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  1. Did you post a pic of that purported Psycho0 in another thread also djmatt? If so I recall thinking that it didn't look like psycho0 also, but the spines looked to have been trimmed or broken a bit so I couldn't be sure.. The mother plant pic posted above is definitely a psycho0 it's a very distinct variety when it's growing well - I can spot it immediately..

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  2. What appears to be a monstrose SS02 x Lumberjackus seedling..

    The Lumberjackus itself sometimes goes a little monstrose, as columns first form.. The initial cutting of Lumberjackus I received way back in the day had a full-on wise old earth gnome face in it - see the pic below the seedling - that pic is from years ago, but the face remains since I've never pruned it back down below that :P



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  3. Psycho0 x N1 on the left, and SS02 x Lumberjackus (Mel/vin's cross) on the right - these bridgesii x bridgesii crosses look quite different from each other.. I think I'm partial to the SS02 x Lumberjackus cross so far I have to admit..


    A fast growing Psycho0 x N1 - this one looks very much like a baby Psycho0 so far, in terms of the color:


    Another Mel/vin cross - T. bridgesii v. Lumberjackus x T. macrogonus/peruvianus v "Icaros" - I love the color on these - pic doesn't quite capture the beautiful dark green/dark blue thing they have going - this hybrid has grown a bit slower than my others, but I'm starting to adore the way they look..



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  4. Stopped by a friend's place recently to have dinner and check on the cacti he's babysitting for me - they are doing so well in his yard - this is my bridgesii v "Psycho0" and the second one is my bridgesii v "KGC" - and the third pic shows psycho0 foreground and KGC in relief.

    The KGC is really fickle - it is a badass bridgesii but it stalls out a lot in terms of growth, and generally grows pretty thin - reminds me of the "Baker" clone in terms of growth habit.. Anyhow, it has exploded with growth this spring which I'm delighted about - hadn't grown at all in like 3 years after I planted it in that huge pot..

    The color difference is really dramatic between these two - they are growing right next to each other so same enviro - psycho0 has that dark green/blue and KGC has got the aquamarine thing going - love them both..





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  5. I'm seeing a bridgesii there as well.

    Could be a huanucoensis though also - there are actually several different varieties of huanucoensis, most people don't know that..

    Lol though you know what would be funny is to list a cutting of that on ebay for $149.00 dollars as a "huanucoensis" - undercut that sorry little shyster by $1.00 and see if anybody notices the joke..

    Nah for real though that's an interesting looking plant - I'd call it bridgesii but it does have a sort of peruvianus look to it..

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  6. I'm now pretty sure that Altmans is indeed the same clone as my "TPQC, which in the Connoisseur Hybrids 2012" thread I just describe as a "non-PC pachanoi type."

    I found the "TPQC" about 10 years ago at the nursery in a local Target - at the time I recall thinking that it was an unusual find because here in the USA the hardware stores carry pretty much exclusively PC pachanoi.. So I snapped the thing up and have been growing it ever since.. It is a beautiful plant, generally vigorous, and gets quite fat..

    Zelly planted a cutting off my TPQC clone in his yard as well - he planted it just a few years back but that thing is spectacular, it's like 10 feet tall - Zelly bro if you're reading this maybe post up a pic of yours to dazzle the folks here!

    If it is indeed a species different than a pachanoi - be it macrogonus or huanucoensis or whatever I'm open to renaming it - it looks basically pachanoi to me - if you look at the pachanoi types from Peru, there are all sorts of them that have these intermediate length spines and so forth and a generally sort of peruvianus/macrogonus look - this one seems to be on that continuum somewhere.. But again, I am no expert by any stretch on trichocereus identification..

    Lol, what would people prefer it be? Since a bunch of us are growing seedlings from it we have a vested interest in it being something super awesome and exotic ;) I'll think of it as a pachanoi though till we get a strong census that we should change it to something else -I'd like that we can ID it as accurately as possible since it's in a whole bunch of seedlings..

