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  1. I believe Clone A is in fact the long phalic form whilst Clone B is the clumper - for sure this is the case here in the USA anyhow.

    I got a small cutting of Clone A into Oz a few years ago actually - can't remember who I sent it to though - someone on this board I know that..

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  2. This is a TPM x SS02 - this plant was grown under natural light, but then I've grafted a couple sections of it - one to pereskiopsis just recently, and another to pachanoi - the pachanoi graft has much thicker crests than the natural mother plant. Also, the mother plant looks like it's wanting to throw out some more normal or monstrose columns - this is my fav of the 4 seedlings I have from that cross.






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  3. Haha yea this one forms tighter crests than the other two crests I have from that cross - the non-grafted mother plant has really small, tight crests - but also put out a normal column that has now gone monstrose, and other sections look to be forming regular columns - a picture is worth a thousand words though so I'll get a photo up soon.. No need to be jealous though, you're like one season away from having all sorts of action like this in your garden!

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  4. Yea I think we have to include the parentage for sure, to keep track of the geneticss - but then we can just name the variation however we like - I've already decided on a TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi) v. "Ned", and a TPM x N1 v. "Conundrum"..

    Flattering as it is, I don't think including the name "nitrogen" or variations thereof as the species name is a good idea because we lose the original parentage, and also because I've made a bunch of other crosses that aren't going to have all these exciting mutations.. I don't think there's any way around keeping the genus and species in there somewhere.. Come to think of it, in the above examples, the full name would be T. peruvianus v. "monstrosus" x (T. bridgesii v. "SS02" x T. pachanoi v. "PC") v. "Ned and T. peruvianus v. "monstrosus" x T. bridgesii v. "N1" - kinda a mouthful for sure.. Might could just put the full articulated name in a footnote if distributing seed or cuttings..

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  5. Check this pic out. Basically, when I sowed all these hybrids nothing germinated for over a month, and I was pretty devastated because I thought I'd screwed up the seed somehow by fertilizing the cacti heavily during fruiting - I was really very upset though after a nice mild tea journey I got more acceptance around it.

    The only hybrid seed that germinated during that 6 week period was the (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPM - and only a couple of the 40 or so seeds germinated. So I figured they were viable, but only a small percentage - so I sowed a whole bunch more figuring I'd get maybe 15 seedlings - much to my surprise and delight I checked them one day to find they were germinating like mad, and soon after that all the other hybrids started germinating as well. I think I just planted them too soon out of the fruit pod - the built-in mechanism that keeps them from germinating in the fruit pod was still active - I have since taken to refrigerating freshly harvested seed for a few days and this seems to lead to quick germination.

    Anyhow, here's a whole bunch of (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPM seedlings - I'm not sure what to do with them, they are way crowded and the smaller ones are basically getting trampled underfoot the bigger ones - there used to be like twice as many of them when they were little - quality problem though for sure - I'll likely pluck out the weird looking one's and graft them :)


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  6. I'm stoked you got those seeds in Philo! Philocacti has been my dear brother from another continent for some years now - was bummed to hear the seeds hadn't made it..

    My seedlings are getting big enough now that I can see the ones that have clear crest/monstrose characteristics, and am plucking them out to graft.. My first round of grafts though was just luck of the draw since they all just looked about like Philocacti's seedlings above - couple weeks old and that..

    I've noticed that the TPC x and TPM x N1 crosses start out normal, and then get weird - whereas I'm seeing the TPMx(SS02 x pachanoi) going weird right off the bat more often..

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  7. Neat specimen Hookahead!

    I grafted a few of each cross to pereskiopsis in like November and have been growing them indoors all winter next to a window - turns out when they are that small, they don't need much direct sunlight at all to grow quickly and with good girth.. So, if winter approacheth down under you can do that too.. Me, I'm looking forward to the summer :)

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  8. Y'all in Oz have a lot of great trichos growing in peoples' yards - here in the USA, pretty much you see PC pachanoi but nothing else - came across a peruvianus awhile back and was pretty stoked - smalle rplant but growing out in a dirt alley. Other than that just pachanoi

  9. Mushrooman - it's hard to know what's in store with the TPM crosses - the motherplant will put out normal columns that grow several inches, and then at some point go totally weird/monstrose - so assuming that trait passes on, the seedlings could exhibit similar behavior..

  10. @ nitrogen How do you get the spines (cant think of the proper name) on your pere's to get to huge?

    I think it's just a lot of sunlight and dry air - cacti seem to put out gnarlier spines when they are in a lot of sunlight and when they are more stressed in general - its a coastal desert type climate here and I notice spines on my cacti tend to get pretty wicked..

    I would rather the pereskiopsis have no spines and glauchids - I have to pick them out of my fingertips with the razorblade tip after a grafting session..

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  11. Mushroomman - yah I've got some interesting little buggers from this year's crosses as well - here's some pics of a few of those as well as some Roseii#1:

    TPC X SS02/SS02xpachanoi/Juules:


    TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi)



    TPQC x TPM (curious to see if this cross puts out more freaks than the Psycho0 x TPM and (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPM crosses - if so we can deduce that the TPQC is cresting at least partly related to genetics, I would think..


    Roseii # 1 x open pollinated



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