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  1. All sorted now. Thanks. If anyone is chasing cube prints send me a PM
  2. Pretty decent move by our friends up north who recently were given the chance to vote on decriminalisation of magic mushrooms. Apparently the vote is all but complete with a narrowly won yes! Well done to those guys and hopefully we might follow suit one day. article here: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/future-perfect/2019/5/8/18535475/denver-psilocybin-psychedelic-magic-mushrooms-decriminalization-vote
  3. As the title suggests looking for some cube prints for microscopy... can provide p.sub prints in return... thank you you for considering friends
  4. kindness

    Looking for PE or any other good p.cube prints...

    Still lookin’
  5. Fantastic. I’d much prefer the fresh plant as well though I’d imagine getting hold of one wouldn’t be easy... likely to not enjoy the weather where I am either. Is it an easy one to grow?
  6. Yeah, I think it was because I had a few grams with a small amount of water on an empty stomach. Just the bitterness of it made my stomach quite upset. I’d had it a bunch of times previously and been okay. I think in future I will either make a tea or load it into capsules. im not expecting to really need it until nearing the lower numbers.
  7. Just wondering about that as a lot of those symptoms are similar to ones I endure and that’s due to low test count. Recently had a blood test to confirm
  8. How are your testosterone levels? Assuming male here...
  9. Hi there friends, just looking for spores for microscopy purposes. Am doing a comparison study. If anyone can assist please contact me. May be able to come up with suitable swaps if necessary. Cheers kindness edit; I’m not real sure how things roll around here these days... haven’t really been on here much for years now. If things have swung more towards money/trade rather than just gifting stuff I’m down with that. Pm/dm me for possible swap material that you would be interested in.
  10. kindness

    Please delete.

    [deleted woops]
  11. Sorry for my slow reply guys. Thank you for the responses. I’m currently dropping 5 a week as you suggest levi’. I haven’t experienced any withdrawal worse than when I was up around 100 thus so far so good. i had an absolutely horrible response to some Kratom recently... was trying some out to see what affects if any and wow! I was the most ill I think I have ever been. I felt like my stomach had acid burning around the entry and exit to it - I vomited until I didn’t have energy to get up off the ground and was within minutes of calling an ambulance. I did some research following this and found that this happens for some people... so at the moment I’m pretty unlikely to use it unless I am really suffering. Anyhow. Yeah, the journey away from opiates continues.
  12. kindness


    Deleted-posted in wrong spot... sprry
  13. Possibly Kava. I’m really not sure though. It was incredibly useful for me when recovering from huge muscle pain in the abdominals following wakeboarding. Nothing else seemed to work including extra strength panadeine - the lava though! Boom! It got rid of it straight away! It was pretty amazing. I dont know how that would really really translate to tattoo pain. Maybe tattooing isn’t really for your partner? For me the pain and the trance one enters during and after getting tattooed is one of the biggest reasons for getting one?
  14. Cheers mate, had just been reading through a bunch of stuff over there before checking back here on the thread. There is a wealth of info on reddit that was useful. I will report back here once I have a bit more to contribute for the benefit of others who might be interested in following a similar path. Cheers again bro <thumbs up>
  15. First up please delete or move if this isn’t a good place for this question... So I am currently on 100mg of Methadone a day, I am planning on coming down off this dose in the next while. I believe the fastest allowable reduction is 5mg every three days. I have come off various opioids/opiates over the years so know what I am in for, I also understand that until around 40mg the going isn’t too rough, it’s the reduction at the power end that gets worse. So just assume that I live in the US and legality isn’t an issue here. Had anyone got any first hand experience using Kratom to assist with withdrawals from Methadone? Or if not from Methadone then from other opioids/opiates? I would really like to hear others experiences or ideas here. cheers