    Here's a couple other pics of mine.. Those flowers there are the one's that produced the TPQC x TPM and N1 x TPQC crosses. The last pic is a N1 x TPQC seedling.




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  7. i'm not here to prove whether i am right or wrong, but to prove that things the way they are. I noticed that you had been drooling over my clones, wanting it for free. Get real bro.

    I have noticing so many haters in this forum so it's is very useless to continue on to stir up more hatred and angers from low-lives who is doing nothing but give bad judgements to others.

    So please explain why you are misrepresenting cacti on ebay? Of course that pisses people off - If you can't look at your part in this then you are either very young indeed, or are just really immature...

    You have no idea if that's a huanucoensis or not - what happens if it's a pachanoi (which is what it looks like to me) and the buyer starts crossing it with other trichos and calling them "huanucoensis x bridgesii" or whatever? Now we have thousands of mislabeled hybrid trichos, which will then be crossed with other trichos, and so on - all so you could make a quick buck on ebay..

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  8. Sure enough, he's trying to pass that pachanoid clone off as a huanucoensis and charging $150 for it on ebay.. Unbelievable..

    spinyGator dude that's some bad juju you're bringing to the table - you're shamelessly exploiting sacred cacti and intentionally misleading people in the process - somebody needs to tune you up..

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  9. Are you serious??

    This dude is now selling that clone as "huanacoensis" on ebay - fresh off being lectured about inappropriately doing that with the clone he thought might have been Lumberjackus???

    You've got to be kidding me..

    I vote that we run a poll on how old people think spinyGator is - winner gets a free cutting of one of his mislabeled trichos.. I'm guessing 17..

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  10. The question of which type of genetics are involved in which traits is a good question to study. I can't recall the correct terminology, but basically, when genetics from a mother and father mix, the results can either be "combinative" or "binary" - some genes combine and some are "either/or" - with humans and blue eyes vs brown eyes, for instance, you get either/or - whereas with height, it can be a mix of the mother and the father. With cacti, I'm not sure which are which - looks like with the mutants though, it's either/or, and a lot of times with spination, it's "either/or"/"binary"..

    The crosses with the TPM or TPC as father show mutant offspring at about a 25% rate vs about a 50% rate when the TPM or TPC is mother.

    With the SS01 x TPM cross, my comrade Mel/vin did the pollinating, and he said that the other 10 other SS01 flowers he hit with the TPM pollen failed - he also said there was some risk of open-pollinating - and so I was never that confident in the cross, and only sent it w caveat to a very small number of people.. I did not sow any myself..

    I also do not have a clear answer to the question of whether or not more than one father can pollinate a single flower - some people have reported mutants from the SS01 x TPM cross, though they seem to happen rarely enough that it could be attributable to the random mutants that arise from crosses of many sorts - or perhaps some of that SS01 flower took the TPM pollen while most of it had another father..

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  11. Yea the one I have didn't have any crested in it either for years - I think it developed the trait due to snail attack rather than genetics - which is why I term it the "Quasi-Cristata" - the N1 x TPQC cross has so far not turned up any mutants either, which leads me feel more confident in the snail-attack explanation - though they are gorgeous little phenos in their own right..

  12. The second one down, which you call huanacoensis, looks very much like the one I call "TPQC," which I think is a pachanoi type but could also fit what I think of as a short spine macrogonus - you can check the first page of the "Connoisseur Hybrids 2012" thread for pics of that one.. I'm no expert at cactus ID and there is so much overlap - but the two look very similar.. The boundary between Peruvianus-macrogonus-pachanoi seems to be blurry..

  13. Personally I think the PC/backeberg pachanoi is very much a pachanoi and not a bridgesii. It is slimy inside like most pachanoi rather than not-so slimy like most bridgesii, it grows fat like pachanoi, and it looks like a pachanoi - and when I commune with its spirit during meditation, that spirit seems more pachanoi to me than bridgesii..

