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  1. LOverly Nitro, u have convinced me, grafting to trich stock will happen within the next few weeks when these fucking storms stop battering the shit out of us and the weather gets better.

    Thx! Yea it seems like the tricho grafts are the next level from pereskiopsis - I don't get anything like the growth I get on pachanoi from pereskiopsis - but then I don't have a bunch of pachanoi or other tricho stock to graft too - so I'll probably degraft my pereskiopsis and just get them going on their own roots.. I've got my pereskiopsis grafts all groing tight together too which leads to scarring/spine damage - don't have the space to do it another way though..

    Mutant - nice work! Love that Sulco rauschii!

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  2. Yes indeed these are turning out super I am very glad to see - the state of affairs regarding mutant trichos will I imagine be quite bizarre by 2015 or so ;)

    Here's a few more - went over to a dear brother's house today and checked on the babies I left there awhile back - they're growing better than the one's where I live since they get lots of sun:

    TPM x (SS02 x pachanoi)



    TPC x (Juul's, SS02, & SS02 x pachanoi)


    TPM x SS02 v. "Aldous" - this one has really taken off since being grafted to the pachanoi - the motherplant shifts between normal growth, monstrose, large crests, and tight crests - this one here is all large crest..


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  3. At this point we're still in the infancy of selective breeding - most all named clones are first generation, wild, or presumably older-world plants that have been growing for quite sometime...

    We're getting some breeding going with the progeny of previous crosses though, now that those crosses are getting to maturity - takes several years with trichos before they will flower. But, we're now seeing some now - like naja naja said we really ought to name them for sake of keeping track too - I crossed some seedlings at this point - two types of cuzcoensis, an SS02 x pachanoi, and an ecuadorian pachanoi - really ought to name them but it hasn't been an issue because those same hybrids haven't to my knowledge been crossed by others yet. I have named the cuzcoensis' (one is "blonde" and one is "brunette") but I can't recal which was in which cross lol. And others who have crossed seedlings have not been naming the seedling either (Zelly's and Mitosis's SS02 x SS01, Melvin's T. Macrogonus "Icaros", and some SS offerings).

    Yea though - in general named clones will all be similar in a general sense to unnamed clones - usually though the named clone has qualities which make it more desirable. I've made an effort to cull out the strains in my own garden which do not possess strength of character and/or great beauty..

  4. Nice!

    I think the T. spachianus is responsible for the variegation and albino traits - I got some open pollinated Roseii #1 seed and some look like spachainus, and most of the lot were variegated or albino - the Roseii was nearby a large spachainus stand..

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  5. attachicon.gif20130323_132942.jpg20130504_161746.jpgI would believe u guys if I didnt know that these are from the sam

    e cut

    And not to mention that originally the stump had 2 heads and monstrose growth Im pretty sure its morphing

    Yea that looks just like my TPM - which goes in and out of monstrose growth.. What country do you live in tozoc4u? I got my TPM at a small cactus shop in California USA - maybe 10 years ago.. Same place I got my TPC..

  6. Naja Naja man those are badass!

    This is that weird ball I posted earlier. It is now showing normal growth, and the spines at the tip look like psycho0/bridgesii. I am attempting to graft a pup that is almost identical to the remaining one on the left.


    Hookahead - It may go back to monstrose growth after a bit - the mother plant, this TPM, goes in and out of mutant growth - check a recent pic - it's put out 4 base columns that are/were growing normally, though one is now starting to go weird again (which you can't see because it started doing so after this pic was taken)..

    So, these seedlings that start out normal or revert to normal can easily get weird again if they take after momma.. Hookahead yours actually looks like what the motherplant TPM did - look at the base of the TPM and you can see it was just a ball that terminated, and from that came a column that grew normally for a few inches before getting wierd - and check below that my TPM x SS02 v "Aldous" which is a crested freak - this seedling put out a beautiful normal column which is now going quite monstrose.



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  7. Yah thanks again for the kind words - really glad to have stoked so many people out!

