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  1. Was surprised to find this seedling with a friend the other morning. Hopefully doesn’t rotate picture this time!

    © Me

  2. kindness


    Fantastic! How old?
  3. kindness

    Acacia obtusifolia flowering December

    Thanks real beautiful country there.
  4. kindness

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    Google search Australian native seeds... a number of suppliers are available. If you wanted to get a head start you could also search for nurseries selling native tube stock
  5. kindness

    Acacia obtusifolia flowering December

    Sorry! Didn’t realise... amended. Beautiful bursting with flowers after such an awesome spring hey
  6. kindness

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    Obtusifolia grow quite bushy and I’m sure with pruning that habit could be encouraged even more. Also Floribunda would be excellent.
  7. kindness

    Looking for acacias for landscaping

    What climate zone are you in?
  8. kindness


    Acacias that cross my path wild and cultivated
  9. Obtusifolia have a wide range. The ones which cop light frosts and milder winter temps would be unlikely to survive if grown in the western extent of their range where winter temps get down to -7 or so and the occasional bit of snow. possibly sourcing seed or plants from particular areas with that species might be helpful . Pictures included are from an area where it gets to those low temps ;)
  10. As stated in title prints available are for serious mycologists only and purely for microscopic study only. Any messages or requests deviating from such discussion will be ignored. That said.... AVAILABLE TO AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS ONLY. P.Cubensis SPORE PRINTS - B+ and/or ECUADOR strains available. Prints provided on foil from sterile conditions. $15 per print + postage or. $40 for 3 prints + postage. If more required talk to me and we can work something out. Regular post -$2. Express post -$7.50. PayPal or BTC only. Cheers and look forward to hearing from you. Please PM me. Prompt service. Quality fresh spores, get those microscopes ready!!! Cheers and look for to hearing from you. limited quantities.
  11. I really should have noted that this was on the central slopes and plains NSW...
  12. Hi friends, Just hoping someone here knows their carnivorous plants bettter than I. I know they are sundews and I believe a type of drosera but unsure which... any help appreciated! Trust you are all well
  13. Certainly does JR. I’ve got my eye in now. Such diverse qualities to the plant. From the deep dark green thru to almost purple brown then the reds and yellows... all the same type of plant’s phyllodes. Beautiful! Your plant is certainly benefiting from a lot of love and water. Lovely looking plant ❤️
  14. Yeah, wow! I’d only really found the younger ones that seem to have the thicker wider phyllodes, (to around 2m in coastal hinterland - thousands In regrowth where fkn loggers had been thru). Certainly some old examples here, I’d guess at around 4metres. Quite a bit of the forest hasn’t been logged here so mainly prolific around riparian areas, edges of the forest etc. These are also toward the extent of Obtusi’s western range and are obviously frost hardy, temps here getting down to -5 in winter. Thanks for your input teamwhy