hole in the bottom & rocks on top of your soil, so basically you drowned your plant until it said fuckit & rotted. ditch the pot, ditch the rocks, cut the plant an inch above the rot & let it callous for 2 weeks or so in a warm dry place & repot in well draining soil if u insist on clay pots find one thats unglazed
  10. zelly

    Wanted named trichocereus pollen

    a sab member since dec 2017 and your only post is one looking for named pollen in the usa? maybe if you were more into contributing to the forum i or others would feel more comfy in helping you in your search?
  11. do a screen shot of the ebay auction, save as jpg or pdf. then in your message to ebay seller, include jpg / pdf along with a note that his auction has been reported & forwarded to certain law enforcement as possible controlled substance extracts. live plants and or cuttings are one subject, extracted materials or dried materials are another topic & the law doesnt discriminate based on labeling as 'incense' Acacia trees may be highly legal whereas root bark 'incense' can be highly illegal...
  12. zelly

    overwintering cacti seedlings

    plants aint stupid, stupidity just inflicts the humans taking care of them........come winter time when day lengths shorten & temps start dropping, most plants slow in growth & thus slow in water intake etc. remember folks, these are cactus plants,not super fragile temp & water sensitive plants....they can literally go months in the dead heat of summer with zero water & do just fine so it makes perfect sense to realize they need zero to little water in the winter months. think of their native environments....no shade cloth, butt freezing temps on cold winter nights, totally exposed to whatever mother nature throws at them, yet they thrive perfectly fine. 100% of what i grow (psychotria virdis, caapi, many orchids, epi's, cacti, etc etc) is exposed to outdoor temps; some though are under shade cloth, some under uv blocking green house panels. those under the gh panels get zero water from nov30-mar1, rain or shine. If / when temps drop to 26-28F the plants have a choice, live or die. mother nature is about survival of the fittest. if a person keeps soils dry, plants can weather much lower temps than when soils are wet, thats just common sense.
  13. zelly

    Introducing Fat Bottom Girl

    hz x scop last yr
  14. yes hz=huarazensis
  15. fer sure mate, you can name your hybrids anything you want.....but it would probably be a good idea to wait until they flower & you start making crosses from them naming is one thing, getting world wide recognition of that name is another thing.. as for names, I'd recommend as short as possible, unless of course you enjoy writing them out hundreds if not thousands of times....