    I'll post some pics of a few of mine here in a bit - def seeing some really weird stuff - can only guess what they will be as adults! I see monstrose types, crested types, monstrose-crest mixed types, and then quite a few "WTF" types - the latter just look bizarre, like they are growing with no particular organizing principle - hide the children!!

    Sadly my environment is changing for the worse in terms of growing these species - most of my cacti were at a relatives house growing in full sun - they have to sell the house and so I'm going to have to bring my specimens over to my apartment next week, which unfortunately gets almost no direct sun on its little balcony. Quite a few will go to local friends though, for long-term babysitting till I re-situate. This batch of freaks however, wish I had more space to grow them all out - I'm quite attached to each of the little buggers.. The newly grafted ones though don't need much direct light, and may even do ok indoors - I have a skylight and a bright apartment in general - wouldn't be much direct light but certainly very bright.. Anyways, it's good motivator for me to work hard and get a house w a yard.

    Was hoping for more TPM and TPC flowers this year but I see no buds as of yet - I think I've been hitting them all too hard with the 20-20-20 fertilizer - they have been growing robustly and maybe aren't in flowering mode..

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  8. As a matter of fact I do have one from the Psychonaught X N1 that looks freakish - some of these infants form a globular shape at the growing tip instead of ribs - those are good bets to graft - well, one of this cross did that so I have grafted it and await the results - all my other seedlings from that cross are normal though, as are all of my N1 x TPQC.. I get a higher freak rate for sure from the ones with the mutant as the mother - though the ones with mutant as father are no slouch for making freaks either..

    BTW, these little babies handle ferts really well - I'm dosing them full strength Miracle Grow brand fertilzer on pereskiopsis, and much lighter strength miracle grow (or other 20-20-20 w micronutrients) on the ones growing on their own roots - they love it!

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  9. CBL - I've noticed some of them start out normal for awhile - a bunch of my TPM x N1 were like this - looked normal till like 3cm tall on pereskiopsis and then went weird.. The freak rate appears to be high with these crosses regardless, especially the ones with TPM or TPC as mother - you'll have quite a few here in a bit ;)

    I like growing conventionally too but I haven't had good luck with hardening them off really young - seems to stunt them - I like to keep them in high humidity and no direct sunlight till they a couple cm tall or so..

    Naja Naja - nice! I love the one in the last post you made, far right - the one that's formed a 3-headed monstrose type thing - so cool looking!

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  10. I leave my pereskiopsis grafts in the humidity chamber for about 7 days - works really well - don't need a heating pad. The last day they are in there I uncover them a bit to bring them back to regular humidity slowly, and then after that I just keep them in regular air.

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  11. It's a variety of factors - but once they get 10-20cm tall or so, and are fully hardened off to sunlight, they will start showing their mature traits (spination, coloring, glaucous, alkaloids, etc).

    That's the joy of growing seedlings - as they get to that size, each flush of new spines will be longer and more colorful etc - developing seedlings are so gorgeous!

    But yea, within 1 year if grafted or within 2-3 years you can see the mature traits pretty well, if they are growing optimally - but until they are at their full girth there is more changes to come (in terms of spination etc)

    I wish I had room for all the seedlings I am growing to reach their full maturity - would love to see large, multibranched motherplants of my seedlings..

    Here's a gratuitous shot of my T. bridgesii v "Bruce" X T. macrogonus v. "Sausage" seedlings - what a great cross this is - just starting to see glaucous blooms on a couple of them - these are much greener/light green than most seedlings I have - most of the trichos I grow out (hybrids of bridgesii, peruvianus, pachanoi etc) tend to be darker green and bluish - this cross is much different - till recently when a couple are getting that characteristic aquamarine color of bridgesii..


    And here's my SS02 x SS01 seedlings - I started these in 2007 I believe it was - there are two of them in this pot, the only two I kept - one blonde and one brunette - in the first pic, the upper right 3 columns/pups are the blonde, and the left column plus its four pups on the bottom of the pic are the brunette. This plant is fully mature - and I have pruned it back once before already to make some decorative dried cactus chips - I love how these two seedlings look - they are so blue and spiny and outrageous -I have taken so many pics of them and use any opportunity to show them off :P




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