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  1. Ho ho ho!

    Ttis the season for gifting and receiving - life is good and ol' nitro finds reality to be quite enchanted and delightful these days - so I'm gonna share the stoke by sending two SAB'ers some of these mutant seed - it's a contest though, first 2 people who guess it win - here's the rules:

    1. You can't have already received these seeds directly from me.

    2. Guess which 3 strains of trichocereus ol' nitro finds most aesthetically pleasing - you just have to guess 1 of the top 3 - so you get 3 chances basically - only post 3 names max.

    Happy holidays!

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  2. A deep Ayahuasca journey represented Cannabis to me as a weakening agent, a deformer - deforming of people's deeper vision and clarity, and of their purpose - a sidetracker, a sneaky stealer of dreams - wrapped up in a delicious, fragrant package just like alcohol is..

    I noticed with me, the psychedelic parts of cannabis - the seemingly profound insights, turned out to be isolated points of perception - random "deep thoughts" increased, while big-picture vision became murkier and murkier.

    This is in stark contrast to the comprehensive 360 degree, holistic awareness and clarity that arises from ayahuasca, mushrooms, and cacti..

  3. Haha I'd be open to that but I'm afraid 2013 produced minimal flowers for me - and none on my mutants..

    Only 2 crosses did I produce this summer - T. bridgesii v. "Psycho0" x T. peruvianus v. "Paradeyes", and the reverse - Paradeyes x Psycho0.. That's a very fine cross, which may be making the rounds soon, but there was no windfall of glamorous mutant seed this year unfortunately..

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  4. I can't really tell what those "fine white hairs" look like from the pic - but healthy roots will have something like that - they look like hairs sort of. That thing doesn't look too bad off to me actually - TMB's often get sort of scarred with age and develop that pale callous type thing on them.. What it needs is some fresh healthy growth - good water, soil, fertilzer.. How much sun does it get per day? It almost looks like too much sun but that would be pretty rare inside..

  5. Interesting - so you're thinking the little bugger with germinate and begin growing in the pereskopsis? Main issue I see is that you won't have a graft - the seedlings will throw roots and may successfully suckle off the water and nutrients from the pereskiopsis - but won't be grafted so it would just grow like a regular seedling..

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  6. It's one of my favourite cacti so I'm a little nervous about leaving the pups on but you are right, it will be interesting to see what happens, so I'll leave them, for now at least...

    You can also leave one or two on, let them grow, and then graft to them when they are big enough - basically you're making a graft tree at that point. You'll want to think carefully about space management in that case - pretty soon your scions will encroach on each other if you don't do it right - this happened to me, as seen in the pic below. I wound up removing that loph graft and the column under it and giving it to a friend - the crested tricho on the top had become quite imperialistic indeed and was on the verge of impaling the loph.




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  7. I did sterilize pretty well. But good news. I took them out and did anH2O2 treatment. I replanted them in their own separate containers and I'm seeing sprouts! Super stoked!

    Can you post pics of what you've got in terms of mold?

    If it's the greenish blackish slimy mossy stuff you might needn't worry - I get that a lot in my seedling trays and they don't seem affected by it.. The stuff that will kill even large trichos is the fluffy white mold - kinda looks like dandelion puff - that stuff is gnarly..

  8. Ok I'm a little confused now - the seeds I got a few years ago were T. bridgesii v. "Bruce" x T. macrogonus v. "Sausage" - that much I know. But then I'm reading where people are saying Yowie is the same clone - is this the case?

    On the Tricho Serious website he has Sausage as a bridgesii (though acknowledges it could be one of several species, and has it separate from Yowie which he lists as pachanoi. Can anyone clear this up?


  9. Here are a couple of mine that are going weird - these are hybrids from Oz so y'all are to blame for this :P

    Bruce x Sausage - that whole pot is Bruce x Sausage but this one is looking unusual - such a great cross - fastest growing hybrid I have encountered thus far..



    These two are non-freakish Bruce x Sausage but they are so nice I have to show them off - the one on the left is my fastest grower and has serious attitude - to me it looks like an SS02 on steroids or something..


    This is Super Pedro x J3 - the one in the foreground is a massive and increasingly horrific looking thing - dunno what's happening up top - looks weirder in person..



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  10. Great work GoT!

    Sterile technique though isn't that crucial, at least in my experience - I clean the razor blade with alcohol to begin with, but then use the same one on everything I'm grafting that session without cleaning it in between - I'll sometimes clean off the slime from the previous cut in between grafts, but that isn't crucial either..

  11. Hhhmm, no, I can't really agree with that statement - that blonde SS02 x SS01 is more peruvianoid looking overall, and is much more thickly spined - like you can't really pick up a cutting of it without gloves on - and it's more of a lighter green with blueing whereas the psycho0 is a darker green with blueing.

  12. Thanks! I'm a proud daddy what can I say..

    Yes, the last two pics are both SS02 x SS01 (SS02 is the mother). It's the same two seedlings in the same pot - one I call "blonde" and one I call "brunette" (I'll give them each a better name if I propagate and distribute them) - The last pic is the same two seedlings, but 2-3 years later than the pic above it, the first SS02 x SS01 pic is the original two columns/seedlings - I cut both those columns back to make an enchanting incense, and so they then put out all the new columns you see in the last pic.

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  13. Yea both are really attractive cacti.. As a peruvianus, SS01 isn't super distinct, but it is a looker - gets very blue with nice long spines.

    SS02 is very distinct in appearance for a bridgesii - Zelly has some awesome SS02 specimens he should post pics of - I was able to ID them right away when I saw them in person.

    I used to have an SS02 - here's a couple pics of it - I used "white oil" on it to kill some mealy bugs and this resulted in the thing breaking out all over in weeping black rot like I had never seen - so I reassigned it to another duty.



    SS02 x SS01 is a great cross - here's a couple pics of the two seedlings I have from the lot I sowed - they are growing together in the same pot - I whore pictures of this cross out at every opportunity because I'm so proud of/smitten with them:



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  14. Nice "var. WTF" you have up there hookahead! That thing is gonna be a disaster in a few years ;)

    Some speculation here - I think the TPC hybrid with the 3 fathers is mostly or totally TPC x Juules - I say this because the Juules was the first pollen I hit it with - I spaced pollinations between several hours with the 3 fathers - so the Juules pollen would have had plenty of time to gain traction. Also, the (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPC cross is showing mostly longer spined progeny than is the TPC x (Juules, SS02, and SS02 x pachanoi) progeny - I figure if either of the SS02 plants had been fathers to the TPC then I'd be seeing more of the longer spination on the TPC x (Juules, SS02, and SS02 x pachanoi) also. If this pattern holds true than we may can feel safe to label the TPC seedlings as simply TPC x Juules, unless they have a more SS02 spination going. Thing that complicates it a bit is the TPC puts out an occasional long spine (4cm) near the base. It's still uncertain to me how it works with multiple ftahers pollinating one flower - I've read on here or the nook that such can happen, and how it works - but I really don't know if that's true.

    Sorry to those who didn't get the (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPC hybrid seed - most people on here and the nook did not - the pollination and fruit from cross that came so much later than the rest of them - that only the small number of second-wave mailings contained those seed (and the fruit was very small/few seeds) - I'm sure folks can trade the (SS02 x pachanoi) x TPC cross into better circulation though over time.

  15. Wow, that TBMC is awesome!

    When degrafting trichos, is it necessary to core out the pereskiopsis from the graft union? If you just cut it straight across then some of the pereski is left in the center where the tricho has grown around it.