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  1. Certainly does JR. I’ve got my eye in now. Such diverse qualities to the plant. From the deep dark green thru to almost purple brown then the reds and yellows... all the same type of plant’s phyllodes. Beautiful! Your plant is certainly benefiting from a lot of love and water. Lovely looking plant ❤️
  2. Yeah, wow! I’d only really found the younger ones that seem to have the thicker wider phyllodes, (to around 2m in coastal hinterland - thousands In regrowth where fkn loggers had been thru). Certainly some old examples here, I’d guess at around 4metres. Quite a bit of the forest hasn’t been logged here so mainly prolific around riparian areas, edges of the forest etc. These are also toward the extent of Obtusi’s western range and are obviously frost hardy, temps here getting down to -5 in winter. Thanks for your input teamwhy
  3. Thanks boss. Was pretty sure they were. Some fantastic plants out here! Huge! Heaps of old fallen and recently fallen trees. Landowner also clearing fire trails snaps saplings so spoilt for choice. was reading recently they mainly press by suckering too which I didn’t know. thanks for your input freakosystem
  4. kindness

    Help with i.d

    Yeah looks like a mulberry to me also, having spent my childhood climbing them and with stained purple red fingers and clothes
  5. Not flowering. I believe longofolia are flowering now. Obtusi’s flower dec - feb. Also Phyllodes are tough to the feel not soft like I believe longifolia are.... here’s some more photos... this one is like the ones I used to find I.e very young
  6. Shit! Where did everyone go? This place is quiet now! Must be getting old. I’m pretty sure they are obtusis anyway.... it’s just been a while and I hadn’t found them as big as they are here before .
  7. There a bunch of these on a property I know. Are they obtusi’s? Would love some feedback. Plants are located close to where distribution map shows there to be some. North western Wollemi npTIA
  8. I apologise for starting a discussion and disappearing for lengths of time. I have been quite busy. I previously spoke about my experiences thus far with Kratom during a couple of visits to NZ and yeah for me, very unremarkable. I had to try anyway being me but of course with the amount of opiates I’ve shoveled in over the last few years and the subsequent ‘golden standard cure’ of methadone treatment I’ve been on for a year now it was never gonna touch the sides. I think i just wanted some hope there might be something that wasn’t more opiates that would relieve those dirty arse withdrawals methadone affords one. How bloody naive of me to think it qpuld be fairly easy and I wouldn’t really feel it till 40. No. Not even. It’s beem fucked. I hate the shit even more now. I could chuck a mad rant but likely you’ve all heard it anyway. My biggest fuck toy in the face system is them not believing I have low testosterone BECAUSE of the methadone. Even though other countries routinely check their male methadone patients levels as it’s a known and accepted side effect. You try telling that to a doctor as some drug addict barely worth acknowledging - judging fuck out of me when I probably wasn’t more than you and gave more people jobs in the last five years... but hey, fuck it let’s stick with the stereotypes coz they just work, ya know?! woops, ranted. I’ve seen docos from the states of people kicking heroin habits using just kratom, I guess if one were ballsy enough they could wean down, chuck one more in and get over to Bali and kratom it up for a bit? I hear it works. It probably does? But if so why don’t the thousands of US addicts shove their super expensive methadone doses up their privately run clinics arses and withdraw off into the easier to get off and cheaper Kratom sunset? Im sure time will tell. It’s big business over there this methadone stuff. I think we all know what’s coming next. I just hope more anecdotal evidence of successful replacement or use for withdrawal gets put before they realise that the Kratom purchased at bars and over the counter currently is actually exactly like an Oxy 80 or actually closer to Fentanyl and methadone has been the golden standard for 50? years? Why question the data? Anyhow. All the best to my friends on this thread walking a similar path as I. It’s hard, I am down to 47.5 now. Probably go to 2.5 a week instead now, it’s jiat to uncomfortable between 4am and 8am when that chemist opens. When I’m nearly done and homeostasis has nearly returned I may take a teip to Bali or NZ for the last week or two. It might help them but truely forget it formuse during a normal ORT taper. Doesn’t help. Bummer
  9. Sold pending payment edit: love the pending payment. Appears to still be available presently although an offer has been made. Cheers
  10. Can’t remember the exact variety, maybe someone else can chime in and help with that... but she is super healthy, puts out 20 or 30 seeds over the growing season - obviously flowers her tits off... a really beautiful friend to have had around for many years now but alas I need money for my sons school fees and stuff. I dont know how best to do this. So I was thinking perhaps an auction and I will have a reserve price in mind that unless it reaches that I won’t be selling it... does that sound fair? I dunno, I could just put it on eBay but I’d rather it were passed on to someone on here. I’ve learnt lots from you guys and girls and only seems right to give first dibs here. But I also need money soooo... just put your bid in the comments below and I will give it 7 days... unless someone pm’s me with a number I like beforehand. Hmmm complicated enough? Peace
  11. I am going okay, thank you for that. I do value you people put there and only want good for all of us... as a few people have contacted me just recently for some prints I’ve decided to only receive payment when I’m popping them in the actual post box. Communication via email with pictures and then payment. Bit more complicated but at least no one will have to wonder if they will have to wait three weeks for them onwards and upwards my friends. Let’s get back to studying and learning about these things and ourselves! Thanks everyone for the opportunity for me to grow personally and try to be a person of my word. pewce
  12. I definitely dropped the ball on this lot and I am really sorry about that. I don’t think I’m going to continue getting these things out there. I really should have got them out way sooner and let everyone know when I wasn’t able to. I just felt really bad about it so didn’t do anything. They should all be there by now or tomorrow latest. If they aren’t please pm me and let me know. The only other ones I want to send out are free ones to everyone I have made wait. You will need to contact me via pm as I can’t remember everyone they have gone to. It all just got a bit much with travel, girlfriends, work and normal life. Guess I’m not cut out for it. You will all get what you ordered and more though so please accept my apology as real and believe me when I say I’ve traded on this site for many many years now and have always come through, and I do try and be generous about it. The entheogenic community is important to me and by that I mean the people who value this stuff. So again, sorry. I feel shit for the delay and it’s been a constant stress this whole time. pm me if you need any more help.
  13. Current lot of spore prints and slides are now sold out. I am expecting another selection of microscope friendly material within the next 10 days so watch this space and keep the questions coming. I will answer them if I am able, here or via pm. On that note of seeking information regarding all things fungal, there is a wealth of knowledge in prior threads here that I have certainly learnt a heck of a lot from. Make use of that resource if you are considering this rewarding hobby. Regards
  14. Hey guys and girls. I was away for a bit. All will be sorted for you tomorrow with some extras for the stuff around. I’m really sorry about this! But all will be sorted soon.