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  1. You´re probably not even joking. :)

    No, I don't think he is..


    In all seriousness though, if I had such pansy-ass scopuliculas that they couldn't handle a *housecat* brushing into them without falling over I'd chop them up and find another use for them :P Lol, I mean, we're not talking about livestock here..

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  2. why do people take up perfectly good bridge space with pach anyway? or am i missing somthing?

    Aesthetics and because, IME, bridge + pach > bridge alone, in terms of inner beauty.. And because certain pachs > than certain bridges, in terms of inner beauty..

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  3. It sounds like in Oz it's more confusing..

    In the USA we have only one "pachanoi" clone that is commonly found in people's yards - it's all the same clone - the "Backeberg" clone or "PC" - if you see a pachanoi growing in the USA in some random person's yard (and that person doesn't happen to be an acid-casualty and ethnobotanical geek like myself ;)) then it's almost always the "PC" clone..

    Occasionally you'll find a one-off pachanoi type like how they found the "Juules giant" clone but those are rare exceptions.

    I've often wondered whether it's appropriate for the term "PC" to be used in Oz or Europe because from what I see online it looks like y'all have a widespread variety of pachanoi types, and the one you call the "PC" isn't the one that Trout identified as such/the one we have here in the USA..

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  4. Yea the first one in person looks a lot more bridgesii than peruvianus - it has that typical bridgesii coloration too - it's just so fat.. The one Mitosis had looked just like this, and I remember him saying that that plant (I think he called it huanucoensis) was not a plant valuable to shamanic traditions.

    I don't know the origins of either plant..

  5. Indeed, the owner of that website is a tosser who himself regularly mistakes the identity of the cacti he aggressively markets on ebay..

    Karel Knive is, apparently, a bit off his rocker, and you never know exactly what he'll send you - but he's not a complete wanker like the guy above.. My comrade Malo, who spread around the popular "huarazensis," clone got it from a Knize shipment that included a variety of other pachanoi types..

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  6. Wow, that's awesome! My favs are the Nothinks pachanoi, J3 OP, and the Psycho0 x spachianus.. Gotta love that SS02 x SS01 F2 hybrid crest also - that thing is gorgeous!

    Back in the day when Sacred Succulents was (it seemed like) pretty much the only one producing a lot of the interesting hybrids, their SS02 x SS01 cross got a bit of a reputation for being particularly vigorous and fast growing.. That really spiny one in the pic on the top - the second cactus from the left - that looks a lot like an SS02 x SS01 also..

  7. "Paradeyes" is a short-spined peruvianus or long-spined pachanoi that I took the liberty of naming after mating it with Psycho0..

    Zelly I think I might have given you a small plant of this a ways back - it was a little midcut with some pups coming out of it.. I originally got it from Mitosis - it came highly recommended..




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  8. Updates on the 2009 TPM x SS02 crosses - I have 3 of these seedlings myself at this point.. Coming along nicely :)

    TPM x SS02 v. "Aldous" - here's a side-by-side shot of the mother plant on the left, and then a section grafted to pachanoi that has just exploded - I grafted that thing last summer as a little button and this is what has happened - interesting to to note that the mother plant started out as one of those tight/micro type crests where there's lots of little ribs - vs the other main type that has larger but fewer ribs - once grafted it went tp the larger ribbed crest type..


    TPM x SS02 v. "Doppelganger" - this one started out monstrosus and has since reverted to normal growth though is also "dichotomous ramisomethingorother" (MS Smith knows the term I'm sure)



    TPM x SS02 v. "HPPD" ;)


    And here's the proud mamma (and father lol) itself - TPM..

    My variety goes into regular growth and then back to monstrose - so I suspect a lot of the seedlings that we're growing that started out freakish and then went normal will revert to monstrosus at times as well - the Psycho0 x TPM cross in particular has a bunch that started out monstrose for me and then went normal..

    I am not sure if the TPM I have is the same as the one that Mutant over in Spain posts pics of, or if it's the same one that Sacred Succulents grows, or the same as Zelly and whoever else has - I purchased my TPM way back in 2001 or so at a small cactus nursery in southern california that has long since been out of business - if we determine that these TPM's are not all the same clone then I may name the one I have so as to distinguish the crosses from it from other crosses that may occur with TPMs in the future.. At the same time though of course I don't want to name it if it is the same TPM as all the others - lol, so for now it's just TPM :)



    Roseii #1 open pollinated - lots of variegated types in this cross - in fact, of what I sowed, 95% or so were short-lived variegated mutants - I saved a few by grafting - this one though is relatively normal except that is terminates ala the macro v. "sausage" (was that plant growing at the same place the roseii was - this seed was from a plant at the Fields farm I believe - this seedling looks kinda like a macro v. "sausage" to me overall).. It also put out areoles in between ribs rather than on the ridge of the rib - check the second photo for that - it was furrier too - used to have this areole fuzz growing all over the space between the rib.. The cactus is wet in this pic - the skin isn't usually shiny like that..



    And here's a variegated Roseii #1 open pollinated - not looking so good at the moment - some neglect involved..


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  9. Yea that T. shaferi is awesome - never heard of it either..

    On the topic, does anyone know how they determined that TBM is actually a bridgesii and not another species? I'm wondering because you'd think you'd see that phenotype coming up in the crosses that were made with the TPM/TPC etc - but it has not thus far..