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    Gardening, physical and psychological health. Landcare volunteer, trying to help as much as possible to help our planets current species survive.

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  1. kindness


    all good
  2. kindness

    All gone

    “You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” Dr. Seuss
  3. kindness

    Sorted thanks

    Sorted out thanks cheers Sabbers
  4. kindness

    All gone

    "After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value." G.M Trevelyan
  5. Was surprised to find this seedling with a friend the other morning. Hopefully doesn’t rotate picture this time!

    © Me

  6. kindness


    Fantastic! How old?
  7. kindness

    Acacia obtusifolia flowering December

    Thanks real beautiful country there.
  8. kindness

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    Google search Australian native seeds... a number of suppliers are available. If you wanted to get a head start you could also search for nurseries selling native tube stock
  9. kindness

    Acacia obtusifolia flowering December

    Sorry! Didn’t realise... amended. Beautiful bursting with flowers after such an awesome spring hey
  10. kindness

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    Obtusifolia grow quite bushy and I’m sure with pruning that habit could be encouraged even more. Also Floribunda would be excellent.
  11. kindness

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    What climate zone are you in?
  12. kindness

    All gone

    There are no shortcuts to any place worth going
  13. kindness


    Acacias that cross my path wild and cultivated
  14. Obtusifolia have a wide range. The ones which cop light frosts and milder winter temps would be unlikely to survive if grown in the western extent of their range where winter temps get down to -7 or so and the occasional bit of snow. possibly sourcing seed or plants from particular areas with that species might be helpful . Pictures included are from an area where it gets to those low temps ;)
  15. kindness

    All gone

    all gone to good homes. thanks