    Lumberjackus is an interesting clone - I reckon it's pretty much a bridgesii, but as others have noted there's a peruvianus cast to its appearance as well.. It's the most hybrid looking bridgesii of the well-known/well-established bridgesii clones I would say..

    Psycho0 is another bridgesii that seems to me to have something else in its lineage.. Whereas KGC, Eileen, N1, and Bruce seem to me to be basically pretty much pure bridgesii..

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  14. The history of the Lumberjackus clone is in this thread - dude basically just found it at a hardware store type place and propagated it..

    As discussed earlier also there is speculation that it may be the same clone that I believe Mesa Gardens offers by a different name (much like how some people think the aussie "Super Pedro" clone is the same as what we have as a T. "cordobensis" I believe it is in the USA)

    SS02 is a pure bridgesii or bridgesoid type plant - while it may have pachanoi in its genetic history somewhere that is just speculation and it's the first time I've heard it either (much like how people speculate that the predominant cultivar pachanoi in the USA, the "backeberg" clone is partly a bridgesii)

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  15. Made another visit by Zelly's place recently and was delighted to see how well a few of my cacti he is kindly caring for are doing - dude has a serious greenthumb + old-school farming knowledge.. After the "N1" bridgesii flowered and the hybrids with TPM, Psycho0, and TPQC were made I pruned it back to a stump - that is all new growth there..

    Here's the N1:


    And this is an increasingly massive Super Pedro x J3 seedling



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  16. This is true of all cacti seeds, mostly Ariocarpus and Trichocereus where there are so many god damn hybrids and unofficial sub species that you never know what you are getting seed wise, LJ or not.

    with seeds it is always a risk, It takes years to find out if what you have is anything close to what you ordered.

    Stuff labeled as T. Peruvianus gets to me because we know its got other genetics mixed in. Even wild harvested seeds or cuttings have some hybridization in their genetics somewhere back in time. There needs to be a lot better control and documentation of cross breeding. Pictures of both parent plants should be mandatory IMO to help reduce confusion and mislabeling.

    This is the game we play collecting cacti. we gamble and win sometimes and we break the bank sometimes.

    I just really hate seeing PC pachanot on ebay and online being sold as LJ when it is clearly not. sell whatever you want but false names only hurts collectors down the road and makes it worse for everyone

    That's exactly right - at this point I'd not buy seeds from any random vendor.. The most obvious example of this is how seeds are sold as "peruvianus" or "bridgesii" or whatever - 9 times out of 10 all that means is that the mother was a peruvianus or bridgesii - who knows what the father was.. This is why we see all these "pachanoi" seedlings with crazy long spines - the mother was obviously growing near some cuzcoensis or whatever..

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  17. Actually yes the growing conditions dramatically affect the phenotype - that's abundantly obvious to anyone who has grown these cacti for awhile in different environments.. Your "centipede" or whatever you're calling it on ebay these days would, for instance, not have such long spines if it were shade grown - at that point it might look a lot more like the Baker or KGC clone etc..

    SpinyGator no offense, but I suspect people like MSSmith and many others on here have forgotten more about trichocereus cacti than you have yet learned.. If you're selling cuts of that thing on ebay and suggesting it's a Lumberjackus just because you think it sort of looks like one then you're doing the community a serious disservice..

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  18. Welcome BillyThKid! You will ingratiate yourself quite nicely indeed around here by posting cactus porn at regular intervals - that sort of behavior is very much encouraged..

    This is definitely the spot for these sorts of cacti -"the nook" is great too but not as active, and the folks there aren't generally as fanatical as the people here.. Lots of experts here as well if you have any questions and great opportunities for trading and such..

    I will disagree however about the 5-7 spines per areole being too many for a young pachanoi - IME most all young seedlings have more spines per areole as infants than they do as they bigger - not sure why this is, maybe to ensure their survival at that young age - but you'll see bridgesii which have piles of spines per areole as infants, and they progress to the usual 2-5 per areole or whatever thereafter..

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