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  1. Hahahah same more sometimes than others. North facing wall in the nations capital. Guess thermal mass gives some reprieve of those -8 nights and mornings. So maybe a chicken dancey seen a few similar round here
  2. So pretty I had to stop and take some snaps. Is this spacianis (can't member proper spelling) or some other puppy entirely. half ID half just wow look at those sex glands hot
  3. My normas are very tall and quite healthy. One of my favorites for sure. Not near em at the moment but will take piccies next time I am.
  4. Your right reptyle I probs shouldnt have opened by beak. You got full right to your beliefs. Ae you were old chap ;-)
  5. Fyi
  6. Home brew is legal? Pretty sure one can buy stills also... technology of fermentation? Sure an internet search or membership of a online forum, or even <gasp> a real club would be more than willing to impart knowledge? This reeks of temperance. Id like to think that ive done a good enough job of raising ky children that they realise they have a choice and are not retarded drones. Give people credit for having brains brother. Attacking alcohol or anything else currently legal as some kind of passive aggressive way to have entheogens / psychedelics legalised seems quite flawed. Keep trying though
  7. I dont drink. I also find some of the booze ads absolutely hillarious. Some of the best on tv. We'd be a poorer nation with out them. Thank you CUB and others for the laughs you have provided me :-)
  8. big night
  9. This is a very common weed. Grows all over the place.
  10. Amz, too much to read through all of the posts but have you had a sleep study done? Are you in Melbourne? Found one I'm gonna hit up in canberra. They give ya take home apparatus monitoring brain, heart, breathing... good place to start for me anyhow. Can forward details if you in melbs or cnb. Peace
  11. A very common weed.
  12. Mate that would REEK!
  13. Downloaded via link provided about, thank you. Sounds like a good programme. Edit: fantastic. What a great programme. Throroughly enjoyed listing to that.
  14. Its not cool being the old dude at a party
  15. Yeah it looks a bit like kangaroo apple. Bit crap on proper names in how leaves grow but do the leaves look like kangaroo foot prints? Edit: re looked at your pictures... its close but not really... bush looks to dense leaves arent right but berries and flower description sounded close. Some type of solaceanae (spelling?)